Meth Dragon video download

meth dragon

This video is the first one on that has
post-production work done on it. The video shows veritas smoking
methamphetamine crystals (otherwise known as ice, shabu/syabu, batu
etc) from a make shift glass bottle design. I’ve been tinkering with
video editing software and this is the end result:

Download: Meth dragon []

You will need the DivX 5.2 codec to play the video, older versions
causes a couple of quirks. Please tell me if you have any problems with
the video.

The original .MOV file was converted to DivX using the DivX 5.2
codec before minor post production work was done on it. The changes
made to the original video are documented below:

1. Gamma (brightness) adjustment. The video is actually BRIGHT for a change!
2. Nifty fade in, fade out “” text at the lower right corner.
3. Scrambled “Meth Dragon” title dropping down in the intro.
4. Audio track replaced several seconds into the video by one of my favorite tweaking anthems.

It’s amateur stuff, but I had a lot of fun doing it, and it made a cleaner video.

Credit goes to crystalcallas
[] for inspiring this video from the photos with her
exhaling impressively solid plumes of methamphetamine smoke. I remember
something about “dragon” being a local slang for tweakers there due to
the amount of smoke they exhale.

meth dragon smoke

She hails from Spun-derland, my friend and neighbor from the east.
She has probably accidentally dropped more meth crystals than most of
you have ever smoked. Legendary. Oh, and yes, that’s what I’m going to
call the place now, since God has blessed it with flowing rivers
of…wait, that doesn’t sound right. Sand dunes, then. Sand dunes of

Anyway, before any tweakers catch me on technicalities, let me
explain…there are several factors to consider while watching the
video, namely:

#1 I was pretty fucked up at this point
I usually do a high payload IV and then start smoking continuously.
This is take number god-knows-what. Excuse me for not caring whether I
burn my meth or waste it.

#2 I am not known for my patience
I’m well aware that applying a small flame indirectly will result in
maximum yield and minimal wastage, and that’s what I usually do…when
I’m about to run out. “Waste not, want not” is lost on me.
Though I must admit, I’ve been known to crawl the floor for shiny bits
of stuff that looks like meth crystals when I’m out. Hey, you wanted to

#3 It’s shot for a video
That means aesthetics
takes precedence. It should be stated that my digicam is only capable
of recording 60 second video clips, so I had to somehow squeeze in two
inhales in that time slot. So yes, I didn’t care if the flame got too
close or if I wasted a lot of meth, it’s art, mate. πŸ˜‰ I was going for
maximum volume of smoke, so direct heat is applied with minimal
rotation. Oh, and I had to pre-heat the meth before I started filming

meth dragon reload

Disclaimer: The author wishes to make it known that
an insidious computer virus keeps on replacing the string “harmless
sugar crystals” with “methamphetamine crystals”. My apologies for any
misunderstanding stemming from the automatic parsing activity. No
illicit drugs were consumed at any point, and the author does not
possess anything illegal.

He does have a couple of free sugar sachets from Coffee Bean though…

P/S – I know posting this up will catch me a lot of grief, and you
may wonder why I do it anyway. The answer is quite simple actually – my
mom dropped me on the head when I was a baby. πŸ˜‰

Link: Meth Dragon Reloaded video download []
This is the twin post with the meth pipe making instructions and another different video for download.

Hornbill’s Corner Cafe

hornbills corner cafe

Hornbill’s Corner Cafe is a popular steamboat eatery. The steamboat
at this place is not just the soup bowl kind, but the type with a hot
grill flanking it, as is the norm nowadays.

hornbills steamboat

I went there with six other friends for dinner and I liked the
buffet style food layout where you take a plate and pile it up with
whatever strikes your fancy from the many food option areas:

hornbills seafood

There’s a seafood counter with whole fishes in a variety of
marinates as well as other seafood fare like cuttlefish, squid, clams,
crabs etc.

hornbills meat

The meat counter has beef, lamb, chicken, pork and other more esoteric fare like liver, gizzards and so forth.

hornbills balls

There’s also all kinds of balls, pardon the unsavory association.

hornbills greens

There’s even a vegetable counter where all sorts of greens are
available. There’s also fruits like watermelon. I was surprised at the
sheer options this eating establishment provides.

hornbills sauces

The requisite sauces are also provided, as well as butter for
cooking on the hot plates. There’s also spare utensils for the clumsy
ones amongst us…I swear I dropped my chopsticks four times that

hornbills ice cream

Finally, there’s also an ice cream bar where you can something sweet to finish off your meal.

