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do right

That’s my personal message in Windows Live Messenger. It’s the inscription on a US coin and I love the phrase. It’s uplifting – kinda like the Serenity Prayer, but without the…erm, less-than-positive connotations. 😉


I went to the Windows Live Messenger on DiGi sneak preview at Friendster Café last Saturday. I was impressed by the effort that went into the event management aspects. The place was adorned with various larger-than-life sized emoticons…


…and schwag, which caught the attention of everyone. PSPs, USB drives, headphones and more were to be given away that night. Everyone on the guest list got an exclusive Windows Live Messenger on DiGi t-shirt and a lucky draw number when registering.


I loved the replica Windows Life Messenger poster at the entrance. We’re supposed to write our names on it. It wasn’t too hard, being narcissistic bloggers and all. 😉


The event was slated to start at 7 pm but the good people at DiGi thoughtfully gave us some snacks before the preview.


…and there isn’t a shortage of the amber fluid either. There were two beer towers in attendance and both were kept full so no one was left wanting. =D


It was decided that hungry bloggers don’t make good listeners so dinner was served before the actual presentation.


The food at Friendster Café was pretty good. I liked the spaghetti and the fish with tartar sauce. Awesome!


The sneak preview started with a TVC on Windows Live Messenger on DiGi. You just have to check out the commercial, it’s hilarious! I won’t spoil it for you – DiGi always has great commercials and this one just takes the cake. The ending is priceless! 🙂


We were the very first to try out Windows Live Messenger on DiGi. Celia went through the features with us. It’s exactly like Windows Live Messenger on your PC. The look and feel will be familiar to anyone who uses MSN on the computer. You can even set your status, use emoticons (w00t!) and chat with multiple people at the same time. However, the best feature has gotta be this:


Check this out: You can even send files (!) via your cell phone!


It was fun to be among the first to experience Windows Live Messenger on a cell phone. It’s really quite addictive.


It doesn’t really help that our messages are broadcast to a large LCD projector screen in front of the room. That’s me saying “ SAYS HELLO WORLD”. It’s surprisingly easy to use.


The games started after that – there was a Q&A session where I won a pair of Logitech headphones. Great! Now I have one for the office and one for home. 🙂


The next game had Yat and Cindy facing off on opposing notebooks (and teams). It was an MSN debate about exes where one party is arguing for (Angel) and the other against (Devil) remaining friends after breaking up. They both won a SanDisk USB drive.


Next up was a game where participants had to emulate the MSN emoticons displayed on the projector. I failed. Miserably. How can anyone do the XD emoticon? It’s impossible. :p


…some people could though. Zoe won the first prize – a Microsoft webcam with her impersonation of a very improbable emoticon. It requires the skillz of a facial contortionist to pull off some of the emoticons.


The lucky draw got everyone hunting for their numbers. I had 016-25 and up for grabs were Coke (the drink) caps and Oakley and Ray-Ban shades. Everyone was eying (no pun intended) the shades…and a couple of guys snagged it.


There was a “Booze & Mingle” session after that which bloggers usually interpret as…


…camwhoring time. 😉


Carol can do the :p emoticon pretty well. I’m impressed.

msn board

I still think the best gimmick during the event is the Windows Live Messenger board. We all loved it!

sneak preview

DiGi is offering a two month FREE trial for Windows Live Messenger and the best thing about it is that even after the trial period is over, it’s just RM 3 per month for unlimited chatting! There will be no additional data charges, which is pretty impressive. You can check out the promo details here.

cindy msn

I love the tagline – “Whatever the topic 2, 3, or 4you can pass it on anytime, anywhere with Windows Live Messenger Now On DiGi.”


Anyway, if you’re not on DiGi, don’t be 1. There’s always MNP so you can switch to DiGi. 😉

RM 3 for unlimited chatting per month. I’m on DiGi (most people from Sarawak are) so I’ll be signing up for this. I can now be online all the time so my boss can MSN me and ask me to do work! 5

…eh, wrong emoticon. Why would I be grinning at that prospect?


Now wouldn’t it be great if you can have a perpetual goofy emoticon at work to hide your frustration? The Mask of (in)Sanity. 😉

…and yes, I *cough* liberated the huge emoticon from the event.

