Smoked Norwegian salmon sandwich and strawberry cheesecake

interior coffee bean kuching
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

strawberry cheesecake display
Ordering Strawberry Cheese Cake @ RM 7.50 per slice
A Coffee Bean original! Strawberries “berried” in luscious cheese cake on a crunchy shortcake base.

strawberry cheesecake

The strawberry cheese cake was nice, with the strawberry flavor
distinctively discernable through the cheese cake and a very thin base,
which is always good in a cheese cake. I like my cheese cake to be less
dense and have a creamier mouth-feel though.

norwegian salmon sandwich
Smoked Norwegian Salmon sandwich with a side of green salad @ RM 13.90

norwegian salmon closeup

There was nothing aesthetically wrong with this “gourmet sandwich”.
The salad greens were nicely and evenly coated with dressing and the
sandwich is flanked by warm bread which has a crunchy crust but yields
to softer pastry. There were egg, smoked salmon and onions, dressed
with herb sauce. I just want more smoked salmon.

pseudo intel pretentious fucks

Coffee Bean/Starbucks/Some other “gourmet coffee” chain”: The
favorite haunt of pseudo intellectual pretentious fucks everywhere.

Unless you’re grabbing one to go. ;)

The definitive 7th mile teh c peng

fresh food court

Our quest for the definitive 7th mile (Kota Sentosa) teh c peng did
not start out easily, with feedback ranging from “It doesn’t really
matter now coz every place there does it the same way once it took off”
(Yes, but we wanted to find the pioneering coffee shop) to “It’s the
one beside the 4D outlet” (It would be great if there was only one
place which meets that criteria). It was finally established that Fresh Food Court was the one that introduced the multiple layer teh c peng that has become all the rage now.

kota sentosa teh c peng

We managed to come to this conclusion based on the existing
criteria’s and several other vague ones (has a kolo mee stall, good
roti canai) and thus our party of four made ourselves comfortable and
ordered the revered beverage. It helped that most other patrons was
imbibing the very same drink, as can be seen from the glasses on their
tables, and from the endless stream of waitresses carrying out the
signature three distinctive layer teh c peng from the beverage counter.

7 mile kolo mee stall

I also had the kolo mee, which was really good and highly
recommended. It should be noted that all kolo mee needs to have “char
siew yew” or char siew oil – the oil that comes from making char siew
(BBQ pork slices) added for the taste to shine through.

7 mile kolo mee

This is the kolo mee – I don’t think I’ve had a bowl that tasted as good as this, but then again, I was really hungry.

7 mile roti canai stall

The roti canai should not be missed either. I find that eating kolo
mee and then roti canai is the correct way to go about it, though
others prefer to reverse that gastronomical sequence.

7 mile roti canai

Here’s a shot of the roti canai – slightly sweet bread and good composition.

7 mile teh c peng

Lest we forget, the teh c peng was very good – the three layers were
distinctive and the concoction was very thick and sweet and strong. One
glass retails for just RM 1.20 – a price which is unheard of in Kuching
city proper. It was sublime…I had three glasses. The ambience of the
place is nice too. It gives off a “Sunday breakfast bustle” feeling
even though it was evening when we got there.

special for customer

There is a washbasin specially set up for you, too.

DJ Mix flavored cigarettes

dj mix girl

This is one of the DJ Mix promoters that we saw during dinner
earlier in the night. They were selling a relatively new brand of
flavored cigarettes at a promotional price.

dj mix cigarettes

They usually retail for RM 5.40 per packet, but the promo girls were
selling three for RM 11. There were three flavors – lemon fresh,
strawberry and iced green apple. I shall report on them later, I’ve had
the strawberry flavor ones a couple of months ago and that was good.

Kafe Alkautzar

kafe alkautzar

Kafe Alkautzar is located at the 3rd Mile Bazaar and serves really
good Malay food. The place was packed during lunch hour and all the
other patrons seem to be Malay, and you know what they say about the
relation between the quality of the food and the percentage of patrons
being of the same persuasion of the cuisine they serve.

kafe alkautzar food

This place has a different menu everyday, which is great for
variety. I had the nasi kerabu goreng instead of steamed rice together
with ayam masak merah, beef rendang and bamboo cooked in santan. It’s
self serve, you take the portions of the dishes you want yourself,
which is not the norm here, though it’s becoming more widespread.

kafe alkautzar condiments

There’s also a condiments area where you can add on other stuff.
They have uncooked vegetables (apologies, forgot the Malay word for
this) that’s meant to be eaten before the main meal too.

kafe alkautzar dish

This is what my dish looked like. It was delicious! You can’t go
wrong with Kafe Alkautzar. Lunch hour tends to be packed though, so you
may have to wait for a table to free up.

