I just got into the most mysterious accident

accident middle damage

I was driving out last night from my place when I had to swerve to avoid a head-on collision with a car coming up at full speed from the exit ramp.

Let me illustrate:

my statement

* It should be noted that the 90 degree corner separating me from the other car at that ramp is a blind spot – I cannot see him and there’s a difference in elevation so I can’t even see his headlights splash for advance warning.

The person inside kinda smiled apologetically at me and then drove off. I couldn’t stop him since my car was still stuck and after extracting myself I went to lodge a police report.

The police told me that they can’t accept a report unless I have the other person’s car licence plate. I didn’t.

right flank

Thus, I went back and went to the security monitors to review the incident. A large problem is that all of the DVRs were all out of sync chronologically and I had to make calculations to see what happened when.

cctv recordings

The security was of minimal help. I had to do all of this myself, replaying the CCTVs (used to work in the securities line) for over 4 hours!

There were two cars entering the car park when I was getting into my car so those two are the obvious suspects. One of them did actually take that dangerous short cut that nearly resulted in me colliding head-on.

However, both of the cars were black and not white. I encountered a white car, and it seems like the person driving it looked rather familiar but there is no tenant with a white car coming in at the time.

dvr times

There was also the issue of headlights visible at the far end of the ramp before that, which could possibly be the result of an existing car (e.g. one inside the car park) at the area before Level 2 waiting and then coming up the wrong way.

The incident happened at 8:06 pm last night and I spent 4 hours scouring the CCTV footage and the car park for the car to no avail.

engine depressed

I had to swerve hard to avoid colliding with that car and in that process, hit the wall on the other side of the ramp. I have a feeling the front compressed into the radiator. I only got back after 12 am and talked in the porridge forum for a while before sleeping.

front decal depression

I can’t report this as it is but I’ve spoken to a lawyer and has been advised to keep all my video recordings and evidence for a possible future litigation which has nothing to do with traffic incidents (24 hours).

I can’t really talk about the circumstances (you know how it is, in law, it’s always about the other side making a mistake first) but anyway I’ll head out to get a quote from the workshop I used to work with to see how much the car is going to cost me.

left flank

Damn, and I’ve been real careful since fixing my car too. 😑

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43 thoughts on “I just got into the most mysterious accident”

    • Thanks man!

      What happened in your case? Car coming up the wrong way too?

      I hope I find the dude too, he was driving really fast and made two violations – driving up a down ramp and turning into a one way lane used for going down, which is really dangerous especially at those speeds.


    • Yeah, the problem is that a lot of people use that “shortcut” to make the turns in the carpark faster.

      It’s very dangerous since that’s a small lane and people are coming down on that lane (it’s one way).

      I’ve seen just a few people do it since it’s stupidity, it’s a sure heads-on collision if there’s someone coming down.

      The majority use a “safer” shortcut – just go ahead a few meters and cut over from the empty lots.

      Thanks Sherrie!

    • Haha! That’s a weird way of doing things eh?

      He didn’t even stop, just continued on. I should note that that’s not the only exit, there’s another exit upstairs and maybe that’s why I couldn’t see him on any of the CCTVs after going through the recordings.

      That’s my theory anyway.

      It’s such a waste of time, I was so tired last night after getting home and just wanted to head out to get some groceries (forgot on the way back) and bumped (literally) into that guy.

      Had to spend HOURS on the DVR watching playbacks.

      Oh well. Thanks Constance!

    • Thanks mate, it happens, at least no one was hurt or anything, that’s the important thing.

      The damage can be fixed, it just galls me that the person didn’t stop to see if I was alright or to settle insurance matters, he just drove off and that’s quite a feat considering I was lodged into the retainer wall while avoiding him.

      It would have been worse if we ran into each other, it’s a head-on collision and at those speeds, the damage would have been significant. It’s a wonder my reflexes were good enough to avoid him coz there was no advance warning (it’s a blind spot, and there’s elevation so I can’t see his headlights wash).

      It’s possible – there’s another exit on the top floor! 😑

      I didn’t think of that yesterday and I only focused on the floors and people going into lifts.

      Oh well. Cheers!

      • From your description of the event, it seems this fella is very familiar with the parking structure and is prone to pull this risky stunt again. Might be able to catch him red handed. Good luck!

