RM 8.80 – Cigarette prices increase (again)


It seems that our government has saw it fit to remodel the pricing structure of cigarettes to a more auspicious number, no doubt inspired by the 08/08/08 overload during the Beijing Olympics. The price of premium cigarettes will be imposed a Sin Tax (TM) of RM 0.03 per cigarette. This makes the existing RM 8.20 for a 20 pack increase to RM 8.80.

Very auspicious! I’m sure I’ll be very lucky and not die a horrible death in the accursed clutches of lung cancer just coz the price for cigarettes has been raised by 60 cents to RM 8.80. Thank you!

marlboro carton

Oh well, the tobacco tax has increased again. So, what else is new?

At least I have a stockpile of duty free cigarettes thanks to Cheryl.


hb suicide attempt

2002: There is a random post about university life and a really interesting post that will not be linked from here. Sorry, you do not have Level Six clearance to view that post. 😉
2003: I think I would classify this as site news now but I seemed to be wittier back then, no doubt due to certain cognitive function boosters. 😉 It’s a thing I used to do back then – basically a teaser post for the next day with the bulk being updates about my life.
2004: Radio (blog?) silence.
2005: Blog silence.
2006: My Pièce de résistance of 2006. I tried to kill myself and lived to blog about it while hospitalized by using the WiFi from the hotel next to the hospital and a notebook. I am pretty fucking impressed by my dedication to the blog back then. 😉

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23 thoughts on “RM 8.80 – Cigarette prices increase (again)”

  1. Hmm i like reds, strong ciggies.
    Are you a pack a day person?
    oh god i rem that post about SGH, that was quite a time! not soon after you went Missing in action and stressed alot of sixthseal stalkers out there!

  2. been sticking to very cheap cigarettes. Oki lights selling at 1.70 (12 for a carton) 😉 when i do have the xtra i satisfy myself with a Perilly’s 25 😀 right now i got 2 Okis and a Perilly’s 25. only smoke Peril when i’m hangin out and Oki to release my addiction hehe. damn, where can i find duty free cigarettes in KCH???

  3. 002: There is a random post about university life and a really interesting post that will not be linked from here. Sorry, you do not have Level Six clearance to view that post. 😉
    Give me lvl 6 clearance 😛

  4. KEPALA BATAS: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will personally see to it that Bukit Bendera Umno chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail does not repeat his remarks about the Chinese community.
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  5. I know I’ve been tardy in replying the comments lately. My apologies! I’ve gotta go out now and will reply all comments when I come back. Cheers all and have a happy long weekend (whatever’s left of it). 🙂

  6. Blue Curacao: I’m trying. It’s easier said than done. 🙁
    suituapui: What about your cigar? I heard it tastes quite good. Rich and strong. 😉
    Tom: Yeah, I smoke Marlboro reds. I saw a new one by Marlboro though when I was in KL – Marlboro Intense. It has great packaging and even better flavor. I can’t find it here though or I’ll switch to that.
    Sorry about that. Rehab called. 😉
    Bert: Hmm…they’re everywhere. I can get RM 2 cigarettes but they taste horrible. I’ll rather spend a little more coz I only like Marlboro and if there’s none, then Dunhill.
    You have friends in Langkawi or Labuan? You can get them to mail it over in a concealed package.
    MI!: The site is not even up yet. 🙂
    Besides, you can actually read the post if you’re so inclined. It’s somewhere here. 😉
    Nightsun: I didn’t get the email. Send it to me again? sixthseal@gmail.com
    Keep in touch buddy.
    jolene: It’s already reaching the prices of Australian cigarettes (not accounting for conversion rates). Our cigarette tax is quite high already.
    Tom: Yeah, it’s the DXM post. The other one is even more controversial (not classified under P, but D, if you catch my drift). 😉
    It’s still available if you’re inclined to browse. The new site is not up yet. 🙂
    Merdeka Racism: Okay.
    Wuching: Yeah, and the alcohol too. It’s giving me ED. 🙁

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