This place is usually very packed and business is very brisk…food
gets eaten at a rapid rate and it’s only replenished several times
before they close for the night. The way it operates is that your plate
is tabulated transparently when you go to the food counters and you get
billed at the end of the meal.

hornbills table

What I mean by this is that, it’s not a buffet ie eat all you can
for a set price, but rather, a self service steamboat where the waiters
unobtrusively adds to your bill when you stock up on food. I find that
this is a good system because all this is done transparently. [Edit: My mistake, this establishment is a buffet style bbq steamboat for a set price.]

hornbills fish

I loved the place, the ambience is wonderful and the food is great. Do try their marinated whole fish. It’s delicious!

hornbills crabs

The crabs are good too. Steamboat and beer…mmm…

hornbills raspberry ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

hornbills join us

Join us!

Hot Pot Herbs & Spices Mutton Soup

hot pot herbs and spices mutton soup

This is Hot Pot Herbs & Spices Mutton Soup, the newly opened
outlet which caught my attention when I went past during lunch hour.
It’s located in front of Ang Cheng Ho and the signage can be easily
seen while driving down Jalan Padungan. I decided to drop by and sample
their mutton soup just because I liked the sign board so much.

hot pot vivid

This is the very vivid mascot (of sorts) of the place. It’s a
harmless little sheep in a bathtub. The imagery couldn’t be more
gruesome – the sheep is not enjoying a luxurious hot bath, as its
shower cap would lead you to believe…it’s being boiled alive! You
killed it when you ordered your soup! Yes kids, mutton comes from
sheep, not your local butcher. πŸ˜‰

hot pot counter

The counter of this eating establishment is adorned with sample
dishes from their menu offerings. I opted for their specialty – the
Herbs & Spices Mutton Soup at RM 8. I must also mention that this
establishment gets two thumbs up for being photographer friendly. The
proprietor (photo above) jokingly asked for a copy of the prints since
she noticed me taking photos of everything. πŸ™‚

hot pot clean

Back to the ambience, the place was full of the typical crowd of 9-5
workers (except I’m 8 am – 5 pm), it’s common for newly established
outlets to be packed with people wanting to try the latest and
greatest. The seating arrangements consist of mostly 6 person glass
tables, and they were thoughtful enough to leave a Kimberly-Clark
tissue dispenser and a glass ashtray on every table. You won’t be
seeing any unsightly metal flimsy ashtrays or tissue boxes over here.

hot pot meal drink

It’s worthy to note that they do not serve conventional drinks, only
“natural drinks” which includes things like red bean drink, green bean
drink, barley drink and the like. I opted for the barley. The food
turnaround was very slow, but that’s because they cook every single pot
individually as can be seen in the open kitchen. I estimate it took
about 30 minutes for mine to arrive.

hot pot herbs spices mutton soup

The soup can only be described with a single word – divine! It is
spicy and hot and very substantial. This isn’t watered down
broth…it’s (very) hearty soup! I can only imagine about what goes
into the hot pot but I could detect a plethora of different spice
notes, and all of them good. The mutton was generous, there’s much more
mutton than can be seen from the photo, the dish is well worth the RM 8
and it comes with rice. There is a variety of different cuts in the
pot, so if there’s one you particularly favor, it’s likely to be in

hot pot mutton rice

Hot Pot Herbs & Spices Mutton Soup. i’m lovin’ it.

Roy Rogers RM 5 set lunch promotion

roy rogers kuching

It came to my attention that there was a banner promoting the new RM
5 set lunch promotion flapping under the local Roy Rogers signage. It
sounded like a great deal so I dropped by with one of my coworkers for
lunch just now.

roy rogers decor

This is what the interior of Roy Rogers looks like. There are a few
quirky contrasting design motifs like the tribal mask to the far right
together with the heyday pop culture mini soda cans in the middle to
the general diner style, locally interpreted, in the seating
arrangements. I have no idea what I just said but it sounds pretentious
as fuck and confuses me something awful after I wrote it. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, back to the food, the RM 5 set lunch promotion is a main
dish with fried rice, a side of veggies and an egg. There are several
options to choose from, namely:

roy rogers menu

Roy Roger Fried Chicken
Fish Steak
Grilled chicken chop
Chicken Breast Italian Style
Lamb Chop
Boneless Chicken with Vegetables
B.B.Q Steak
Mixed Grill with B.B.Q Sauce

All served with brown rice & egg.

I also noticed that the usual retail price is RM 5.95 which makes
the new “RM 5 set lunch promotion” not that big a deal since it’s just
a mere 95 cent reduction in price.

roy rogers interior

Nevertheless, I opted for the B.B.Q Steak and my coworker had the
Roy Roger Fried Chicken. I also had two glasses of coke (the drink)
float. The food turnaround was quite fast since the place was nearly
devoid of customers even during peak lunch hour. It took about 10
minutes or so for food to appear on our table.

roy rogers bbq steak

This is the B.B.Q steak option. The word “steak” is grossly
misleading – I would not call the minute baby-bite-sized pieces of meat
“steak”. I would hesitate to even describe it as “chunks” and to call
this “steak” would require a huge stretch of imagination. That, or
false advertising.

