Klebang Original Coconut Shake

klebang coconut shakes

This is a truly remarkable drink – one where people are willing to line up under the hot sun or even in rain for. Klebang Original Coconut Shake is located in Melaka – it’s named after the street it’s on (Jalan Klebang).

malaysia famous coconut shake

There’s constantly a queue at the small takeaway kiosk whenever we passed it during a road trip yesterday. The kiosk is for takeaways only to free up the main arena for dine-in customers.

melaka original coconut shake

Klebang’s Original Coconut Shake truly deserves the “famous” moniker as the sit-down area is huge, as big as a sports stadium and packed full of people. The car park is equally impressive and despite the constant rain and drizzle, people still come in for a fix.

melaka famous coconut shake

The shake is ingenious – it’s basically an ice blended coconut drink but everything in there is made of coconut. They take coconut water, coconut flesh and ice cubes to blend it all together.

klebang original coconut shake

Thus, you’ll taste coconut water and bits of the shredded flesh as well as you go through it with the spoon and straw it’s served in.

famous melaka shake

Klebang’s Coconut Shake must go through tons of coconuts every day and I know from observation that they go through several large boxes of vanilla ice cream in a couple of minutes. The “special” version of the coconut shake comes with a full, generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and it adds a lot to the taste of the shake.

The place does such a brisk business that it’s almost like an assembly line:

coconut cutting

1. There’s a place were the coconuts are opened and prepared – juice/water drained and then the flesh extracted by cutting the coconuts into half

blending station

2. The coconut water and flesh goes to the blending station where it’s ice blended with ice and then loaded into a funnel-like device to churn the blend into a waiting chilled glass.

prep station

3. The glasses are then sent into the prep station where it’s either sent out as it is or supplemented with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream for the special version.

coconut shake special

The end result is a delicious coconut shake made almost entirely of coconut and it only costs RM 1.70. The special version with a scoop of vanilla ice cream costs RM 2.20 – 50 cents more and I feel that adds a lot to the taste – imparting a creaminess than one would usually associate with the word “shake”.

nasi lemak

The place is quite well known for it’s nasi lemak too but it didn’t work for me – it has wonderfully spicy sambal which makes my mouth water just thinking about it and it’s warm, but I’ve had better. It’s good for the main coconut shake business though, since you’ll need something to put out the fiery sambal. 😉

coconut shake stations

However, the Klebang Original Coconut Shake is a must visit when you’re in Melaka. It has grown a lot since the days and some might say it’s a tad commercialized with menus in three (3) different languages but that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great product to begin with.

klebang original coconut shake special

They haven’t slacked off since the last time I came several years ago either – each glass of coconut shake is done to perfection and I love how they use chilled mugs even with the rush of a sudden influx of people (which is why you have to queue in the takeaway section). It’s also affordable (most brewed drinks in KL costs way more than that even in regular diners) which is part of the appeal.

kelebang coconut shake

I was transfixed at a man in his twenties taking off his helmet and coming in out of the rain to savor Klebang’s Original Coconut Shake by slowly and tentatively sipping the iced concoction using the spoon. He caught me looking several times and gave me a puzzled look, for me, he symbolizes why this place is so popular. 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Klebang Original Coconut Shake”

    • Hello there! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s pretty good if you like coconut water, an innovative way of going around it. It’s at Jalan Klebang and it’s on GPS and Google Maps, won’t have any problems finding it if you drive along that road – there’s a permanent queue and the signage is visible from the road.

      Cheers and all the best!

  1. I crave for this on a rainy Sunday. Though I just had this ytd.. ;DDDD I prefer the one without ice cream tho… the coconut meat itself was already rich enough, when added with vanilla ice cream, i think it’s overhwhelming…

    • Haha! I like the one with ice cream, at least you can taste both at the same time. 😉

      Kinda. Drink the part at the middle first before mixing the ice cream in.

      I like rich stuff (had two cups of half milk in the morning) so it’s all good to me.

      Cheers Eunice!

    • Heh! Yeah, it’s good stuff eh?

      The best coconuts I ever had, bar none, is in Sri Lanka.

      None can compete with the coconuts there – not Thailand or Malaysia or any other places. Maybe Mauritius (practically neighbors) but if you love coconuts Sri Lanka is the place to go!