        • Yeah, I would think so but if he’s that familiar he shouldn’t be doing that dangerous shortcut coz if he’s coming down, he knows how risky it is to do that.

          Thanks mate! πŸ™‚

          I’m still keeping an eye peeled. Cheers!

  1. Oh, boy, sorry to hear about your car’s accident, HB.

    Our Myvi had pretty much the same problem. If you see the suspect again, I think you better trail him to his car and take note of the registration number.

    • Thanks Ciana!

      I’m sorry to hear about your accident! Was it another car coming the wrong way too?

      That’s the thing, I couldn’t see who the person is. I was rather angry last night coz the person drove off without stopping or exchanging insurance, just gave a quick apologetic smile and revved it. It’s quite a feat considering he had to go *around* my car which was lodged there.

      The place is a total blind spot – 90 degree with elevation so I couldn’t have advance warning of his headlights splash.

      A lot of people don’t know that – it’s a recipe for disaster if there’s a heads-on collision between two cars. I barely avoided him by swerving left and hit the retainer while his car was fine.

      I went through over 4 hours of CCTV footage, couldn’t find the person. I think he might have came from inside the car park and exited from the top floor (didn’t think of that last night, I was so tired).

      I would definitely keep my eyes peeled coz that person is familiar for some reason.


      • I’m not too sure because it was driven by my Dad, who refused to divulge more than he should. So, I believe, yeah, there had to be an oncoming car coming from the wrong direction, causing him to hit the wall divider and knocking the bumper off.

        Either the suspect has a moronic brain or he didn’t wanted to pay for your damages. =( As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. He’ll have to pay for his sins – one way or another….

        • Sorry to hear that Ciana! 😑

          Oh well, I don’t know what to think. I’ll just keep an eye out – thought I saw him today while going out but turns out it’s the wrong person.

          Thanks Ciana! πŸ™‚

    • Cheers mate. It cost over 1k to fix coz of the radiator damage (radiator’s aren’t that expensive to my relief) but mostly coz of the way it crumpled in the front.

      Oh well.

  2. sigh…our Malaysian idea of having CCTV is quite ridiculous. Experienced the same frustrations when I requested for the recordings when one of our rides were broken into in our condo. Management and security took their time to pass me the recordings citing issues in passing me the format I required. Issued a legal letter and I had my recordings in a record time of 24 hours. Took another 24 hours to run through all the cameras myself with a pal. Found the culprit…the security firm fella! No wonder took them almost forever to surrender the recordings.

    Anyway, damage is done to the car. Most importantly you’re not harmed. Take care okies?

    • Indeed! Sorry to hear about your experience. 😑

      Yeah, I know what you mean!

      It takes legal to get people off their asses and doing stuff nowadays. It’s so frustrating, that attitude.

      Crap, your break in sounds bad, glad that you caught the guy. I’m not surprised it’s security, they know all sorts of things like habits (was surprised that night when I asked if it could be that car etc).

      I’m getting hampered as well, but I’m shelving it for future use (if the need arises).

      Thanks, I will! πŸ™‚

  3. Oh dear!!! So sorry to hear about what has transpired, buddy. Glad that you’re ok, though. Hope that idiot burns in hellfire!!! @#$%^&*!!!!!! Take care there, just let me know if there’s any way I can help.

    • Thanks buddy!

      Oh well, can’t be helped, it’s been a while now so I’m just filing it for future use if the need arises.

      I’m good though, thanks for offering, that’s very kind of you!

      Have fun in NZ buddy! πŸ™‚

  4. Damn, I was hoping that this story ended with some sweet justice delivered to the perpetrator. Hope he gets what’s coming to him.

    On a lighter note, great reflex driving.

    • Alas, it didn’t, not even now buddy…

      Oh well, maybe in the future.

      Thanks buddy, it was just that though – reflex kicking in to avoid an accelerating oncoming car.

      Cheers! πŸ™‚

    • I know right! It’s so annoying and you’re stuck during the period the car is in the workshop, having to rely on friends or cabs to bring you around.

      I bought 4D – my car plate is 4114, but it didn’t come out last night.

      Oh well.

      Cheers mate! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, that’s the important thing!

      Alas, I did have my camera phone with me but after the crash, I wanted to get out and talk to the guy and instead he drove away.

      I couldn’t see the plate due to elevation difference and my car door blocking it and since he did a runner, I didn’t even have time to snap a photo. 😑

    • I have to agree with that!

