Apfelwein (apple wine) in Frankfurt

applewine murals

There’s one thing that Frankfurt is *really* famous for. No, it’s not the wurst (sausages) that derives from its name, it’s apple wine! Called Apfelwein (or Ebbelwoi) in German, the brewing of apple wine has been a source of pride for many Frankfurters.

schweizer strasse

It’s the (un?)official drink of the city!

sachsenhausen nord

There’s even an entire street in Sachsenhausen-Nord near the city of Frankfurt am Main that dedicates itself to apple wine! It’s informally called the Applewine Quarter and the street name is Schweizer Strasse. There are several establishments serving apple wine in Frankfurt (you can get it in most restaurants) but for the authentic experience, I highly recommend you go to a specialty shop!

zum gemalten haus

I was recommended two such apple wine houses by a knowledgeable local (our concierge haha) – both are located at Sachsenhausen-Nord. The first is called Zum Gemalten Haus and unfortunately, it’s closed on Mondays. The second is called Adolf Wagner (also known as Apfelwein Wagner) and I remember hearing about this place before – that’s how famous the apple wine bar is!

adolf wagner

Adolf Wagner has been around since 1931 – that means they’ve been brewing Frankfurt’s most famous drink for several centuries. There are actual long tables and chairs located both in front and inside the establishment. I recommend doing inside coz there’s a huge apple wine jug where they pour your drink from at the bar.

applewine quarter

The apple wine is brewed on the premises of Adolf Wagner itself! You can see it if you’re seated inside. There are also colorful murals depicting the good ol’ days of apple wine imbibing and scenes of general cheer.


You’ll expect a place like this to be expensive but it’s surprisingly affordable and all the locals come here. One glass of apple wine costs 1.90 Euro. That’s less than RM 10! It’s cheap even *when* you convert the currency. I had a 300 ml glass of their famous apple wine while my better half ordered the non-alcoholic apple wine.

apfelwein wagner prices

Surprisingly, the non-alcoholic apple wine costs slightly more than the regular apple wine. I’m not sure if that’s coz like decaf coffee, it goes through an extra step, but I very much doubt it. The non-alcoholic apple wine that my dear ordered (2 Euro for 300 ml glass) is clear and tastes like apple juice, albeit slightly rotten apple juice.

nonalcoholic ebbelwoi
A 300 ml glass of non-alcoholic apple wine

My apple wine is slightly cloudy from the unfiltered sediments and tastes like nothing I’ve ever come across. Apple wine doesn’t taste like apple cider – it doesn’t have that acidic bite to it. It’s smooth and delicious – but be careful, the alcohol content of these things can hit the two digit mark.

A 300 ml glass of regular apple wine

I’ve seen it quoted as 10.4% alcohol although every batch differs. Adolf Wagner also sells 1 litre bottles of their apple wine to go for just 2 Euros while the 5 litre souvenir jugs are just 13 Euros. Or you can just get their matchbooks (free) if you’re a cheapskate. 😉


Protip: If you want to get apple wine from Frankfurt to bring home, avoid buying them at the touristy Romel square where every other shop (including the official tourist information center) offers nicely bottled and packaged apple wine for sale at a price premium. It’s not as authentic as grabbing a bottle (or jug) from Adolf Wagner, where the locals drink, so get it from a reputable apple wine bar instead of a souvenir shop!

wagner applewine

I highly recommend walking to Apfelwein Wagner and sitting down for a glass of apple wine when you’re in Frankfurt. It’s one of the few things which is unique to the city itself and even if you don’t consume alcohol, there’s a non-alcoholic apple wine to conform to your dietary/religious beliefs. It’s way better than grabbing a Frankfurter (and you can do the latter after some nice local apple wine in your tummy).

applewine prices

Apple wine is called the official drink of Frankfurt for a reason! 😀

apfelwein wagner

Posted: 9:39 am Frankfurt time (GMT +2) – we just took the overnight Paris-Frankfurt am Main bus! 😀

Updates on our 10 day vacation through Germany and France:

Klebang Original Coconut Shake

klebang coconut shakes

This is a truly remarkable drink – one where people are willing to line up under the hot sun or even in rain for. Klebang Original Coconut Shake is located in Melaka – it’s named after the street it’s on (Jalan Klebang).

malaysia famous coconut shake

There’s constantly a queue at the small takeaway kiosk whenever we passed it during a road trip yesterday. The kiosk is for takeaways only to free up the main arena for dine-in customers.

melaka original coconut shake

Klebang’s Original Coconut Shake truly deserves the “famous” moniker as the sit-down area is huge, as big as a sports stadium and packed full of people. The car park is equally impressive and despite the constant rain and drizzle, people still come in for a fix.

melaka famous coconut shake

The shake is ingenious – it’s basically an ice blended coconut drink but everything in there is made of coconut. They take coconut water, coconut flesh and ice cubes to blend it all together.

klebang original coconut shake

Thus, you’ll taste coconut water and bits of the shredded flesh as well as you go through it with the spoon and straw it’s served in.

famous melaka shake

Klebang’s Coconut Shake must go through tons of coconuts every day and I know from observation that they go through several large boxes of vanilla ice cream in a couple of minutes. The “special” version of the coconut shake comes with a full, generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and it adds a lot to the taste of the shake.

