RM 8.80 – Cigarette prices increase (again)


It seems that our government has saw it fit to remodel the pricing structure of cigarettes to a more auspicious number, no doubt inspired by the 08/08/08 overload during the Beijing Olympics. The price of premium cigarettes will be imposed a Sin Tax (TM) of RM 0.03 per cigarette. This makes the existing RM 8.20 for a 20 pack increase to RM 8.80.

Very auspicious! I’m sure I’ll be very lucky and not die a horrible death in the accursed clutches of lung cancer just coz the price for cigarettes has been raised by 60 cents to RM 8.80. Thank you!

marlboro carton

Oh well, the tobacco tax has increased again. So, what else is new?

At least I have a stockpile of duty free cigarettes thanks to Cheryl.


hb suicide attempt

2002: There is a random post about university life and a really interesting post that will not be linked from here. Sorry, you do not have Level Six clearance to view that post. 😉
2003: I think I would classify this as site news now but I seemed to be wittier back then, no doubt due to certain cognitive function boosters. 😉 It’s a thing I used to do back then – basically a teaser post for the next day with the bulk being updates about my life.
2004: Radio (blog?) silence.
2005: Blog silence.
2006: My Pièce de résistance of 2006. I tried to kill myself and lived to blog about it while hospitalized by using the WiFi from the hotel next to the hospital and a notebook. I am pretty fucking impressed by my dedication to the blog back then. 😉

Camel Turkish Royal

camel turkish royal

Camel Turkish Royal is a premium brand of cigarettes available in the US which was been kindly furnished to me for a review.

camel turkish royal cnote

The back of the flip-top box contains the familiar Camel C-Note for 1 dollar cash which is redeemable for Camel products in the US.

camel turkish royal smoke Camel Turkish Royal opens up to reveal fine lattice work on the filter and the words “Turkish Royal” imprinted down the length of the cigarette.

camel turkish royal cigarette

Camel Turkish Royal is a nice and smooth smoke, with a satisfying aftertaste.

camel turkish royal detail

The most interesting aspect of this cigarette is the attention to detail on the Camel Turkish Royal cigarettes.


Prescott cigarettes review


This is Prescott cigarettes, a brand I haven’t seen around. It’s not
very popular – it doesn’t have a large market share from what I see
from its limited distribution outlets.

prescott sampoerna

Interestingly, Prescott is made by PT Sampoerna – the famous clove
cigarette manufacturer from Indonesia. However, Prescott is one of its
non-clove cigarette lines, it’s using “Fine Virginia Tobaccos” and is
supposed to be “International Quality”.

prescott my

Prescott has the MY watermark that is mandatory for all cigarettes
now. This means that it’s a licensed product. Malaysia recently
introduced a new law with hefty fines for retailers and end users (a
pretentious word for smokers ;)) who has unlicensed cigarettes in their

prescott cigarettes

It looks like a standard full flavored cigarette. It tastes
remarkably nice, with heavy woody overtones. The flavor certainly gets
high acclaims from me. The nicotine content is just about right too,
strong, but qualitatively it doesn’t have as much freebase
nicotine…it just doesn’t hit you as fast as a Marlboro.

Prime Time little cigars

prime time cigars

These are Prime time little cigars, which I saw retailing for RM
2.90 each. There are three flavors for these “little cigars” – cherry,
vanilla, and chocolate mint. I got one of each to try them out.

Prime Time Little Cigars – Cherry Flavored

prime time cherry

The mini cigars all come in a plastic tube that’s the size of a
normal cigarette. They have an interesting twist open top that reveals
a little cigar with a filter.

prime time little cigar

The “little cigars” looks remarkably like a cigarette. It has the
same design, except these Prime Time little cigars are wrapped with
tobacco leaf instead of cigarette paper.

prime time tobacco

The filler is tobacco that’s not very unlike what a normal cigarette has. The only difference is the wrapper.

prime time filter

The little cigars have a filter too, which immediately disqualifies
it from being a cigar. I would not call it a cigar by any stretch of
the imagination.

prime time burn

I tried the cherry flavored one first and it did have hints of
cherry when inhaled. The taste is stronger when it’s smoked cigar style
instead of cigarette style. There’s a nice nicotine hit when you inhale
it though. Prime Time little cigars burns perfectly…just like a
cigarette. I would have expected burn lines like cigarette for it to
achieve such a feat but I couldn’t see any.

Prime Time Little Cigars – Vanilla Flavored

prime time vanilla

There is a slight hint of vanilla extract on these ones. I rolled it
about it my mouth and took my time in tasting it before exhaling and it
did have a vanilla taste, it’s just not very noticeable. This one
tastes like a normal cigarette, just a little stronger.

Prime Time Little Cigars – Chocolate Mint Flavored

prime time choc mint

Chocolate mint! I loved these ones. There’s a definite chocolate
taste to the little cigar, and it leaves a wonderful chocolate mint
aftertaste that lingers on. It’s like one of those after dinner mints –
it tastes exactly like that. It’s very nice, this flavor is the best of
the batch. It’s chocolate! It’s mint! It’s chocolate mint! 🙂

prime time cali

Oh, and The State of California would like to remind you that this
product contains/produces chemicals that can cause cancer, birth
defects and other reproductive harm. 😉

The amazing cigarette price hike in Malaysia

malaysia cig price hike carton

We expected a 3-4% price hike. We expected it to be under RM 6. We
expected a couple of cents increase. We were wrong. It turns out that
each pack is selling for RM 6.50 now, and that, my friends, is a
fucking amazing (I’m not good with math, so I’m covering up for it by
not calculating the percentage) increase. It’s a RM 1.10 increase! Even
the contraband Rave cigarettes are going for RM 3.50 now.

There seems to be a consortium of coffee shops who started putting
the RM 6.50 (for “premium” brands like Marlboros – the ones I smoke,
Dunhills etc) in effect yesterday. Two places quoted me that price,
though some grocery shops are still selling it at the old RM 5.40
price. It’s a good thing I have a friend who owns a chain of grocery
shops and he’s selling it to me at RM 50 per carton (RM 5 each) for
Marlboros. It’s all legit, MY watermark, new stock etc. He’s a good old
friend I’ve known for 9 years, and he promised to freeze the RM 50 per
carton price for me and some of our close friends.

Don’t ask about reselling though, I won’t do that, like I said we’re
good friends…”blood brothers” in Chinese. :p The price hike is a
bummer though, and although some sources claims that the figure is not
confirmed yet, all the places have put the cigarette tax increase in
place, so that’s a moot point. I didn’t stock up though, coz I can
always get it from my friend at our “old price” (RM 50 per carton).

pm lm

Nevertheless, when he came over to my place late last night, I told
him I’m switching to L&M (another Philip Morris brand which tastes
kinda like Marlboro) in protest. RM 35 per carton (retail is RM 4 per
pack) sure beats RM 50 any day. I will always love Marlboros but
sometimes the government goes a little too far with this anti-smoking
campaign. I’m sure it’ll buffer the coffers of Malaysia’s war chest
too, this tax increase. I’ll love to see a study if it leads to an
increase in crime when nicotine starved low income bracket groups find
themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Well, I’ve got work to do now, I’ll update again later and reply all
comments then. Have a nice Monday everyone, and to all cigarette
smokers out there…I feel for you, mate. We’ve been shafted again and
again…I imagine this amazing price hike is going to compensate for
the expensive botched “Tak Nak” anti-smoking campaign.

Tak nak

tak nak

“Tak nak!”, Bob blurted automatically.

I eyed him wearily and said:

“I wasn’t even going to offer you one.”

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