The definitive 7th mile teh c peng

fresh food court

Our quest for the definitive 7th mile (Kota Sentosa) teh c peng did
not start out easily, with feedback ranging from “It doesn’t really
matter now coz every place there does it the same way once it took off”
(Yes, but we wanted to find the pioneering coffee shop) to “It’s the
one beside the 4D outlet” (It would be great if there was only one
place which meets that criteria). It was finally established that Fresh Food Court was the one that introduced the multiple layer teh c peng that has become all the rage now.

kota sentosa teh c peng

We managed to come to this conclusion based on the existing
criteria’s and several other vague ones (has a kolo mee stall, good
roti canai) and thus our party of four made ourselves comfortable and
ordered the revered beverage. It helped that most other patrons was
imbibing the very same drink, as can be seen from the glasses on their
tables, and from the endless stream of waitresses carrying out the
signature three distinctive layer teh c peng from the beverage counter.

7 mile kolo mee stall

I also had the kolo mee, which was really good and highly
recommended. It should be noted that all kolo mee needs to have “char
siew yew” or char siew oil – the oil that comes from making char siew
(BBQ pork slices) added for the taste to shine through.

7 mile kolo mee

This is the kolo mee – I don’t think I’ve had a bowl that tasted as good as this, but then again, I was really hungry.

7 mile roti canai stall

The roti canai should not be missed either. I find that eating kolo
mee and then roti canai is the correct way to go about it, though
others prefer to reverse that gastronomical sequence.

7 mile roti canai

Here’s a shot of the roti canai – slightly sweet bread and good composition.

7 mile teh c peng

Lest we forget, the teh c peng was very good – the three layers were
distinctive and the concoction was very thick and sweet and strong. One
glass retails for just RM 1.20 – a price which is unheard of in Kuching
city proper. It was sublime…I had three glasses. The ambience of the
place is nice too. It gives off a “Sunday breakfast bustle” feeling
even though it was evening when we got there.

special for customer

There is a washbasin specially set up for you, too.

Three layer teh c peng

three layer teh c peng

The photo above shows a beautifully made Teh C Peng with three
visible layers in the mug. Look at the pretty layers! I’ve never seen
anything like this before. This was taken at an eating establishment
somewhere in Tabuan Jaya before the throwing up incident. I remember
the four of us (Ah Boon joined us) sitting there and generally making a
ruckus. We had food too but I drank 5 or 6 cups of these wonderful
things. It was just too beautiful to resist. Three layers – the bottom
one is sugar water (dense), the middle one is evaporated milk, and the
top layer is the tea (least dense). Stir it up and it makes very pretty
colors…and it finally settles into the rich, creamy brown of teh c

I remember us making orders in an unacceptably loud volume and
inserting classics like “Mesti mahu kau, if not super kau, we won’t pay
for it”.

I will reconstruct the rest of the night prior to this based on my
digicam photo time dating. I think there was a collective sigh of
relief when we left. Oh, and 2 mg of clonazepam to a completely
non-benzodiazepine tolerant person produced exceedingly powerful
disinhibition, similar but stronger to that of alcohol (based on my
knowledge of that person’s experience with alcohol), and the shredding
of proper “social behavior”. It is an interesting observation that I
made, will keep that in my notes.

P/S – The abovementioned person took clonazepam on his own free will.

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