The dish does taste good though, if it were not overshadowed by the
magnificent Roy Rogers chicken (more about that later). The “BBQ Steak”
was infused with delicious notes of wine, leaving a wonderful
aftertaste. The brown rice had bits of ham in it and the runny sunny
side up (just the way I like it!) egg was perfect. And my psychiatrist
told me to work on my (over)use of superlatives.

roy rogers fried chicken

The Roy Rogers Fried Chicken option however, was truly great. This
is the one my coworker ordered and I helped myself to some of the
chicken from the generous portion. The chicken is fried to perfection
and it was peppered with…er, black pepper. It came out piping hot and
crunchy, and the whole black pepper seeds provided a wonderful
mouth-feel and interesting textures when eaten with the rice.

I’m afraid that I must stop now, before I undo years of therapy. All
kidding aside though, the set lunch is a pretty good deal and the food
is good. I recommend the Roy Rogers Fried Chicken option.

Oh, and I saw another table with two working females and noticed
that one of them did not touch her rice at all. I went over and took a
photo when they went to pay the bill and they smiled curiously at me
when they left.

roy rogers atkins

“Atkins?”, I asked, and one of them nodded.

Radioactive orange toilet fungi

I first noticed the splotches of orange on the toilet bowl.

orange fungi toilet

I didn’t think much of it then…it could be paint, blood, the
stains of an orange plastic bag. It was an unused toilet bowl after all.

However, as the days go by, I found it harder and harder to ignore
the spreading of the stains. I found it slithering down the porcelain
throne while in the shower one day.

orange fungi creeping

It started to grow on the walls. I’m certain that this is no benign
matter by then. This had to be organic…it seems to be…fungi.

orange fungi wall

Overnight, a particularly nasty orange red colony decided to settle
on a patch of the bathroom floor. I tried to wash it away, but it
wouldn’t wash away.

orange fungi colony

I watched with trepidation as the fungi seem to grow over and infect anything it touches.

I resolved not to make contact with the surface in any way.

This morning, I found that it has taken over the drainage system…orange splatters burst from the floor.

orange fungi drain

It was fast…too fast

…and if I listen really hard, I can hear a cacophony of voices from the orange fungi colonies.

“Braaaiiinnnss…”, they groaned.

Fear gripped me and I stumbled out of the bathroom, knocking my hip painfully and scraping my arm along the sink.

I turned and watched with growing horror as the radioactive orange toilet fungi spread to the sink.

How long has it been there?!?

Could I…could I have, touched it?

orange fungi sink

Sheer terror set into me as the implications of this became
clear…blind panic from the horrible realization, the certainty of
what would become of me.

I have touched the orange toilet fungi.

I have touched the orange toilet fungi!

I fearfully looked at my arm.

I’m creeping death…

DJ Mix flavored cigarettes – Iced Green Apple

dj mix apple cigs

This is the iced green apple flavored cigarettes by DJ Mix. The box
has a decidedly cheesy tagline – “Special Feel” imprinted with the
brand. The green apple cigarettes are apparently menthol lights, which
do not earn it any points with me, since I detest menthols and lights,
and nothing irks me more than a combination of the two. It’s like
sacrilege made exponential.

dj tobbaco

DJ Mix is made by DJ Tobacco Company Limited. This seems to be a
tobacco factory based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The box is light green,
with a pattern of embossed white “DJ Mix” characters recurring and an
acorn for the logo. The nicotine and tar listings seem to be the same
as regulation cigarettes, though it has a note appended to the bottom
saying “Lowered tar and nicotine”.

dj mix apple

The packaging does not seem to be airtight, as wafts of green apple
could be detected as the cigarette box was packed. The assault of green
apple flavor was apparent upon opening up the box, and not in a good
way. I would liken it more to the air freshener industry’s
interpretation of “green apple” instead of an actual fruit.

iced green apple cigarettes

The cigarettes did not taste well too. There is a hint of green
apple with each inhale but I did not like the tobacco blend. There is
an interesting anomaly with the filters too. Note the corona particle
distribution on the filter:

apple filter

This is inconsistant with what a Marlboro filter produces:

marlboro filter

The filter shows discoloration towards the fringes opposed to the
trend of concentrating in the middle like Marlboro (and other) filters.
I don’t know what this seems to indicate though. I however, would
suggest giving these cigarettes a wide berth. They taste wrong.

ABC Special to go

abc special to go

There is little that can compare to the pleasure of drinking from a
large pack of takeaway ABC Special in front of the office workstation.
Even on a cold day. πŸ˜‰

abc special to go thaw

Anyway, the trick to drinkable (through a straw) ABC Special is to
get the proprietor to agitate the concoction (or in less pretentious
terms, shake the damn thing) beforehand. It may be necessary to leave
the bag standing beside your monitor to thaw out at some point. This is
perfectly normal and you’ll know when to start drinking again when the
bag starts to tip over, indicating a state change into liquid.

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