Are you a chatterbox or a data muncher?


My sister (of all people) introduced me to this book by Gary Chapman. It’s called “The 5 Love Languages” and basically it talks about how different people have different preferred methods of communication. This doesn’t just apply to relationships and it’s a great book. I realized that I’m very big on talking (and listening) as my mode of communication. It’s what I find comforting but not everyone is like that.

Talk Text

I have seen others who prefer to write (or use social messaging) to express their feelings. It’s their preferred method of communication. There’s no wrong or right to this, we’re all born differently and along the way, we have acquired the methods in which we prefer to communicate. The book goes about how to bridge that gap and understand why others operate in a different way and I found it rather illuminating.

Happy Family

You may not consciously choose how you’ve grown up communicating, but Digi has something for everyone with their new Digi SmartPlan! It’s a new postpaid plan that allows you to choose which method of communication you’re most comfortable with – talking or social messaging. Thus, you can either go:

  1. High Voice
  2. High Data

I thought this made a lot of sense, especially since people use their smartphones differently. Believe it or not, there are still people who prefer to talk and use voice to communicate (like me – even though I was born right during the PC revolution and has grown up with IRC, ICQ and now to Facebook). There are also people who’re the opposite, who prefer to use Instagram and are high data consumers.

Girl Taking Photo

With the new Digi SmartPlan, this really gives the power to choose right back to you – you can either opt for High Voice (unlimited calls and SMS) or High Data (up to 6 GB). If you’re a traditionalist (like me) who just wants to pick up the phone and dial up a loved one, the former would suit you very well.

However, if you use a lot of FaceTime, Skype and LINE/Viber then the latter plan would make much more sense. It’s all about giving choices back to the consumer.

DiGi SmartPlan

I think it’s great and as a Digi user, I’m going to switch to the High Voice – the Digi SmartPlan really is versatile. I already have a fast fibre based Internet connection at home so I don’t need to use a lot of data. Plus, with the Digi SmartPlan 78 and above, I’ll get unlimited Whatsapp/WeChat even with High Voice! I used to be the opposite – no Internet connection at home and constantly using up my 3 GB of data per month just from surfing and updating my blog.

On top of Unlimited Whatsapp, WeChat (from SmartPlan 78 and above) and Facebook (with selected plans), Digi has recently launched their music app – Digi Music Freedom where you can stream music with zero data charges – this means that you can enjoy free music from Spotify, Deezer, KKBox and more! It’s a very good initiative from Digi for their clients, especially those who cannot live without music, and also it is a very positive initiative by Digi in helping to minimize the problem in illegal music downloads.


Thus, wherever you are in life, and whatever you like to do, with the new Digi SmartPlan, the choice is really up to you – High Voice or High Data! Choose which one you want here.

Say YES!

Christmas Turkey

It’s the festive season now! Christmas just passed and we have also welcomed 2015 not long ago. You’ve eaten your roast turkey dinner and pandoro and it’s time to usher in 2015. There’s awesome shopping deals everywhere, so where do you put your hard-earned money?

Christmas Photo

Well, for me it should be something which you use everyday. No point in getting a huge stuffed bear (even if it’s on sale) if you’re not going to do anything with it.

Huge Stuffed Bear

Cell phones on the other hand, is an essential tool in today’s life. You need it to take selfies, call people, chat on Whatsapp, play games, basically everything you do is revolved around the smartphone and DiGi has got an awesome deal for you!

Christmas KL

Need a new phone to replace your old one? Looking for a better model for the new year? Or just getting a backup phone for you or a loved one? This is where the deals start to get awesome!

These are just some of the range of smartphones you can get for free with DG SmartPlan!