      Cheers Jess! 😀

    • Yup! We were in the same car driving to Melaka although I switched for a bit (which was where I got confused about the auspicious amount of gas we put in). 🙂

      I thought it was pretty good, not worth a drive down to Melaka for, but if you’re already in Melaka, definitely worth a trip there to check it out.

      Cheers and wish you were there! 🙂

    • Yeah, I was surprised that people actually queue up even in the rain for this!

      …and that many people to boot.

      I agree, it’ll be tons better if it was hot outside. Heh.

      Cheers Charmaine! 😀

    • Hey buddy!

      Yup, the nasi lemak is pretty good, I’ll eat it if I’m there but I won’t drive down to Melaka for it.

      The sambal is really spicy and there’s a generous dallop of it – that’s the best part.

      Oh, and it’s warm.

      The coconut shake is good, they serve a couple of small meals like these to complement the drink.

      Cheers! 😀

  2. Oooo…your nasi lemak is making me miss home! With icecream added? Gee! That must be heaven! I wonder what Klebang means… Name of the place there? There is a word in Melanau – can’t really remember but probably, it’s tapioca.

    • Have fun in Auckland mate! 🙂

      Yup, coconut juice with ice cream. It’s pretty good.

      Klebang is just the road it’s on – the place is named after Jalan Klebang, where it’s located.

      …or do you mean the etymology of the word “klebang”?

      That would be interesting to know! Yeah, it sounds vaguely Melanau eh?

      Cheers buddy and enjoy NZ! 😀

  3. Arggh..I have to give it a pass for this road trip since family commitment always comes first. If hubs need not to be at the site, I wouldn’t have drool over this renowned coconut shake now.ahhahahhah

    • Alas! It’ll be good to have you with us again, it’ll be fun! 🙂

      You’re right, family first, there’s always next time!

      …or you can always bring the kids along, you did that last time. Haha!

      It’s a pretty good coconut shake Yee Ling! 😀

    • Heh! Yeah, it’s pretty interesting eh, they’ve been around for a bit though, I was here last time I was in Melaka.

      …but their operations sure has grown since then.

      Thanks! It’s not me, it’s the camera. Haha!

      Seriously, I shoot everything with filters now. 😉

      • Haha! I think it’s that phenomenon where Jesus said something in the bible which is really true about human nature – you can never be a prophet in your hometown (or something to that effect).

        No worries, you can always check it out next time you’re back! 😀

    • Haha! Oh well, lots of people from KK are puzzled as to why we climb Mt. Kinabalu too.

      They’ve lived there all the while and never had the urge to climb it.

      I guess it’s one of those things. 😀

  4. Malacca represent.

    i remember back then when it was just a small warung beside the road. no crazy queues, no long waits. we would head there on a hot afternoon, have a pack of nasi lemak or mee goreng drenched in kicap manis, have a coconut shake and a few smokes. life was much more simple then.

    and then all you mother fucking cunt ass tourists showed up. its akin to columbus discovering the new world.

    cibai, that was the end of our laid back lifestyle.

    klebang coconut shake, ujong pasir mee rebus, bunga raya fried oyster, capitol satay celup just to name a few places that got royally fucked up by the tourists. but i guess thats the price we have to pay for a booming economy.

    there are still a few hidden gems that only the locals would know of that hasnt been raped and ravaged by tourism but im not gonna reveal it here and no way in hell i’d ever bring a blogger there cos u blogger bunch can never shut up. once u blog about it, thats it. fucked up kaput, staple my scrotum to my nipples for the natives.


    next time you’re in malacca, go try the soiled panties/sanitary pads assam pedas. its balls-to-the-walls awesome.

    • Hey there Johnson! 🙂

      Thanks for the backstory from a local. Haha!

      Very entertaining stuff, but that’s the price of moving forward.

      I often feel the same away about travel – there’s no REAL new places anymore, last one was gone when Columbus (or China depending on who you believe) discovered the New World.

      No more adventures where you’re the real first one to step foot there and talk to the natives. The 3Ks of backpacking are now all tourist traps.

      There are a few places where no one goes though, now I feel in order to become a real traveler, it’s becoming harder and harder to be THE FIRST.



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