The Coffee Bean Hazelnut Ice Blended and Latte

cbtl hazelnut

The Coffee Bean just came out with a new promotional drink (I should know, I’ve been going there every day for the Wi-Fi) called Hazelnut.

cbtl hazelnut promo

Hazelnut comes in two forms – ice blended and latte, the classic hot and cold beverage options.

cbtl hazelnut ice blended

This is what the ice blended hazelnut (RM 12) looks like.

cbtl hazelnut latte

This is the hazelnut latte (RM 11).

It is basically coffee with hazelnut overtones. It’s nice for a change, coz I just usually go for The Ultimate EXTREME.


CBTL Breakfast

brek o day

Brek ‘O’ Day (RM 11.50)

tasty toast treat

Tasty Toast Treat (RM 9.50)

wasabi mango salad

Wasabi Mango Salad (RM 12.00)
A new taste sensation – chunks of fresh mango, tomato, cucumber, and red capsicum in a creamy Wasabi dressing that would make you say “Yum!”.

salmon egg muffin

Salmon & Egg Muffin (RM 12.00)
Succulent slices of smoked salmon in an English muffin, topped with a poached egg and served with a fresh side salad.

poached egg

I really like the poached egg…

salad with nuts

…and the assorted nuts in the salad.


Coffee Bean Honeydew Ice Blended

cb honeydew

Coffee Bean has been my regular hangout for the past couple of days, being the pretentious fuck I am (read related posts to get the joke) and I noticed they had a new promotion going – the Honeydew Ice Blended.

cb honeydew promo

Perfect! Nothing like a nice honeydew ice blended drink to take the edge off the day while seated al fresco with my friends sipping the drink and smoking cigarettes while the Air Pollutant Index (API) breaches the 150 mark. It’s like sipping pina coladas in the Bahamas, I swear.

cb honeydew make

This is perhaps one of the more defining shots – the obligatory “Hello, I am making your drink, sir” shot.

cb honeydew drink

The Coffee Bean Honeydew Ice Blended goes for RM 12 and comes with a whipped cream topping – it’s a very refreshing drink on a hazy evening. The cake is an Oreo Extreme cheesecake. It’s great too.

cb meet oops frappe

Meet the cast in the making of the Coffee Bean Honeydew Ice Blended post!

(oops…wrong coffee establishment)

That’s actually Frappe.


Coffee Bean Taro Ice Blended

coffee bean taro ice blended promo

Coffee Bean came out with a new promotional drink – Taro Ice Blended. The tagline for the new drink is emblazoned on the banner advertising it in front of the Coffee Bean outlet – “Sooth your senses with Taro Ice Blended”.

coffee bean taro ice blended poster

The new Taro Ice Blended promotion is done in conjunction with the 3-Cheeses Grilled Sandwich and the Belgian Chocolate drink which is back for a limited time due to high demand. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is introducing the Taro Ice Blended for RM 12.

coffee bean taro ice blended morning

I went to Coffee Bean earlier this morning to check out the new Taro Ice Blended drink. I did bring along my digicam, but alas, the battery was missing as it was still charging at home. Thus, this post is brought to you by the Crappy Cell Phone Cam (TM). πŸ˜‰

coffee bean taro ice blended making

This is a photo of a Coffee Bean employee blending the Taro Ice Blended drink and pouring it into one of the large sized containers. I opted for whipped cream on top (which comes at no extra charge).

coffee bean taro ice blended

The Taro Ice Blended drink comes out purple – it’s made of taro (purple yam) and it tastes great! Whipped cream is essential to the Taro Ice Blended experience – the mixture of the two tastes creamy with that umami taste.

Coffee Bean’s new Taro Ice Blended comes highly recommended from me. It not too sweet and full of taro goodness! πŸ™‚


Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf ice blended drinks promotion

coffee bean ice blended promo

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is having a promotion on their summer themed ice blended drinks. I went there for a drink and noticed that there were three summer drinks being promoted.

coffee bean ice blended lineup

Malibu Dream Ice Blended and Berry’d Treasure Ice Blended is going for 20% off – retailing at RM 9.20 instead of the usual RM 11.50 for a regular sized order.

coffee bean free muffin

The other summer drink – the Banana Caramel Ice Blended comes with a free muffin of your choice.

coffee bean banana caramel promo

I ordered a Banana Caramel Ice Blended drink and a warmed banana muffin (double the bananas, double the fun ;)).