DG SmartPlan Free Phones

Just to illustrate on the discounts that you’re getting, here’s what you would normally pay for it:

Lenovo A606
RM 139 with DG SmartPlan 78 or FREE with DG SmartPlan 108
Asus Fonepad 7
FREE with DG SmartPlan 78
Samsung GALAXY Grand Prime
RM 249 with DG SmartPlan 78 or FREE with DG SmartPlan 108
Samsung GALAXY Grand Quattro
FREE with DG SmartPlan 78
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G
RM 209 with DG SmartPlan 78 or FREE with DG SmartPlan 108
Xiaomi Redmi 1S
FREE with DG SmartPlan 78
Huawei Honor 6 (LTE)
RM 599 with DG SmartPlan 78, RM 359 with DG SmartPlan 108 or FREE with DG SmartPlan 148
Xiaomi Mi 3
RM 389 with DG SmartPlan 78 or FREE with DG SmartPlan 108
ASUS Zenfone 5
FREE with DG SmartPlan 78
Lenovo A536
FREE with DG SmartPlan 78

In addition to the free phones, new signups can get free extra 2,400 minutes and 2,400 SMS and that’s a deal that’s only valid during the Jualan Terhebat DiGi. It’s always useful to have plenty of call minutes and text messages coz wishing someone makes it all that more sincere when you take the time to pick up the phone and call instead of just using a massive cut-and-paste Whatsapp message (and don’t fool yourself, everyone knows it’s cut and paste ;)).

However, data is very important too, I’ll say it’s essential in this day and age, and that’s why DG SmartPlan offers one of the best data packages around:

DG SmartPlan 2014

DG SmartPlan 78 offers a total of 3 GB of data per month, DG SmartPlan 108 gives out a whopping 5 GB of data and DG SmartPlan 148 is for the power user with 6 GB total of data. There’s a plan for every user and need.

There are also a lot of extra benefits when you sign-up:

DG SmartPlan Extra Benefits

Yup, weekend calls are free from DiGi to DiGi and there’s unlimited music streaming via Deezer too. My favorite has got to be unlimited surfing via Opera Mini – please feel free to browse my mobile friendly but image heavy blog at Heh. Seriously though, with free Norton Mobile Security, you can surf anywhere without having to worry about malware and there’s free DiGi Visual Voicemail.

I’m personally on the DG SmartPlan as well. You can send a Whatsapp my way if you don’t believe me, my number is 016 888 2069 and it’s free for you since the DG SmartPlan offers free Whatsapp too! Just surf on over to the Jualan Terhebat DiGi to get more details or purchase a new smartphone at great deals. You get up to RM 200 rebates if you’re switching to DiGi too! Don’t miss out!

P/S – Just don’t send me any naughty photos, I’m past the age where I’ll snicker at them.

Saya Anti Rasuah


There’s only 1 thing, 2 say, 3 words, and it’s not the ones you think. Saya Anti Rasuah (No to corruption) was this huge campaign done by Malaysia’s finest to increase the admittedly low credibility of the police force with regards to corruption. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist (or a chaos theory physicist) to know how widespread this culture is.


Every little kid in Malaysia understands the concept of kopi-o – the euphemism for bribery. It’s sad how corruption can be reduced to “coffee money”, a fairly innocent phrase that suggests you’re somehow buying our hardworking men in blue a hot, streaming cup of caffeine to combat their fatigue during the long hours they pull. It’s just plain wrong.


I’m not saying that the problem lies with the police force alone. It always takes two to tango and a lot of it has to do with cultural and social mores as well. I must admit that I’m no saint and I’ve bribed enforcement officers several times when I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. It had always seemed to be the “right” thing to do for a victimless crime – the phrase “You senang, I senang” comes to mind.

I’ve never understood why some people get their panties all in a twist when I do that…until now.


Bribery slowly erodes the society’s sense of right and wrong. It can become so endemic and entrenched that it’s nigh impossible to weed out. It can go to the point where fire marshals won’t put out YOUR house fire unless you grease their palms (I’ve actually seen this happen). Or police stopping you just coz you look wrong and searching your car, threatening to drag you off to the nearest station for a urine test unless they’re going away happy with a few extra notes in their wallets.