Shocking behavior by Malaysian traffic police

It was appalling. I felt traumatized and I’m still trying to come to
terms with what happened. I could not believe that this…this, totally
unacceptable behavior is being practiced within the ranks of the
traffic police in Malaysia, but now that I’ve witnessed it first hand,
I fear I would never look at them in the same way.

711 groceries ticket

Let me start from the beginning. I was driving home from work and
decided to stop by the nearest 7-Eleven to get my usual purchase – two
packet drinks with two straws, one Livita (“energy drink” which comes
in a perfectly shaped glass bottle), a pack of Marlboro Reds and five
lighters. I patronize this outlet often, always with the same
purchases, so no one asked me about my apparent fondness for lighters
after the third or forth time, since I always answer “I keep on
forgetting where I put them”, and if they though it was rather amazing
for someone to lose an average of two lighters a day, they did not
comment on that part.

I thought today was just another day, dropping in to get some stuff
on my way home. I parked at my usual spot, right opposite the road
(that’s the traffic flow from my route home). This is not a designated
parking area, since it has the potential to cause a 50% decrease in
traffic flow throughout put, since you…well, basically occupy the
left lane of the two lane road. I’ve never had any problems before, I
know where they display the items I want so it’s a 3 minute, in and out

People here are used to irresponsible drivers taking up one lane as
parking space, that always happens in the exit from my workplace too,
we actually have to take turns to pass, two way traffic running on just
one lane since the other is full of parked vehicles. You might as well
save yourself some time, since they will just merge into the one free
road. I have to turn around and go back using a longer route if I
choose to park on the same side, so I never bothered, since it’s quick
anyway. I just get out of the car, cross the road to the other side,
get my stuff and I’m back in my car within minutes.

Today was different though…it was the first of the strange events
that occurred – a traffic police in uniform and actually patrolling
during after office rush hour! I chided myself for being silly and
imagining things. Traffic police do not work during periods where
traffic management is needed, their work hours varies, but most of them
seem to prefer night patrols from what I see. I know they definitely
avoid peak hour, where they would have to do actual work, like
directing traffic. ;)

711 saman
The parking ticket

I went back to the drinks fridge and grabbed two Milo packet drinks
from the fridge. I’m not particular about the drinks per se, I just
want the straws. I was reaching for a glass bottle of Livita when I
heard the store supervisor call to me, “Hey, isn’t that your car?”
Indeed it was, as the transparent shop front revealed to me. I could
see a man dressed in standard issue Malaysian traffic police garb. He
seemed to be writing down the license plate of the car in front of me
and I cracked “Wah, sekarang polis cepat saman, huh?” (Wow, the police
are getting more efficient in issuing out parking tickets/traffic
summons nowdays, huh?) to the supervisor, who grinned.

I wasn’t bothered about the traffic policeman. Yes, I was legally
not supposed to park there, and yes, theoretically, it would affect the
traffic flow. It won’t affect the individual much, probably just a
couple of seconds as the left lane merges into right. Also, most
Malaysians tend to prefer “on the spot fines” for minor traffic
infractions, and the enforcement officers naturally does not find this
arrangement to be objectionable, for obvious reasons.

I have extensive experience in situations like these and I’m also
familiar with the current going rates for “ticket less fines”, made
payable to the acting traffic policeman, if you catch my drift. I just
use my standard fishing for a bribe settlement, though most times the
police suggest it first. ;) Nothing I would mind parting with, off my
memory, the last experience was quite recent, stopped by a traffic
patrol somewhere at night in King Center, the violation was the
horrific crime of not wearing seatbelts. They have to draft up
legislation like that since they know what’s best for us, you see. That
last time was RM 20, I think, for the both of us, negotiated down from
the initial price. He also mentioned using cell phones while driving,
which was true, but I didn’t know he knew so I obviously didn’t bring
it up.

