CareBee Pure Honey + Vinegar bottled drink

restaurant shauiya 24h

I has my breakfast this morning at the 24 hour mamak place downstairs and had my usual mee maggie goreng pedas sotong. I was going to order the usual teh tarik when I saw this poster:

It was advertising an unusual concoction of honey and vinegar (!). CareBee Honey Drink with Vinegar
sounds interesting on the sole basis that it had vinegar in it. I was
wondering what a drink of honey and vinegar would taste like

carebee drink maggie

Thus, I ordered the drink instead of teh tarik.

carebee drink stubbie

CareBee Honey Drink (with vinegar) comes in a small, stubby bottle and claims to be “full of energy” with “no added sugar”.

carebee drink sample

It tastes like a VERY sweet honey drink – I could not discern the vinegar in it (if any) and the URL of the company is invalid.


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