babi guling bali

This is probably the most famous Balinese cuisine – babi guling.

babi guling denpasar

It’s suckling pig cooked over a fire with herbs and spices and contrary to popular belief, the best and freshest babi guling can only be found in the morning since that’s when it’s prepared.

babi guling stall

I wanted to go somewhere that isn’t commercialized like Ibu Oka so I asked to go where the locals went.

babi guling queue

This turned out to be somewhere in working-class Denpasar, far from the touristy areas and full of people in bikes waiting their turn to take away a packet of pork goodness.

babi guling

A full babi guling meal comes served with several pieces of pork, crispy pork skin, pork crackling, pork sausage, pork satay, deep fried pork liver and a side of bird’s eye chilli. There’s also a bowl of hearty soup that contains huge chunks of pork fat.

bali guling me

I loved it! We had this in the morning and it was so good that I finished everything. It costs IDR 30,000 which works out to about RM 10. It’s the most satisfying meal I had in Bali. Goes very well with a bottle of Bintang beer. :D

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34 Responses to “Babi Guling in Bali”

  1. HB, food that where the local eat seem very interesting. Does it have spices like in Chinese roast pork? It look so rustic the way it serve too. No rice with that ?

    • Yeah it’s delicious! :)

      Well, they use a lot of spices in their cooking too and there’s a small mound of rice behind all the pork. :D

  2. it’s like what we will get in a German restaurant haha, at a fraction price and sans soup.

    • Heh! You can order an entire suckling pig if you want to. :)

      …of course it’ll take a lot of people to finish that. :D

  3. Amazing babi guling. Can’t wait to eat it again when I head in next month for my drive in Bali. For now…I can only dream and drool.

    Blessed New Year!

  4. was it gamy? the one at ibu oka was really gamy!

  5. Pls tell me where about in Denpasar , I’m going in July for holiday
    Thanks kindly

    • Hello Yanto! :)

      Hope you have an awesome vacation. It’s at:

      Handayani Kuliner
      Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 12 Tohpati

      Call them at +62361462792

      Hope that helps! :D

  6. Great to know this..

  7. Holy… that looks heavenly awesome. Happy new year 2012 btw!

  8. OMIGAWD!!! That looks like heaven on earth!!! Your face in the last pic says it all…. LOL!!!

    • HAHAHA

      Yeah, it’s very delicious! I don’t eat rice like that in the morning but I finished everything despite telling myself I have to save some stomach space. :D

  9. Hahaha looks like it’s cholesterol overload! But who cares if it’s tasty right? XD

  10. i gotta avoid ibu oka next time then!

    • Yeah, I reckon a lot of the smaller places are much better – this one was recommended by a local who eats there too, so we went and weren’t disappointed. :)

  11. Too bad, I did not try the Babi Guling last time during my trip to Bali…

    • We nearly didn’t try it too but now that we did, it’s a must try if you’re ever in Bali. It’s one of the few Balinese dishes! :D

  12. LOVE babi guling!! I like this stall too;)

    • Heh! This stall was actually introduced by a local who was quite annoyed (but kept his peace since we were paying him to drive us to Tanah Lot) about us talking about bakso (which is not a Balinese dish, as he insisted several times) and he kept going on and on about the virtues of babi guling until I finally asked where he went to eat, show me a good babi guling place where the locals actually eat.

      …and thus we ended up in Denpasar. :)

  13. actually i still prefer the chinese version of suckling pig. heheh

  14. Huai Bin, the Balinese Babi Guling looks very delicious.

  15. That Balinese Babi Guling looks very delicious.

  16. Ooh… U get to eat babi guling after all! Awesome! Wii definitely keep this place in mind for my next trip there.

    • Yeah, it was awesome Connie! :)

      We went to Denpasar to eat where the locals eat instead of the commercialized Ibu Oka – you can see lots of working locals actually take away at this place.

      It’s delicious, keep an eye out for it. :D

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