He let that one go, but I can still vividly remember him going on
about how this is not even close to the fine we would have to pay if he
wrote a ticket, which was rather moot, since we all know he’ll prefer
the former over the latter any day. Heh. I have long since marveled at
the apparently amazing optical feats that they seem to be capable of
performing. It was night, with just a couple of ambient street lights,
and the car has tinted windows, and he was still able to notice the
infraction(s). He did not miss his calling, I’ll tell you that. ;)

Going further back in history, I think the most expensive Kopi-O
(roughly translated as “black coffee”, used in the literal context,
i.e. buying someone a drink – a euphemism for the rampant bribery here
that has made it into a socially acceptable practice, nay, the norm,
for many years) I ever shelled out was RM 50 for a measly illegal
U-turn infraction. That’s the problem – I only had one single note of
currency inside my wallet then and it’s a RM 50 bill, and you can’t
exactly ask for change while bribing someone. That was when I was in
Kuching many years ago, when I did my college here, before dropping out.

The reason I had to pay that much then (1997, I think) was due to
the fact that my driver’s license just got reinstated after being
suspended for too many traffic infractions. I can either take the
ticket, which would be more expensive, and get recorded for another
infraction so soon after I got my license back, or I can just bribe
them and it goes off the record. I was still on probation then. This is
similar to the probationary driver system most countries have, ours is
two years, and if you accumulate too many over a short period of time,
you lose your license, which was what happened to me.

Heck, I even had an accident on the very first day I started
driving. :) I’m not the cautious type that goes slow, so I went to a
more reasonable speed and er…crashed into my own front gate pillar. I
got ticketed soon after that because I made the mistake of swerving
into the lane of a patrol car and cutting them off, so they had to
brake to avoid me. I reckon they weren’t too pleased about that. It
didn’t go unnoticed that I didn’t stop before coming out at the Stop
sign, and that was my first ticket. I got another one for going above
the speed limit soon after that and one for running a red light, and
that’s it. Three non-static traffic violations were all it took. My
driver’s license was revoked after that, and I had to write several
letters of appeal to get it back.

It took quite a while too, and I didn’t have a valid license while
driving for a couple of months. It’s not hard to get in back, I’ve
never heard of anyone having their appeal turned down, unless it was an
accident with fatalities or DUI/DWI which you have to be real careful
about while on probation. I did get several static parking tickets
after that but no other traffic related offenses on record (several off
record “fines” made payable to the officer, minor ones, except for the
time I had to bribe myself out of a DUI, but it was worth it). Chinese
New Year was also quite inauspicious, but amusing. I was stopped
several times in a two day period and had to bribe the police officers
(which was what they wanted, that’s why they come out full force during
certain holidays).

The funny thing is, I didn’t know I did anything in all three times
during the Lunar New Year. The first one was when I was stopped for
going through a No Entry sign and driving the wrong way down the road.
I remember arguing with the officers coz I didn’t know that they
changed the damn road configurations, and after a couple of exchanges,
my friends (went with Diana and Ting Chuan) told me that I had indeed
gone through a No Entry sign and has been driving down the wrong lane
during the last turning. I gave them RM 10 or RM 20, wasn’t sure.

Now, the worst bit is when I went through the same road, forgot the
road change and did the same mistake AND was stopped by the same team
again. “You lagi, kah?” (“You again?”), went one of the police. It was
funny in a stupid sort of way, driving down the same route you got
stopped for coz it was against traffic only a couple of hours ago.
That’s another RM 10 – 20 in bribes, it’s cheap since they don’t
usually stop you for such minor transgressions anyway, they just did it
coz they were there to tax the Chinese population. ;)

The second night wasn’t so funny though, coz it was in the middle of
the night (3 AM or 4 AM) and the police insinuated that I was somehow
involved with crime coz I was out at that hour and coz they still do
that old “tattoos = criminals” profiling thing. Probably coz it only
involves one constant, wouldn’t be an effort to remember that, I
imagine. ;) We could not agree on the bribe though. This was the
police, not traffic patrol, who are generally more pleasant to deal
with. He started hinting that he and his team could search my car and
drag us down for “suspicious behavior”, whatever the fuck that means,
if we couldn’t agree on the sum.

I remember he was asking for RM 350, a figure around that range
anyway. I knew they were not just doing regular road blocks – they had
an operation going on that night due to a homicide and a drug sting, as
I read in the papers the next day. He wanted that amount in exchange
for not giving me a ticket (No Entry again, damn signs, make them
bigger!) AND for not checking my car, which was why the price tag was
so high. This is a ridiculous amount to solicit for just going through
a No Entry and driving the wrong way down a deserted road.

