RM 10 Digi reload coupons

digi rm10 reload coupon

Did you know that Digi (016) has RM 10 prepaid reload coupons for
sale? I was flabbergasted when I found out – I thought they phased out
the smaller denomination cards after the initial test market many years

digi rm10 5 days

The airtime validity is only 5 days, so I don’t see how useful this
would be, but I got one anyway, just coz I haven’t seen it around for
AGES! It would be interesting to keep, and it wouldn’t hurt to have it
around when you run low on credit. I heard it just came out not long

Other misc stuff:

I’ve been putting this track on repeat…it’s an old favorite. I
love this song, you really need to download the MP3 and listen to it,
it’s great!

1. One o one point one Fahrenheit

Strung Out – Ultimate Devotion [sixthseal.com]
[192 KBPS STEREO 44.1KHZ 2.89 MB .mp3]
Download me!

devil with angel face

101.1 Fahrenheit
to some it’s a fever, to her it’s just right
and I can’t hold her,
and it’s bringing me down…

Her blood runs hot but her heart beats cold
She’s a devil with an angel’s face, I’ve been told
I think I’ll push my luck next time around

I’d walk through fire for you
I’d burn in hell to make it all true,
but I never loved anyone else in this world but you…

A thousand reasons why I try
to prove to you I’m not the other guy
I don’t give a damn what other people think.

A flair for the strange and a temper like a whip,
a soft hand clutches a riding crop grip…
the smell of latex rubber – it drives me insane!

Beat him once then send him on his way
there’s no room in your life for anyone to stay
engrave your moniker in welts of pain…

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to prove
to make these words I promised true
I’d rather live my life alone than without you…

You know I’d rather die then to fuck this up
wouldn’t get another try.
Got one chance, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do…

You be my master, I’ll be your servant
on my knees I beg to be abused.
You can take the skin right off my back
with a riding crop or a leather strap…

I’d take it all just to be with you…

You’re my goddess and I worship you.

2. Updated Lainie’s photos

lainie cat

I just realized that Lainie sent me five photos instead of one! Here’s the original post, with the four new photos added in:

Fansign from Lainie [sixthseal.com]

Thanks! πŸ™‚

I did not even know she sent me an email because I haven’t logged
onto my Gmail account since…er, the last time I sent out invites. I
have to say that I don’t use that mail account, I use my domain’s MX
server, so I don’t log in there unless I have something to do…which
was how I found the four new photos…

3. Gmail swap

It’s technically against the T&C but I was bored and decided to
grab a couple of invites (which was when I saw the email from Lainie)
and swap them for a custom photo at Gmail swap. Anyway, before you make
any assumptions…I got a guy to do it. There! Bet you didn’t expect
that. :p

john gswap sign
This is John, who hails from the states.

The disproportionate number of XY photos has been effectively
nullified by this one, so I can once again claim, that here at
sixthseal.com, we always aim to please. πŸ˜‰

…and we make concessions for our female readership as well. :p

P/S – The track above is really good, download it and give it a
listen. I couldn’t host large files permanently before, but now that I
have my own VPS, I’ve taken to hosting video and audio files. Oh, and
it’s a really good song, have I mentioned that? πŸ™‚

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