We’ve got to prevent this from happening and the only way this can happen is when everyone stops bribing enforcement officers. Yes, it is easier to just pay your way through, but as the saying goes, the easy way isn’t the right way.

You too, can help Malaysia be a better place by thinking twice before pulling out your wallet. Unless it’s to take out your MyKad, of course. 😉

speak up

Do you think that Malaysia needs a change?

Do you think your voice can make a difference?



It takes a concerted effort by all Malaysians to make this a reality. You too, can make a difference by NOT GIVING BRIBES! Malaysia Boleh!

Snap a picture about how you can make Malaysia a better place and send an MMS to 016 602 9788 before 30th July 2009 with your name and location to be in the running for fabulous prizes:


More details in the DiGi Speak Up Malaysia microsite. This is a contest by Nuffnang and DiGi.

Love to Save some lives?

kidney damage

The National Kidney Foundation provides dialysis treatment for everyone at a huge discount. That’s just part of what they do, but most people associate them with this. I will need to have access to dialysis treatment in the near future – I kinda messed up my kidneys and had to undergo an emergency dialysis back in 2006.


I have seen first-hand how the NKF operates, and understand how charities like the NKF require public support to function. My donations in the past have always gone to organizations that I believe in – harm reduction groups sees the bulk of my philanthropy, with Erowid being my favorite group (it’s even tax deductible in the US). On the local front, I tend to support NKF, for obvious reasons.

It’s hard to take care of others in the current economic climate. I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t been contributing much in the past few years. Common excuses:

Donate??? Crazy ah? In the current economic crisis?
Sorry lah…I just got retrenched and I have a family to support.
I don’t even have enough money for myself…


The Love to Save campaign runs for the entire month of June – just click on the charity of your choice and DiGi will donate RM 5 per click, on your behalf. You don’t even have to fork out a single sen!

More of an animal person? Love taking care of the underprivileged? You can also choose to support the following charities:

SPCA Selangor
Malaysian Nature Society
Borneo Conservation Trust
Global Environment Centre

National Kidney Foundation (NKF)
IJN Foundation
Hospis Malaysia
Malaysian AIDS Foundation
MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional)

National Council for the Blind Malaysia
Malaysian Council for Child Welfare
Women’s Aid Organization
National Council of Senior Citizens Organisations Malaysia
Persatuan Kebajikan HOPE worldwide Kuala Lumpur

You can also setup your own personal group and promote it using the various social networking tools – Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog. You can even set your MSN status to display the code and append signatures like the one above to your emails!


I created an NKF group to spread the word among friends and coworkers. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and ease of registration. It just takes a couple of clicks to reach the registration page, which only requires my email address, age group and the name of my group. Nice!


I verified my email and the group is good to go after that. The Dashboard is where you go to grab your group link and banners for use in Facebook or as email signatures. You can also keep track of how your group is doing.

The world would be a better place if everyone takes a breather from the rat race and think about others. You too, can make a difference – click on the banner above and enter your email address. DiGi will contribute RM 5 towards the cause with just that one click! Go on, donate with DiGi’s money. You know you want to. 😉

Blogger’s Night Out


do right

That’s my personal message in Windows Live Messenger. It’s the inscription on a US coin and I love the phrase. It’s uplifting – kinda like the Serenity Prayer, but without the…erm, less-than-positive connotations. 😉


I went to the Windows Live Messenger on DiGi sneak preview at Friendster Café last Saturday. I was impressed by the effort that went into the event management aspects. The place was adorned with various larger-than-life sized emoticons…


…and schwag, which caught the attention of everyone. PSPs, USB drives, headphones and more were to be given away that night. Everyone on the guest list got an exclusive Windows Live Messenger on DiGi t-shirt and a lucky draw number when registering.


I loved the replica Windows Life Messenger poster at the entrance. We’re supposed to write our names on it. It wasn’t too hard, being narcissistic bloggers and all. 😉


The event was slated to start at 7 pm but the good people at DiGi thoughtfully gave us some snacks before the preview.


