Digi MMS Roadshow Performance 2003 @ KL Plaza


There was a Digi MMS Roadshow event going on at KL Plaza last week.
I happened to be there because I wanted to get a new SIM card. I
managed to catch the 7:10 pm dance performance on the outdoor stage at
7:10 pm. It was a roadshow to promote Multimedia Messaging Service
(MMS) capabilities, organized by Digi. Here’s the photos of the
performance on the 29th of August 2003:








The event has a Hitz FM DJ (didn’t catch his name, don’t listen to
radio) and an assistant giving out free showbags. I still remember the
starting phrase he made “I hope you enjoyed that performance…it seems
like one of the girls had a little too much to eat for dinner though.”
Even though it was made in jest, that girl looked plenty pissed when
she walked off stage, too bad I was taking a photos of the crowd so I
didn’t get that.


He said I probably only wanted a photo of his assistant. Heh.

Anyway, the DJ asked the crowd who wanted a showbag and no one said
anything or moved so I said I’ll have one since I was just in front of
the stage taking photos while the others were standing a respectful
distance behind. 😉 I got the DJ and his assistant to pose for me while
I was at it too. Anyway, they just gave it to me but the other people
who came up after me had to answer questions or do stuff.


I didn’t stay on to see what happened after that, but here’s the contents of the show bag:

1 x Digi travelling bag
1 x Digi metal coin container (piggy bank?)
1 x Digi pen with neck strap
1 x Digi MMS promotional brochure

Here’s a photo for reading till the end:


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