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160 thoughts on “Blogger’s Night Out”

  1. Well
    free stuff,
    free beer,
    free food
    and totally over sized emoticons
    they really know how to make people happy 🙂
    mhh wanted to write more but i already read somewhere else about it… and i was rather tempted to copy & paste the comment there
    copy & paste destroyes all kind of individualism
    copy & paste destroyes all kind of individualism
    you see? (btw i had to look how to write individualism)

  2. I see you are a pasta lover when you go out for western food. Which kind is your most favorite?
    Mine is Alfredo which is with any things in it.

  3. Joyce: Haha! I prefer the :S emoticon. I didn’t see that one there though.
    eiling: Yeah, it’s a lot of fun! 🙂
    Food, drinks, company.
    I’m impressed with DiGi MSN too. RM 3 per month, not too bad.
    louis: Hello there! So you’re the lucky one. 🙂
    WEEN: LOL! Yeah, I kinda like that photo too. 🙂
    Naoko: Heh! Yeah, I love that photo too! 🙂
    I like the emoticon, it’s still at my desk though technically it belongs to Carol. 🙂
    Myhorng: Yeah, the first two months are free too, very nice incentive to sign up. 🙂
    hitomi: Tukar handphone la. 😉
    alli: Yeah, it’s fun eh? 🙂
    It’s a bit hard though, at least some of them.
    ShaolinTiger: I liberated two of the poor emoticons being held captive and hanging from the ceiling. I just couldn’t bear to watch them being tortured like that. 😉
    shadowking: Yeah, I like DiGi’s events. They really go out of their way, above and beyond the call of duty. 🙂
    Ericas: I like alfredo based pasta too. I like my pasta to be creamy. 🙂
    pm: Hmm…I believe I got it at a local hypermarket for something like RM 30-50. It’s quite flimsy but it does the job. It won’t support sheets and blankets though – I send those to the laundry.

  4. HB, can you please blog about the earth hour 2009? I bet many of us don’t know about the event yet. Through your blog, you can make it happen.
    Save the earth.

  5. Thx for the info. i’m currently using the service and it is convenient for me if i’m outside and not in front of the laptop. also convenient if no electricity. haha. the downside of it is that the battery use very fast. i mean very fast. maybe my phone quite old so use bit fast.haha.

  6. pm: I take it you’re not a big fan of reading emails. I replied you in the email. 🙂
    It won’t hold the weight of sheets and blankets, I send those to the cleaners but for normal attire, it does the job.
    I don’t think I’ve ever had a kidney stone. My kidneys are damaged in a different way.
    Z0E: I took two! 🙂
    The emoticons are awesome eh?
    Dennis Kok: Thanks mate! Appreciate the kind comments. 🙂
    Pink Cotton: DiGi – It’s time to Switch. 😉
    Jacklyn: Have you ever read State of Fear by Michael Crichton?
    It’s fiction, but you should check it out – interesting read. 🙂
    YilingL: Well, then use DiGi. It’s like so expensive for me to call you. :p
    vkvun: Yeah, it’s great for people on the go. You can still be in touch via MSN. Hmm…you probably need to replace your battery.
    That should fix it. 🙂
    joshuatly: Yeah, it currently supports N70, N73 and N90 for the N-series. DiGi announced that they’re going to add more phones to the compatible list though.
    Thanks Joshua! 🙂
    hitomi: Huh? I don’t get your logic about the camera.
    Darren: Haha! I get what you mean, mate. 🙂
    Some people (reptiles, since they’re snakes) DO have perpetual natural emoticons going on. They dig information out of you for their own benefit, take credit for everything and brown nose the management…and no one can see through them coz they have NATURAL EMOTICONS! 🙂
    Jade Zheng: Yeah, it’s adorable right? 🙂
    I like it too. 🙂

  7. did u send it to the email i listed on this site- cause thats not real or my *cough* other email- dont list it on the site thou lol

  8. wow a whole year since i checked. i shoulda been in rehab myse;f for that time (morphine) but i am all better now. i’ll be back!

  9. pm: Yeah, that’s the one I’m sent it to – but surprisingly it didn’t bounce back. Or maybe GMail just doesn’t tell you when an email bounces coz I can’t remember ever having such an email.
    rok: Hey buddy! It’s good to hear from you again. I’m glad that you’re better now.
    Welcome to The Sober Team (TM). 🙂

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