…and there isn’t a shortage of the amber fluid either. There were two beer towers in attendance and both were kept full so no one was left wanting. =D


It was decided that hungry bloggers don’t make good listeners so dinner was served before the actual presentation.


The food at Friendster Café was pretty good. I liked the spaghetti and the fish with tartar sauce. Awesome!


The sneak preview started with a TVC on Windows Live Messenger on DiGi. You just have to check out the commercial, it’s hilarious! I won’t spoil it for you – DiGi always has great commercials and this one just takes the cake. The ending is priceless! 🙂


We were the very first to try out Windows Live Messenger on DiGi. Celia went through the features with us. It’s exactly like Windows Live Messenger on your PC. The look and feel will be familiar to anyone who uses MSN on the computer. You can even set your status, use emoticons (w00t!) and chat with multiple people at the same time. However, the best feature has gotta be this:


Check this out: You can even send files (!) via your cell phone!


It was fun to be among the first to experience Windows Live Messenger on a cell phone. It’s really quite addictive.


It doesn’t really help that our messages are broadcast to a large LCD projector screen in front of the room. That’s me saying “ SAYS HELLO WORLD”. It’s surprisingly easy to use.


The games started after that – there was a Q&A session where I won a pair of Logitech headphones. Great! Now I have one for the office and one for home. 🙂


The next game had Yat and Cindy facing off on opposing notebooks (and teams). It was an MSN debate about exes where one party is arguing for (Angel) and the other against (Devil) remaining friends after breaking up. They both won a SanDisk USB drive.


Next up was a game where participants had to emulate the MSN emoticons displayed on the projector. I failed. Miserably. How can anyone do the XD emoticon? It’s impossible. :p


…some people could though. Zoe won the first prize – a Microsoft webcam with her impersonation of a very improbable emoticon. It requires the skillz of a facial contortionist to pull off some of the emoticons.


The lucky draw got everyone hunting for their numbers. I had 016-25 and up for grabs were Coke (the drink) caps and Oakley and Ray-Ban shades. Everyone was eying (no pun intended) the shades…and a couple of guys snagged it.


There was a “Booze & Mingle” session after that which bloggers usually interpret as…


…camwhoring time. 😉


Carol can do the :p emoticon pretty well. I’m impressed.

msn board

I still think the best gimmick during the event is the Windows Live Messenger board. We all loved it!

sneak preview

DiGi is offering a two month FREE trial for Windows Live Messenger and the best thing about it is that even after the trial period is over, it’s just RM 3 per month for unlimited chatting! There will be no additional data charges, which is pretty impressive. You can check out the promo details here.

cindy msn

I love the tagline – “Whatever the topic 2, 3, or 4you can pass it on anytime, anywhere with Windows Live Messenger Now On DiGi.”


Anyway, if you’re not on DiGi, don’t be 1. There’s always MNP so you can switch to DiGi. 😉

RM 3 for unlimited chatting per month. I’m on DiGi (most people from Sarawak are) so I’ll be signing up for this. I can now be online all the time so my boss can MSN me and ask me to do work! 5

…eh, wrong emoticon. Why would I be grinning at that prospect?


Now wouldn’t it be great if you can have a perpetual goofy emoticon at work to hide your frustration? The Mask of (in)Sanity. 😉

…and yes, I *cough* liberated the huge emoticon from the event.

Saying it with Music Telegrams

I’ve always had a HUGE crush on Jun-Jun Riko. Unfortunately, I missed her posting on a boyfriend vacancy so I have been bidding my time for the outpouring of my love for her. Well, it seems that great minds think alike (?) coz the feelings are reciprocal!


I didn’t even know until I sent her a random email declaring my love for her.

Flowers are getting so passé nowadays, sometimes you just gotta say it with music. Music soothes even the savage beast and all that.