The place does such a brisk business that it’s almost like an assembly line:

coconut cutting

1. There’s a place were the coconuts are opened and prepared – juice/water drained and then the flesh extracted by cutting the coconuts into half

blending station

2. The coconut water and flesh goes to the blending station where it’s ice blended with ice and then loaded into a funnel-like device to churn the blend into a waiting chilled glass.

prep station

3. The glasses are then sent into the prep station where it’s either sent out as it is or supplemented with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream for the special version.

coconut shake special

The end result is a delicious coconut shake made almost entirely of coconut and it only costs RM 1.70. The special version with a scoop of vanilla ice cream costs RM 2.20 – 50 cents more and I feel that adds a lot to the taste – imparting a creaminess than one would usually associate with the word “shake”.

nasi lemak

The place is quite well known for it’s nasi lemak too but it didn’t work for me – it has wonderfully spicy sambal which makes my mouth water just thinking about it and it’s warm, but I’ve had better. It’s good for the main coconut shake business though, since you’ll need something to put out the fiery sambal. 😉

coconut shake stations

However, the Klebang Original Coconut Shake is a must visit when you’re in Melaka. It has grown a lot since the days and some might say it’s a tad commercialized with menus in three (3) different languages but that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great product to begin with.

klebang original coconut shake special

They haven’t slacked off since the last time I came several years ago either – each glass of coconut shake is done to perfection and I love how they use chilled mugs even with the rush of a sudden influx of people (which is why you have to queue in the takeaway section). It’s also affordable (most brewed drinks in KL costs way more than that even in regular diners) which is part of the appeal.

kelebang coconut shake

I was transfixed at a man in his twenties taking off his helmet and coming in out of the rain to savor Klebang’s Original Coconut Shake by slowly and tentatively sipping the iced concoction using the spoon. He caught me looking several times and gave me a puzzled look, for me, he symbolizes why this place is so popular. 🙂

Jony’s or Jonah’s Fruit Shakes – which is the original?

jonys shakes boracay

Jony’s Boracay’s Original & Famous Fruit Shakes. Well, that’s what it says on the signboard anyway. Heh. Jonah’s Fruitshakes is the original place to go if you’re craving for a mango fruit shake, spawning a host of imitators, usually with variations on the name like Jony’s, Jody’s etc.

Note the slight difference in spelling?

yellow cab

That’s how it works in Boracay, I saw 3 (!!!) different Yellow Cab Pizza while I was there too. The above is the original. There’s also a hilarious one which dubs itself Tapsi Cab (with similar font and colors) which is basically run out of someone’s house, but it actually served pretty decent burgers at a really cheap price.

…so who cares, as long as it’s good? 😀

point 1

Back to Jony’s Fruit Shakes, it’s part of Jony’s Beach Resort and it’s located at Point 1 at White Beach. It’s actually a pretty nice place to chill and enjoy the sea breeze. They also serve food from different parts of the Philippines as well.

It’s rather overpriced and commercialized (saw a huge group of Chinese tourists come in) but I reckon that’s the price you pay (smirk) in places like Boracay – which was why I avoided the overrated and over-mentioned Ibu Oka franchise in Bali and asked in Denpasar for place where the locals go for babi guling instead.

jonys original fruitshakes

The restaurant attached to Jony’s Fruit Shakes is called Maya’s and I would give it a wide berth if I were you. The food is very mediocre and there are better choices around for the equivalent of RM 25-30 per dish restaurants. Go for the shakes, not the food.


Crispy Fried Tilapia
This comes with 3 dipping sauces and is from the Luzon area. It’s pretty good – freshly fried and crispy, bit it’s the dip that makes the dish work…and seafood in Boracay is super fresh!

adobong manok

Adobong Native na Manok
I actually wanted goat kalderatta (a Panay dish of goat stewed in coconut wine) but they ran out of that, so I went for this one instead. It’s supposed to be a festive local dish of chicken simmered in soy sauce, spices and vinegar with organic chicken liver mousse.

I was really hungry then so it tasted good but in hindsight it’s really below average and quite forgettable. Except for the chicken liver mousse. That is superb!