I only had to use RM 200 to convince the police who stopped me
during a routine road block (a separate incident) that I was simply to
tired to walk a straight line, so no, you wouldn’t need to use the
breathalyzer, coz I’m perfectly sober. ;) They’re not very big on
getting DUI’s over here anyway, but I thought it was worth it, since
the officer knew I wasn’t sober, and I didn’t want him to start
thinking about what exactly it is that I was on when the breathalyzer
shows I haven’t been drinking.

The operations police team on that New Year’s night assumed I had
something to hide, so they imposed an uncharacteristically high bribe.
I told him that I didn’t have that much money, I only had a RM 5 note
and I showed him my wallet. I actually have several hundred dollars,
but wisely left all my money with my friend except for the RM 5 note
coz I could see that they were harassing the other people they stopped
– shining bright lights in their eyes and questioning them and other
miscellaneous bullshit.

He told me to ask my friend for more money, coz RM 5 is not going to
do it. This was just for a very minor traffic infraction, mind. This
pissed me off since it was starting to look a lot like they were
shaking me down so I just told them that my friend did not bring his
wallet, RM 5 is all I have, basically, take it or leave it. It’s not my
fault they have an operation which requires them to work through the
night, and although I don’t mind bribes (meaning I don’t have ethical
or moral stances against it, it’s good for both parties when it’s
willing), this one is more like extortion. A more senior officer heard
our exchange and came over, and after listening to the younger police,
told him to just take the RM 5 and waved us away.

That is the cheapest bribe I ever gave, and though I have no doubt
that he wouldn’t have bothered to take us in, he would have held us up
(and for quite some time too, know some people who were also stopped by
this block sitting by the road, and they told me they’ve been there for
nearly two hours!) by interrogating us and searching the car, just to
be an asshole, like some other officers were doing with the other
people who were stopped. This is not as blatant as one of my ex gf’s
experience where all the five people in the car were shaken down for
ALL their money except RM 20 which they insisted they needed for
petrol. It was a DUI charge, driver was drunk, but this was in KL, so
the police bribe, er…extortion would be a better word, totaled more
than RM 1,000 to let the guy off.

711 parking ticket
7-Eleven parking ticket

Anyway, I’ve not had problems with traffic police, all the ones I’ve
the misfortune of encountering were always polite. Back to the 7-Eleven
parking ticket, I had expected him to loaf around for a while, and just
as I opened the 7-Eleven door to exit, the traffic patrol got back on
his motorbike and promptly drove off! I nearly dropped my bag of
groceries in shock. I felt a wave of unfamiliarity blow over me and I
looked around, totally disoriented. Where am I? I felt lost and totally
confused! Can this be Malaysia? It looks the same, it feels the
same…but yet, it’s not. Did some infernal forces transfer me to
another Malaysia in a parallel universe, one where the corruption index
was lower?

711 parking block
Mine falls under Causing unnecessary obstruction of traffic.

Such businesslike procedures, it seemed that he just alighted and
wrote a parking ticket, put that under my wipers and promptly left…it
was amazing. I didn’t even get a chance to talk to him. I would have
preferred paying him. Like I said, this manifestation of corruption
doesn’t bother me if it works out for both parties, its just commerce.
I don’t have time to go around paying traffic tickets. Now that it’s
been issued, I would have to fill out the details and submit it, which
I don’t have time for.

711 saman list
The list of traffic rules.

It seems that I had violated Rule #2 in the List of Offences at the
back. It’s the one for “Causing unnecessary obstruction of traffic”.
Well, no shit, Sherlock. I disagree though, in my defense, there
was…er, one completely free lane left after my vehicle occupied the
other one. :p It wasn’t like I was going for an extended Sabbatical,
just getting a couple of items, will be out of the way in minutes. I
thought it would go better under another category, so I did just that.

711 me kopi o
I added in another rule

I noticed they didn’t have entries from Rule #14 onwards, even
though there’s space for six more. I presume this is to give the
officer more discretion in issuing out parking tickets. Has anyone got
a “Rule #15 – Inane parking ticket to reach my quota.”? I crossed out
his Rule #2 and replaced it with my own Rule #15, which says “Tidak
sempat bagi Kopi O” (Did not get the chance to bribe the officer). It
would have been funny if I sent that one in.

711 parking ticket back
This are the added rules. The first one goes Rule #15 Did not get the chance to bribe the officer.

However, I’m not going to pay this parking ticket. I used the
parking ticket as scrap paper, since I don’t seem to have any paper and
I wouldn’t have any pens either if it weren’t for the expo, where
people were giving me pens left and right. :)

711 saman scrap

I did not go to 7-Eleven for their Any purchase on a single receipt gets a FREE parking ticket promotion, anyway.