Plus, it only costs RM 5 for a full track compared to at least RM 100 for flowers. They’re having a 50% discount now so it’s just RM 2.50 for a full track! Very easy on the wallet considering I’m quite pok kai this month. I’m doing mosaic on her number so that you all won’t be chomping at the bit to get to this delicious morsel. Pun intended. 😉

I’ve heard the DiGi commercials on Hitz FM with outrageous (in a good way) dedications…a student sending his love to his teacher and a girl breaking up with her boyfriend coz she now prefers women are two memorable ones. I LOLed while driving to the office on that one.

It seems that the more controversial the dedication is, the more likely it will be played on air. Plus, the more interesting dedications will have the honor of the DiGi Music Squad actually going over (!!!) to the recipient’s location to play the song! The band will even perform the song live! Check it out at the Radio Promo microsite.


However, true love cannot wait (even though I’ve held it back for so long) so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I logged on to DiGi’s Music Store, chose an appropriate song and sent it to her cell phone.
I have known her cell phone number for ages but never did muster up the courage to call, fearing rejection.

With this nifty new method, I can easily pass it off as “Eh, I send to wrong number, sorry ya” should the recipient be less-than-receptive to my amorous advances. 😉


I sent the Music Telegram her way (it was David Archuleta – Crush) and she called me back and sent me photos saying that she feels the exact same way.


I’ve got a date scheduled with her on Saturday night.

Wish me luck, everyone. 😉

WANTED! The Super SMS Duck & The Super FnF Duck – REWARD Duck or Alive!

The FBI (Farm Bureau of Investigation) is using to send out an APB to all readers – there are two fugitives wanted for crimes against duck-kind. You can help bring these criminals to justice. There will be rewards for finding the two outlaw ducks. Calling all duck hunters!


The two mug shots above show what the ducks look like. This APB (All Points Bulletin) is meant for all vigilante readers. Keep an eye out for the Super SMS and Super FnF Ducks.

The Super FnF Duck


Height: 9 cm
Weight: 0.2 kg
Skin Color: Yellow
Identifying marks: Tattoo on rear right flank – “FnF” in a brown circle.
Behavioral traits: Incessant quacking.
Known accomplices: The Super SMS Duck
Crime: Talking cock.
Last known address: The Super FnF Duck has recently been sighted together with the Super SMS Duck in various blogs on the net.

The Super SMS Duck


Height: 9 cm
Weight: 0.8 kg (with cell phone)
Skin Color: Yellow
Identifying marks: None
Behavioral traits: Constantly texting on a cell phone. Frequently seen with a glass receptacle with the label “SMS” on right wing flap.
Known accomplices: The Super FnF Duck
Crime: Excessive texting.
Last known address: The Super SMS Duck has recently been sighted together with the Super FnF Duck in various blogs on the net.

The FBI first noticed the Super FnF Duck dialed *112*1# and further investigations revealed that the Super FnF Duck has been talking a lot of cock at only 15 sen / minute to 15 friends on ALL networks.

This led to the discovery of the Super SMS Duck odd dialing pattern to *112*2# at the same time. Additional surveillance discovered that the Super SMS Duck has been texting so excessively due to free unlimited SMS with just RM 0.50 usage!

You can register as an official Duck Hunter at the DiGi Wanted Ducks website and start by getting a hint to decipher the first clue to track down the renegade ducks. The ducks are suspected to be hiding in various blogs on the net and you can bring them to justice by clicking on the ducks you see in the blog and pasting the code into the contest form.

There was a mass prison break at the farm so you’ll have to do a headcount of the ducks left on the farm after bringing the ducks in. The Top 10 Duck Hunters will be rewarded by the FBI (Farm Bureau of Investigation) each week for your efforts:

Week 1 – 10 x Sony Ericsson W880i
Week 2 – 10 x iPod Nano
Week 3 – 10 x Sony PSP
Week 4 – 10 x iPod Touch
Week 5 – 10 x Sony Ericsson W850i
Bonus Week – 5 x Sony PS3

Come back to to check out the winners list. The winners will also receive an e-mail and a phone call.