      It’s a bit worse than jumping through hoops – I had to check the timing drift across all 4 DVRs and playback myself while the security just sat there and did practically nothing.

      I had to ask him which cameras point where so I can figure out the sequence and he just wasted my time (seriously) by playing one DVR continuously when the right thing to do is to play all 4 and sync the times so there’s a cohesive timeline.

      It’s a good thing I know how to operate these things.

      Oh well. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • I think the entire car park is filled with blind spots. 😑

      In terms of CCTV coverage that is…they can’t provide comprehensive coverage, it’s a little shocking to see how little of the place is actually covered by CCTVs! 😑

      Oh well. Thanks Charmaine! πŸ™‚

    • Hello Rose!

      Yeah, I can understand that but this is a whole different breed of dangerous driving. There’s a high probability of a heads-on collision, the guy is just lucky no one has tried to go down while he’s going up.

      True that. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  5. Hi HB.

    Sometimes it’s better to just get into the accident when you’re not in the wrong, and you know you are unlikely to suffer an injury (i.e. let him ram you head-on). Although your car might have sustained worse damage, at least the twat would have nowhere to run & everything could be sorted out on the spot.

    I learned this from a friend who was driving in the middle lane of a highway, pretty much minding his own business. A drunkard cut in suddenly from the left, forcing him to instinctively swerve right (into the fast lane). He managed to avoid the drunkard, but ended up getting into a massive accident with a third car occupying the fast lane. The drunk driver got away scot free.

    He managed to make a note of the drunkard’s license plate, but the police said there was nothing they could do, as the drunkard *technically* did nothing wrong. So he was left to bear the cost of the saman, the demerit points on his driving license, and the hit on his insurance NCB.

    • Hello Les!

      Good advice that! I think it might work in a lot of circumstances. I’ve been in other accidents where I’m not at fault too (but most of my accidents are my fault).

      That’s actually quite a good idea if you think the guy is going to do a runner!

      That must have been frustrating! I know law has nothing to do with being right or wrong but yeah all the same, it has gotta suck to be told there’s nothing the drunk driver did wrong.

      Good reflexes too, I couldn’t see the license plate due to elevation difference from my car and my door is blocking it but I thought he would stop and talk so I opened my car door and he did a runner.

      You know, that can be good advice if there’s no potential for collateral damage.

      Cheers mate! πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, the tricky part is consciously deciding whether to stay on collision course, or take evasive action (along with the chance you’re going to hit something/body else) in that split second. Plus as you said, circumstances like the viewing angle and elevation might impair your judgement.

        In my friend’s case, the cops actually advised him to just stay in his lane and let the drunk driver crash into him if such a situation were to happen again.

  6. It’s kinda strange that you can’t make a police report for a hit and run accident. Isn’t failing to stop after an accident to render assistance a crime?

    Oh well. If you don’t manage to track him, may the undercurrents of the river of karma drown him.

    • Hello Mela!

      Yup! It is kinda strange that you can’t report without a license plate eh?

      The problem is, the person didn’t hit me, my reflexes kicked in and I swerved left and hit the wall to *avoid* him and he got away with not a single scratch on his car. Not one.

      He was driving up the wrong lane but I ended up damaging my car to avoid him.

      Hey, that’s a good question! Someone up there commented about an incident where the guilty party was rendered innocent due to laws (which as we all know is a method of resolving disputes and not really about right or wrong).

      However, he was in the wrong lane, turning into the wrong way of a one way lane and I had to swerve to avoid him – if I hit him and he couldn’t run away, he’ll definitely been in the wrong – reckless driving and obvious traffic offenses.

      Alas, since he got away, I can only get him on other charges (malicious intent, attempted assault), if the issue comes up again.

      Thanks Mela!

      • Actually, I’ve done cases where there are no collision between the vehicles. So long as one could show that the resulting damage is the proximate cause of the other driver being an idiot, the claim is likely to succeed.

        But, first you have to find the guy. Heh.

  7. its been awhile u’ve been quiet. lol… hope ur car is fixed. merry christmas and happy new year.

    ps: stumbled on ur blog while searching for fraser hill.

    • Hey there mate!

      Yeah, been a bit busy wrapping things up for the year! Fraser’s Hill eh? πŸ™‚

      I’ve had some great memories there this year. Thanks for reading!

      Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!


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