It’ll be easier to pay when the vehicle registration gets into the
JPJ blacklist. Besides, this parking ticket would be considered
invalid, with all my scribbling on it. ;)

Like, I said…I was appalled. I sure hope it’s an isolated incident
meant for reaching his quotas. The noticeably improved efficiency! The
behavioral change, gone is the norm of lingering around to see if the
owner turns up anytime soon. It totally breaks the status quo. It’s too
much to absorb in one day. ;)

RM 10 Digi reload coupons

digi rm10 reload coupon

Did you know that Digi (016) has RM 10 prepaid reload coupons for
sale? I was flabbergasted when I found out – I thought they phased out
the smaller denomination cards after the initial test market many years

digi rm10 5 days

The airtime validity is only 5 days, so I don’t see how useful this
would be, but I got one anyway, just coz I haven’t seen it around for
AGES! It would be interesting to keep, and it wouldn’t hurt to have it
around when you run low on credit. I heard it just came out not long

Other misc stuff:

I’ve been putting this track on repeat…it’s an old favorite. I
love this song, you really need to download the MP3 and listen to it,
it’s great!

1. One o one point one Fahrenheit

Strung Out – Ultimate Devotion []
[192 KBPS STEREO 44.1KHZ 2.89 MB .mp3]
Download me!

devil with angel face

101.1 Fahrenheit
to some it’s a fever, to her it’s just right
and I can’t hold her,
and it’s bringing me down…

Her blood runs hot but her heart beats cold
She’s a devil with an angel’s face, I’ve been told
I think I’ll push my luck next time around

I’d walk through fire for you
I’d burn in hell to make it all true,
but I never loved anyone else in this world but you…

A thousand reasons why I try
to prove to you I’m not the other guy
I don’t give a damn what other people think.

A flair for the strange and a temper like a whip,
a soft hand clutches a riding crop grip…
the smell of latex rubber – it drives me insane!

Beat him once then send him on his way
there’s no room in your life for anyone to stay
engrave your moniker in welts of pain…

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to prove
to make these words I promised true
I’d rather live my life alone than without you…

You know I’d rather die then to fuck this up
wouldn’t get another try.
Got one chance, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do…

You be my master, I’ll be your servant
on my knees I beg to be abused.
You can take the skin right off my back
with a riding crop or a leather strap…

I’d take it all just to be with you…

You’re my goddess and I worship you.

2. Updated Lainie’s photos

lainie cat

I just realized that Lainie sent me five photos instead of one! Here’s the original post, with the four new photos added in:

Fansign from Lainie []

Thanks! :)

I did not even know she sent me an email because I haven’t logged
onto my Gmail account since…er, the last time I sent out invites. I
have to say that I don’t use that mail account, I use my domain’s MX
server, so I don’t log in there unless I have something to do…which
was how I found the four new photos…

3. Gmail swap

It’s technically against the T&C but I was bored and decided to
grab a couple of invites (which was when I saw the email from Lainie)
and swap them for a custom photo at Gmail swap. Anyway, before you make
any assumptions…I got a guy to do it. There! Bet you didn’t expect
that. :p

john gswap sign
This is John, who hails from the states.

The disproportionate number of XY photos has been effectively
nullified by this one, so I can once again claim, that here at, we always aim to please. ;)

…and we make concessions for our female readership as well. :p

P/S – The track above is really good, download it and give it a
listen. I couldn’t host large files permanently before, but now that I
have my own VPS, I’ve taken to hosting video and audio files. Oh, and
it’s a really good song, have I mentioned that? :)

Mild Seven PitParty 2004

mermaid music cafe

Our entourage of about 15 people attended this event – the Mild
Seven Pit Party 2004 at Mermaid Music Cafe, which is organized to
broadcast the Renault F1 team finals live. The event is invitation
only; the tickets were obtained through one of my friends who works
with JT Tobacco (which has Mild Seven, Salem and Winston amongst other
brands under its banner).

door check

The Mild Seven Brand Ambassadors (an euphemism for
customer/public relations) were out in full force – mostly local girls.
We had a tag around our wrists upon entry. I was told that they get RM
200 for 4 hours – not bad pay at all…heck, it’s more than my hourly
salary. :) One of them is a friend of a friend and she told us that
they have quotas to fill – we helped her out, I bought two limited
edition Mild Seven Renault F1 Team promotional packs.