Please play your role in bringing the fugitive ducks to justice! The FBI is counting on YOU!

RM 10 Digi reload coupons

digi rm10 reload coupon

Did you know that Digi (016) has RM 10 prepaid reload coupons for
sale? I was flabbergasted when I found out – I thought they phased out
the smaller denomination cards after the initial test market many years

digi rm10 5 days

The airtime validity is only 5 days, so I don’t see how useful this
would be, but I got one anyway, just coz I haven’t seen it around for
AGES! It would be interesting to keep, and it wouldn’t hurt to have it
around when you run low on credit. I heard it just came out not long

Other misc stuff:

I’ve been putting this track on repeat…it’s an old favorite. I
love this song, you really need to download the MP3 and listen to it,
it’s great!

1. One o one point one Fahrenheit

Strung Out – Ultimate Devotion []
[192 KBPS STEREO 44.1KHZ 2.89 MB .mp3]
Download me!

devil with angel face

101.1 Fahrenheit
to some it’s a fever, to her it’s just right
and I can’t hold her,
and it’s bringing me down…

Her blood runs hot but her heart beats cold
She’s a devil with an angel’s face, I’ve been told
I think I’ll push my luck next time around

I’d walk through fire for you
I’d burn in hell to make it all true,
but I never loved anyone else in this world but you…

A thousand reasons why I try
to prove to you I’m not the other guy
I don’t give a damn what other people think.

A flair for the strange and a temper like a whip,
a soft hand clutches a riding crop grip…
the smell of latex rubber – it drives me insane!

Beat him once then send him on his way
there’s no room in your life for anyone to stay
engrave your moniker in welts of pain…

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to prove
to make these words I promised true
I’d rather live my life alone than without you…

You know I’d rather die then to fuck this up
wouldn’t get another try.
Got one chance, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do…

You be my master, I’ll be your servant
on my knees I beg to be abused.
You can take the skin right off my back
with a riding crop or a leather strap…

I’d take it all just to be with you…

You’re my goddess and I worship you.

2. Updated Lainie’s photos

lainie cat

I just realized that Lainie sent me five photos instead of one! Here’s the original post, with the four new photos added in:

Fansign from Lainie []

Thanks! 🙂

I did not even know she sent me an email because I haven’t logged
onto my Gmail account since…er, the last time I sent out invites. I
have to say that I don’t use that mail account, I use my domain’s MX
server, so I don’t log in there unless I have something to do…which
was how I found the four new photos…

3. Gmail swap

It’s technically against the T&C but I was bored and decided to
grab a couple of invites (which was when I saw the email from Lainie)
and swap them for a custom photo at Gmail swap. Anyway, before you make
any assumptions…I got a guy to do it. There! Bet you didn’t expect
that. :p

john gswap sign
This is John, who hails from the states.

The disproportionate number of XY photos has been effectively
nullified by this one, so I can once again claim, that here at, we always aim to please. 😉

…and we make concessions for our female readership as well. :p

P/S – The track above is really good, download it and give it a
listen. I couldn’t host large files permanently before, but now that I
have my own VPS, I’ve taken to hosting video and audio files. Oh, and
it’s a really good song, have I mentioned that? 🙂

Cheap prepaid reload cards

howee me crown 1

I went to Crown Square just now to meet up with Hau Ee. She’s from
Sibu as well – I remember a bunch of us going for supper at Taman
Harmoni the previous time I was back home. Anyway, she told me she’ll
be in Kuching for a couple of days and I’ve been meaning to get the
discounted cell phone reload cards off her, so off I went. From what I
understand, it’s an annual commitment for pre-paid cell phone cards
(across all mobile operators in Malaysia) where you choose the plan you
want (according to your cell phone usage needs) and you get the coupon
codes every month at a highly discounted rate.

