Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf ice blended drinks promotion

coffee bean ice blended promo

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is having a promotion on their summer themed ice blended drinks. I went there for a drink and noticed that there were three summer drinks being promoted.

coffee bean ice blended lineup

Malibu Dream Ice Blended and Berry’d Treasure Ice Blended is going for 20% off – retailing at RM 9.20 instead of the usual RM 11.50 for a regular sized order.

coffee bean free muffin

The other summer drink – the Banana Caramel Ice Blended comes with a free muffin of your choice.

coffee bean banana caramel promo

I ordered a Banana Caramel Ice Blended drink and a warmed banana muffin (double the bananas, double the fun ;)).

The Banana Caramel Ice Blended drink is great – all of their summer lineup is great if you like your ice blended drinks thick, creamy and full of sugary goodness. šŸ™‚


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