mild seven limited edition

It costs RM 10 each – cheaper than the retail price of RM 5.40 per
pack, plus you get a free drinks coupon with each purchase. It’s a pity
I’m a Marlboro smoker, but it was good to get these for my collection
anyway. Anyway, we got a free drink redemption coupon (valid for beer
only, not distilled liquor) upon entry…however, there was a little
loophole that gave us free flow liquor. ;)

mild seven pit party pic

Basically…there were a couple of BA’s (Brand Ambassadors) going
around, asking if we have got a drinks coupon, when they saw a can of
this limited edition pack on our table. The correct answer is “No”. ;)
I got four drink coupons for each can, instead of one – that gives me
eight drinks (not including the jugs of beer that my friend shouted),
plus JT Tobacco gave each table a free jug of beer, so I was less than
sober by the end of the night, considering I pound my beers instead of
sipping them.

Here’s a couple of shots of the BA’s before I continue my post, just to keep the interest of the male population out there:

brand ambassador friend
I forgot her name, she’s a friend of a friend.

mild seven ba first
I didn’t get the name of this one either…

mild seven ba smile oy
I took six (!) photos with this one, and she was smiling, but never did
manage to capture it on the shot, and I gave up after six tries…

mild seven ba friend full
This is the same one from photo #1.

Anyway, there were also two simulation F1 cars for entertainment:

f1 sim cars

I went for a spin on one of them…didn’t keep my attention for long
though, and if my performance on that track is anything to judge my
sobriety by, I’m glad I wasn’t the designated driver tonight. ;)

sim machines

Here’s a first person perspective of the simulator:

fps sim

There were other contests as well, but the night was a blur to be honest…the two that I remember was:

mild seven limbo
Limbo contest – two jugs of beer on the house for everyone who gets through, one jar paid to the house for failed attempts.

contest vrrroomm
The contest where they got people to emulate the F1 engine sound.

There was also (terrible) food supplied for the patrons. I could barely choke down my plate.

pit party food

Here are more shots of the Mild Seven Brand Ambassadors:

mild seven ba friend
It’s hard to track who is who after a while…

mild seven ba smile smile
It’s very bizarre, I took about 10 (some were shots of her with my
friends), but never could capture her smiling on the photo, even though
she did IRL.

…and here’s a video from the night:

Download: Mild Seven PitParty 2004, Kuching []

mild seven f1

The person with the impaired auditory function that was singing in a
generally unacceptably loud volume (not that anyone cared, since most
of the patrons were not sober) would be me, I’m afraid. My apologies. :p

This is a partial group shot of our entourage:

pit party partial group
I’m the only XY chromosome in the photo, so I don’t need to point out which one is me. I’m wearing the Mild Seven polo T-shirt.

me ah girl
This is a shot of me and Ah Girl, we came together.

It was a fun night, I haven’t had an ethanol fuelled debauchery (the
tame kind) night out in quite a while, and I thoroughly enjoyed this
one. It’s a pity it was a Sunday night instead of a Saturday night.

Weekend update

soho eric

I met up with Eric, whom I met through the blog, to introduce him to
one of my friends here. Eric is a Singaporean who flew in to Kuching
for a couple of days and I met up with him for dinner at Hot Seat.

hot seat taj mahal

This is Taj Mahal – a rice dish sauteed with curry powder, sliced
onions and chicken served with a sweet mango chutney, popadams and
banana prawn. It was good – the prawns were crunchy enough to eat whole.

soho kuching

We adjourned to SOHO for some drinks while waiting for my friend to
finish work and we ended up talking the rest of the night with him.

eric sample liquor

Eric was also kind enough to furnish me with some samples of his
product line, which will be reviewed in due time (which is to say very
soon since I drink daily).

pit party04 ticket

I will be going to an event soon, so I’ll have to run.

mild seven pit party

It’s dubbed a Pit Party and I was given a ticket and a t-shirt by my
friend. All I know is there will be free flow alcohol and that’s as
good of a reason to attend as any. Catch you all later. :)

Huge bowl of noodles

fried cooked noodle ha

This is the largest bowl of noodles I’ve ever had – Foochow style
aka “chau chu mien” (fried cooked noodles, literally). It’s noodles
that are fried before being broiled (?) in a thick gravy. Late lunch
with co-workers – it took about 30 minutes to come out even though four
out of the five of us ordered the same thing. I guess they didn’t have
a large enough wok to cook it in.

I’m extremely tired from work, going to sleep. My apologies for the sparse updates.

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