The fury of the sun

I had to wait 20 minutes to get my progress summary report bound
today. The staff munged up the pages and some of them wouldn’t fit into
the ring binger. Thus, I had to wait while they photocopied the whole
thing and re-bound it. I didn’t have to pay for it though. The staff
said that since they messed it up and made me have to wait, it’s free.
Now, that’s service…;)


Anyway, I also got some cream for my poor sun burnt and peeling face
and arms. The cashier told me that there are a disproportionate amount
of skin cancer occurrences in Australia and said it’ll be a good idea
not to get sun burnt too many times and to stay out of the sun from 11
am – 3 pm.

Oh, I just re-watched Requiem for a Dream and I can say without
hyperbolizing that it’s the greatest movie ever. I loved the “drug
time” (like The Matrix has “bullet time”) that speeds up or slows down
or changes depending on what substances were previously consumed the
first time I watched it. I love this movie, it’s my favorite one. I
didn’t get the benzos the first time I watched it though, I only knew
the morning and afternoon ones were stimulants. I love the crisp
editing of the film too, very nice cuts. Especially the montages when
they take drugs – the cooking of the H, the filtering thru a cotton
(love the way the cotton shrinks up), the injecting into a vein (I like
the way the blood floods into the syringe – very realistic, people use
this to make sure they have hit a vein instead of a muscle – by pulling
back the syringe to see if the blood spurts in or not). The movie is
quite realistic actually, the attention to detail is great, like the
mysterious “0.5” pills to take at night – reckon those are Klonopin or
Xanax. Also, the fact that she starts to need more and more as her
tolerance to benzos build up. Legendary stuff, this.

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