Kafe Alkautzar

kafe alkautzar

Kafe Alkautzar is located at the 3rd Mile Bazaar and serves really
good Malay food. The place was packed during lunch hour and all the
other patrons seem to be Malay, and you know what they say about the
relation between the quality of the food and the percentage of patrons
being of the same persuasion of the cuisine they serve.

kafe alkautzar food

This place has a different menu everyday, which is great for
variety. I had the nasi kerabu goreng instead of steamed rice together
with ayam masak merah, beef rendang and bamboo cooked in santan. It’s
self serve, you take the portions of the dishes you want yourself,
which is not the norm here, though it’s becoming more widespread.

kafe alkautzar condiments

There’s also a condiments area where you can add on other stuff.
They have uncooked vegetables (apologies, forgot the Malay word for
this) that’s meant to be eaten before the main meal too.

kafe alkautzar dish

This is what my dish looked like. It was delicious! You can’t go
wrong with Kafe Alkautzar. Lunch hour tends to be packed though, so you
may have to wait for a table to free up.

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