Are you a chatterbox or a data muncher?


My sister (of all people) introduced me to this book by Gary Chapman. It’s called “The 5 Love Languages” and basically it talks about how different people have different preferred methods of communication. This doesn’t just apply to relationships and it’s a great book. I realized that I’m very big on talking (and listening) as my mode of communication. It’s what I find comforting but not everyone is like that.

Talk Text

I have seen others who prefer to write (or use social messaging) to express their feelings. It’s their preferred method of communication. There’s no wrong or right to this, we’re all born differently and along the way, we have acquired the methods in which we prefer to communicate. The book goes about how to bridge that gap and understand why others operate in a different way and I found it rather illuminating.

Happy Family

You may not consciously choose how you’ve grown up communicating, but Digi has something for everyone with their new Digi SmartPlan! It’s a new postpaid plan that allows you to choose which method of communication you’re most comfortable with – talking or social messaging. Thus, you can either go:

  1. High Voice
  2. High Data

I thought this made a lot of sense, especially since people use their smartphones differently. Believe it or not, there are still people who prefer to talk and use voice to communicate (like me – even though I was born right during the PC revolution and has grown up with IRC, ICQ and now to Facebook). There are also people who’re the opposite, who prefer to use Instagram and are high data consumers.

Girl Taking Photo

With the new Digi SmartPlan, this really gives the power to choose right back to you – you can either opt for High Voice (unlimited calls and SMS) or High Data (up to 6 GB). If you’re a traditionalist (like me) who just wants to pick up the phone and dial up a loved one, the former would suit you very well.

However, if you use a lot of FaceTime, Skype and LINE/Viber then the latter plan would make much more sense. It’s all about giving choices back to the consumer.

DiGi SmartPlan

I think it’s great and as a Digi user, I’m going to switch to the High Voice – the Digi SmartPlan really is versatile. I already have a fast fibre based Internet connection at home so I don’t need to use a lot of data. Plus, with the Digi SmartPlan 78 and above, I’ll get unlimited Whatsapp/WeChat even with High Voice! I used to be the opposite – no Internet connection at home and constantly using up my 3 GB of data per month just from surfing and updating my blog.

On top of Unlimited Whatsapp, WeChat (from SmartPlan 78 and above) and Facebook (with selected plans), Digi has recently launched their music app – Digi Music Freedom where you can stream music with zero data charges – this means that you can enjoy free music from Spotify, Deezer, KKBox and more! It’s a very good initiative from Digi for their clients, especially those who cannot live without music, and also it is a very positive initiative by Digi in helping to minimize the problem in illegal music downloads.


Thus, wherever you are in life, and whatever you like to do, with the new Digi SmartPlan, the choice is really up to you – High Voice or High Data! Choose which one you want here.

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12 thoughts on “Are you a chatterbox or a data muncher?”

    • Yeah, I’m on Digi too! 🙂

      I’m happy with it, although I might switch to the SmartPlan since I’m on an older plan and my average bill is about RM 200 per month.

  1. I’m on DIGI, have always been since my first mobile phone…and now I’m on their RM48 a month internet plan, 2GB but I don’t need that much as I do not have a smart phone. Good enough for me, and yes, generally, I do think they give better deals than the rest.

    • Mine too! 🙂

      I’ve always been on Digi since my first number – still remember it coz it was easy to remember, 016 869 0110. I don’t know who owns that now (if anyone). Yeah, they have good deals but I need to change my plan since I’m on an older one and this SmartPlan is much better, would cut down on my call charges.

    • No worries! 🙂

      I’ve been on Digi since my first cell (back then it was an Ericksson, no color of course, only had the awesome-at-the-time T-28 when I was in Australia doing my uni). You’ll find most Sarawakians using Digi coz their coverage is the best there.

    • I’m the opposite! 🙂

      I prefer to talk, although I like to write too, but to express myself one-on-one, definitely talking is better (for me). Yeah, Digi is really good, I’ve been using them almost half my life (am 35 this year) and never switched to another telco. Good coverage and fair prices for their data plans.

  2. Love the ‘Love Languages’ thing. I find it quite accurate. And it’s definitely good to have a chat with the significant other about it coz then you actually gauge whether you’re on the same page and/or need the same kind of validations. Amazing!


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