The Banana Caramel Ice Blended drink is great – all of their summer lineup is great if you like your ice blended drinks thick, creamy and full of sugary goodness. πŸ™‚


Coffee Bean eXtreme CARAMBA Ice Blended

coffee bean extreme caramba

Coffee Bean has a seasonal drinks promotion and the latest one is the eXtreme CARAMBA Ice Blended. It retails for RM 11 and it comes with the tagline “Get ready to Rhumba”.

extreme caramba

It’s a great drink…the predominant taste is chocolate and no, we do not have a Starbucks in Kuching yet. I’m down with the flu now so I’ll post again tomorrow and reply all the comments then. Cheers!


Espresso Coffee Shots

espresso coffee shots

I saw some chocolate coated coffee beans at the local import
specialty shop and decided to get some, since I’m working to meet a
deadline before I go back to work on Monday. It’s called Coffee Shots and there’s a variety of different beans available – I got the espresso ones, which goes for RM 6.95 for a 50 g pack.

espresso coffee shots text

The literature goes “Coffee Shots give a lift to your day with a
delicious chocolate coated coffee crunch – ready to eat – anywhere,
anytime. We start with the finest Arabica beans from the South Eastern
regions of Brazil which we carefully sort for color, size and
quantity”. It also adds that “Just like the best espresso (short black)
from Europe, our Espresso Coffee Shots have a vibrant strong taste
giving you just the right pick me up when you need it”.

espresso coffee shots 50g

The 50 g packs have a small amount of the “European style chocolate coated coffee beans” in a bag inside the cardboard wrap.

espresso coffee shots bag

I also got a larger pack of the Espresso Coffee Shots for RM 9.80.

espresso coffee shots bean

The Coffee Shots have a coffee bean inside the chocolate, which
gives it some measure of caffeine content. I’ve been drinking coffee
while munching on these Espresso Coffee Shots the whole day in an
effort to finish up my work before the deadline. Its times like this
that I wish I hadn’t quit methamphetamine. πŸ˜‰

Excuse me, I’m going back to work – I’ll update again tomorrow.

Pomegranate Blueberry by The Coffee Bean

coffee bean pomegranate banner

The Coffee Bean chain has come out with a new drink…a fusion of
two different fruits – pomegranate and blueberry (color coded for your
convenience too ;)).

coffee bean pomegranate ads

Pomegranate Blueberry comes in two varieties – ice blended (cold)
and tea latte (hot). The new ad campaigns has two nice tag lines too – “Pucker up for anti-oxidants” and “What good fruits become in their next life”.

coffee bean pomegranate blender

We both went for the Pomegranate Blueberry Ice Blended (RM 11.50) –
here’s a shot of the blended fruit fusion in The Coffee Bean’s blender.
I had pomegranate [] and wrote about it before in a previous post.

coffee bean pomegranate blueberry

Here is The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s implementation of Ice Blended Pomegranate Blueberry in all its glory!

coffee bean pomegranate blueberry ice blended

It tastes wonderful…the two flavors complement each other nicely
for a refreshing ice blended drink – catch it while it lasts at your
nearest Coffee Bean (and Tea Leaf)! πŸ˜‰

Smoked Norwegian salmon sandwich and strawberry cheesecake

interior coffee bean kuching
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

strawberry cheesecake display
Ordering Strawberry Cheese Cake @ RM 7.50 per slice
A Coffee Bean original! Strawberries “berried” in luscious cheese cake on a crunchy shortcake base.

strawberry cheesecake

The strawberry cheese cake was nice, with the strawberry flavor
distinctively discernable through the cheese cake and a very thin base,
which is always good in a cheese cake. I like my cheese cake to be less
dense and have a creamier mouth-feel though.

norwegian salmon sandwich
Smoked Norwegian Salmon sandwich with a side of green salad @ RM 13.90

norwegian salmon closeup

There was nothing aesthetically wrong with this “gourmet sandwich”.
The salad greens were nicely and evenly coated with dressing and the
sandwich is flanked by warm bread which has a crunchy crust but yields
to softer pastry. There were egg, smoked salmon and onions, dressed
with herb sauce. I just want more smoked salmon.

pseudo intel pretentious fucks

Coffee Bean/Starbucks/Some other “gourmet coffee” chain”: The
favorite haunt of pseudo intellectual pretentious fucks everywhere.

Unless you’re grabbing one to go. πŸ˜‰

Ice Blended Black Forest @ Coffee Bean

coffee bean kuching

The Coffee Bean.

coffee bean kch counter

The Original Ice Blended Black Forest w/ whipped cream @ RM 11.50.

coffee bean honey sticks

Optional honey sticks for those of us who still have taste buds.

me drinking black forest

Here’s a closer look at my short hair. My friends say I look 13 instead of 23.

black forest closeup

Black Forest Ice Blended
Our secret Coffee Extract and chocolate or vanilla powder blended
with ice, chocolate espresso beans, maraschino cherries and low-fat

double espresso

This is a double espresso – the ice blended drink was just for starters.

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