…now for the shakes!

boracay fruit shakes

Just look at the sheer variety they have to offer. You can custom make it yourself too – simply request for the stuff you want and they’ll mix it for you.

jony mango fruit shake

This is a Mango, Pineapple and Banana fruit shake. PHP 100.
It’s really good. The tart and sweet mango is balanced by the smooth banana and pineapple lends a tang to it. The shakes costs about RM 8-10 each, depending on what you want.

banana nutella shake

Bananatella fruit shake. I don’t even know if this can be called a “fruit shake” anymore. Heh. It’s a mixture of bananas and Nutella! Now, isn’t that awesome!

I really loved the fruit shakes at Jony’s but you’ll have to drink it really, really fast. I really don’t know if Jonah’s is better, but Jony’s does an awesome fruit shake! It’s wonderfully thick and difficult to suck up the straw at first but that’s the optimum time to drink it coz the minute ice particles inside will dilute the drink down as time progresses.

It’s subject to entropy as all things are. 😉

fruitshakes boracay

Drink up as soon as you’re served! It’s loaded with calories and sinfully delicious, but it’s also sensational – a sublime beach drink. 😀

Kopi Luwak

luwak coffee

Kopi Luwak or Luwak Coffee is the infamously extravagant coffee that comes out of a civet. Well, you know what I mean.

civet cat

Civet cats like this one eats the coffee beans, supposedly these felines have a taste so refined that they’ll only go for the good ones. They’ll crap it out and people dig the coffee beans (which isn’t digested by the civet cat) from the dung and roast it.

kopi luwak

It’s surprisingly aromatic and very smooth coffee. I liked it, although we paid quite a bit for that small cup. How much?

luwak coffee price

That’s about RM 20. We went to this place quite far from the touristy areas too, we saw it go for IDR 150,000 (RM 50) in airports. Yes, that’s the price for just one cup.

kopi luwak bali

Very expensive coffee, one sip will set you back a couple of dollars. 🙂

Bangkok Best Coffee (BBC)

bangkok best coffee

Bangkok Best Coffee seems to be a franchise in Thailand and I went to check it out after seeing it one too many times (it’s a compulsion I have, I can’t stand seeing something multiple times and not go ;)).

bangkok best coffee drink

I don’t know if they deserve the moniker Bangkok Best Coffee but their coffee is alright…and most importantly it’s got caffeine in it.

I just realized that I have so many Bangkok back posts that it’ll take me ages to clear…

Got meth caffeine?


Dutch Lady 0% Fat Drinking Yoghurt – Peach Passion

dutch lady yoghurt drink jusco

Dutch Lady came out with a new 0% Fat drinking yoghurt with real fruit juice. I saw it on the dairy section of Jusco in Mid Valley Megamall in KL and decided to get one to drink.

dutch lady yoghurt drink car

Dutch Lady 0% Fat Peach Passion drinking yoghurt touts itself as having “25% less calories than other low fat yoghurt drinks”. That’s a lot of percentage figures being thrown around…

dutch lady yoghurt drink

It tastes good, which surprised me, since I’m not a big fan of low fat drinks – it’s liquid breakfast on the go! 😉


Chinese tea with metal ball and hook

metal sphere tea

This is the most interesting method of serving Chinese tea that I’ve
seen to date – it comes in a metal ball attached to a length of chain
ending with a hook. I saw someone drinking from this extraordinary
contraption and asked what it was. It’s apparently Chinese tea and it
comes inside the metal contraption in a warm cup of steeping water and
a side cup of ice cubes to cool down the drink.

metal sphere tea start

The metal sphere which encapsulates the Chinese tea leaves is left
to steep inside the warm water. The metal sphere has holes lining the
upper and lower “hemisphere” to allow the warm water to circulate
inside and steep the tea leaves before flowing out as tea. The metal
contraption avoids the tea leaves from getting into your drink by
effectively trapping them inside the sphere while allowing the liquid
to freely flow through the steeping tea leaves.

metal sphere tea hook

The metal chain attached to the hook is meant to hold the sphere
containing the tea leaves in place, a task assisted by the metal hook
which is fastened to the rim. This metal contraption allows the user
(er…am I allowed to use the term “user”? :p) to control the steeping
process of the tea by facilitating the flexibility of brewing stronger
or weaker tea. This level of control over one’s tea may not be
unpreceded – but it certainly is unusual in a coffee shop.

metal sphere tea chain

The metal sphere is lifted from the tea using the attached chain
(careful of the metal hook – it has a tendency to pierce unwary
fingers) when the steeping has reached a consistency and color of your
desire from the loose tea leaves restrained inside the spherical

metal sphere tea drink

The volume of water displaced by the metal ball containing the loose
tea leaves and the associated chain and hook leaves about 1/4 of the
cup empty after it’s been taken out. The small cup of ice can then be
spooned into the Chinese tea for it to quickly cool down before it’s
consumed. The metal sphere can be inserted again at this point, but it
would merely be aesthetic since the temperature of the water makes it
unfeasible for further steeping to continue.