I’m not sure if I got that exactly right…she explained the plans
to me, but I was so scattered today that I could hardly comprehend what
she said. It’s Sunday today and that means it’s the last day of my
high-intensity weekend warrior run. High-intensity runs (constant and
compulsive maintenance of peak plasma concentrations, no food,
dehydrating conditions) tend to deep fry the brain towards the end.

It also didn’t help that I consumed massive amounts of clonazepam,
nitrazepam, alprazolam and lorazepam to chemically accelerate hypnotic
activity so I could turn in earlier tonight. The benzodiazepine
combination hit me harder than I expected, though I wasn’t aware of
that, and placidly cruised to town while downright sedated. I only
realized that my reflexes were impaired when I nearly drove up a curb
while making the U-turn that I take everyday and skidded (it was
raining and the roads were slippery) after going into a corner too fast.

I made sure that I was ultra careful after that and reached the
destination and back without any vehicular collisions. Heh. Anyway, I
reckon this spot is where I’m supposed to insert the obligatory harm
minimization message to urge people under the influence to avoid
driving. 😉 Well, like I said, the combination made me scattered and
higher level thought processes were affected so I had a really hard
time understanding how the discounted pre-paid cards work.

howee prepaid plan

Anyway, I finally gathered that there is an upfront fee (the annual
plan rate) and you can resell the reload coupons that you don’t use to
someone else e.g. you can sell the unused ones if you didn’t make a lot
of calls that month and thus have surplus cards. It sounded like a good
idea, except that I don’t use my cell phone all that much, and I’m too
lazy to sell any remainder cards to other people. 🙂

Thus, I didn’t go for the annual plan and just got a RM 50 Digi
prepaid coupon off her. I still have credit in my cell phone, since I
usually make outgoing calls from my house phone. I don’t remember the
last time I reloaded my cell phone, but it was barred today coz the 3
month validity period was over, so I can receive calls but not make
outgoing calls. The system Digi uses allows you a fairly long grace
period and you don’t lose the existing unused credit you had before the
validity period expired.

The existing credit is just stacked back on when you reload, adding
the balance to the new value. The validity expired today, so I just got
a single reload coupon off her, instead of opting for the cheaper
annual plan, since I don’t use my cell phone that much. I still need to
reload though, since a phone that doesn’t allow outgoing calls rather
defeats the purpose of having a cell in the first place. 🙂

howee me crown 2
L-R: How Ee, Huai Bin (me).

Excuse me, dear readers…I’ll have to reply the comments tomorrow. Sleep beckons me…

Digi MMS Roadshow Performance 2003 @ KL Plaza


There was a Digi MMS Roadshow event going on at KL Plaza last week.
I happened to be there because I wanted to get a new SIM card. I
managed to catch the 7:10 pm dance performance on the outdoor stage at
7:10 pm. It was a roadshow to promote Multimedia Messaging Service
(MMS) capabilities, organized by Digi. Here’s the photos of the
performance on the 29th of August 2003:








The event has a Hitz FM DJ (didn’t catch his name, don’t listen to
radio) and an assistant giving out free showbags. I still remember the
starting phrase he made “I hope you enjoyed that performance…it seems
like one of the girls had a little too much to eat for dinner though.”
Even though it was made in jest, that girl looked plenty pissed when
she walked off stage, too bad I was taking a photos of the crowd so I
didn’t get that.


He said I probably only wanted a photo of his assistant. Heh.

Anyway, the DJ asked the crowd who wanted a showbag and no one said
anything or moved so I said I’ll have one since I was just in front of
the stage taking photos while the others were standing a respectful
distance behind. 😉 I got the DJ and his assistant to pose for me while
I was at it too. Anyway, they just gave it to me but the other people
who came up after me had to answer questions or do stuff.


I didn’t stay on to see what happened after that, but here’s the contents of the show bag:

1 x Digi travelling bag
1 x Digi metal coin container (piggy bank?)
1 x Digi pen with neck strap
1 x Digi MMS promotional brochure

Here’s a photo for reading till the end:


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