It’s an informal mini tea ceremony, available at your friendly neighborhood coffee shop. 🙂

CareBee Pure Honey + Vinegar bottled drink

restaurant shauiya 24h

I has my breakfast this morning at the 24 hour mamak place downstairs and had my usual mee maggie goreng pedas sotong. I was going to order the usual teh tarik when I saw this poster:

It was advertising an unusual concoction of honey and vinegar (!). CareBee Honey Drink with Vinegar
sounds interesting on the sole basis that it had vinegar in it. I was
wondering what a drink of honey and vinegar would taste like

carebee drink maggie

Thus, I ordered the drink instead of teh tarik.

carebee drink stubbie

CareBee Honey Drink (with vinegar) comes in a small, stubby bottle and claims to be “full of energy” with “no added sugar”.

carebee drink sample

It tastes like a VERY sweet honey drink – I could not discern the vinegar in it (if any) and the URL of the company is invalid.


Gardenia Cola vending machine

gardenia cola vending machine

Gardenia Cola seems to be the leading coke (the
drink) manufacturer in Sabah. This is interesting coz the other states
seem to be dominated by the #1 cola based drink producer – Coca Cola.
Gardenia Cola dominates the carbonated drinks shelves of hypermarkets
and convenience stores like 7-11.

gardenia cola buy

I even saw several vending machines dispending Gardenia Cola and
other Gardenia flavored canned beverages. Gardenia is best known for
its bakery products and is a major producer of bread related goods in
Peninsula Malaysia. Gardenia Cola is made by Gardenia Beverages in Kota
Kinabalu, Sahab. Coca-cola (coke) is still the major brand of cola
drinks in Malaysia though, except in Sabah.

gardenia cola drop

I could not resist addressing this cultural glitch and inserted RM
1.30 in coins into the Gardenia vending machine and purchased a
Gardenia Cola drink. The distinctive red can of Gardenia cola dropped
down into the holding cell of the vending machine, still cold from the
internal cooling system.

gardenia cola can

Here’s a closer look at the Gardenia Coke can – it has the Gardenia logo on it and “Cola carbonated drink by Gardenia” printed on top of the 325 ml can.

gardenia cola drink

It tastes remarkably like a cross between Coke C2 and Coke Light
(Diet Coke for non-Malaysians). The cola drink is not excessively
carbonated or sweet and leaves a nice, but unusual aftertaste on the

Heaven and Earth

heaven and earth store

Heaven and Earth is the interestingly named Jasmine
Green Tea beverage marketed under the Coca-Cola brand. It comes in a
variety of sizes, and I thought the 1500 ml plastic bottles suits the
name best. It retails for slightly higher than the average
non-carbonated, or to be more specific, brewed and bottled tea
offerings out there since it’s an import.

heaven and earth text

Heaven and Earth Jasmine Green Tea is “brewed from
the freshest, premium green tea leaves and infused with the rich flora
aroma of soothing Jasmine flowers”. The literature also goes to explain
the origins and uses of Jasmine flowers and Jasmine tea in relation to
Chinese culture. One interesting piece of information that I noticed is
the note that goes “Today, the Chinese still drink Jasmine tea on daily
basis; and it is the most popular drink in Okinawa, Japan, where plain
Japanese green tea is hardly drunk.”

heaven and earth chinese

That’s news to me…I didn’t know that Jasmine tea is preferred in
Okinawa, Japan instead of green tea. Then again, I’m Chinese, and I
certainly don’t drink Jasmine tea on a monthly basis, much less a daily
basis. 😉 It’s an interesting piece of information about the culture in
Okinawa, Japan though and it’s certainly a good enough marketing spiel
to describe Heaven and Earth Jasmine Green Tea, which is a fusion of
Jasmine tea and green tea.

heaven and earth cap

Heaven and Earth Jasmine Green Tea is a great non-carbonated
offering to the large portfolio of Coca-Cola’s offerings. It tastes
surprisingly good and its thirst quenching to boot. I finished the 1500
ml bottle before I knew it. The Heaven and Earth Jasmine Green Tea
manage to combine the two different teas to make an interesting tea
fusion. It’s also sweetened, which adds to the appeal – the sugar
content isn’t cloying, but just right…just like how my grandma used
to put a teaspoon of sugar into the tea when we were young, just before
we came over.

heaven and earth jasmine green tea

Heaven and Earth Jasmine Green Tea will take you to heaven and back!
Well, maybe that’s an overenthusiastic hyperbole, but it’s really good.
:p Best served chilled, and without the disturbing imagery of a 1.5
liter PET bottle positioned in a rather unfortunate orientation on the
lap of some strange guy…

P/S – My gf says I use emoticons too much. I think she’s right. 😉

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