Public transport

public transport

Judging from the photo above, you might be inclined to think that I’m going to write a long and insightful post about public transport in Malaysia or perhaps launch into a heated and passionate diatribe about the woes of it.

I’m not.

I’m actually busy playing Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. smirk

Public service announcement: Alcoholics Anonymous members should refrain from playing the game. Seriously. It has a lot of triggers in the starting campaign.

I found a baby snake!

baby snake

I was out planting trees yesterday when I spotted what appears to be a fast moving earthworm after shovelling earth into my bucket. I quickly scooped it up for further examination. It moved like a snake instead of an earthworm – it was really fast, slithering instead of contracting.

It has a cute little forked tongue!

small snake

I eventually let it go coz I have no idea what to feed a snake of this size. I wonder what it eats when it’s this small.

Childhood, revisited

ppc arcade

It’s been a while since I’ve stepped foot into an arcade. We were waiting for Obsessed to start last night so we had 30 minutes to burn. PPC has never been to an arcade in her youth (Jesus, makes me wonder how she grew up) so we went in for some…

ppc mash

…button mashing fun!

ppc sweet

There was this claw crane machine called Big Sweet Land which pushes candy instead of plush toys. It’s a rip off – I got 3 sweets for 6 tokens. :p

ppc daytona

It’s back to old skool Daytona USA after that. I solidly beat PPC by 1 Β½ FULL rounds…just coz her accelerator pedal wasn’t working. Heh!

ppc ghost

There’s this arcade machine which has no English translations at all. It involves using two phone-looking-things to beat ghosts on the screen. The ghosts are behind a metal grill and in 2P mode, one side shows an image which looks like a wheel.

ppc prison

It took us three (3) tries before we finally figured out that one player is supposed to turn the wheel to raise the gate while the other pummels the ghosts coming out of the cell. It’s like being a prison warden of a correctional facility filled with dangerous supernatural entities. Fun.

ppc hockey

I also soundly thrashed PPC in air hockey. πŸ˜‰

Don’t ask me if Obsessed was a good movie. I promptly fell asleep after the opening credits. Serious.

Movie Review: Watchmen


Watchmen is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. I caught it last night with a couple of co-workers at GSC, 1 Utama. The trailer did not impress me; I’ll have to be honest. We went for that movie coz Race to Witch Mountain (I know, don’t ask) was sold out.

Unlike most other superhero movies, Watchmen is set in the past – during the Cold War period between the US and the USSR. It’s dark, gritty and realistic. The “superheroes” do not have “powers” per se – with the exception of Dr. Manhattan. They rely on armed and unarmed combat (mostly the latter) to defeat their foes. Perhaps vigilantes would be a better term to describe this group of believable superheroes.

Watchmen also gives us a glimpse into the everyday lives of the superheroes – they are just as fucked up as we are, if not more. We have an alcoholic who can’t let go of her glorious past as a superhero and we learn that most of the original Watchmen (Minutemen) are either dead (some due to their personal debaucheries – one female character was murdered in a what looks like a lesbian S&M scene) or in asylums. One character had to prostitute herself to make ends meet.

My favourite character in the movie is without a doubt Rorschach. His character is named after the Rorschach inkblot test and he is a man incapable of compromise – a sociopath if I’ve ever seen one. He’s idealistic in his own way and sees the world in black and white – no shades of gray.

The end of the movie is a classic example of pragmatism – the end justifies the means.

Rorschach would have none of it though.

He stands up for what he believes is right.

It’s like an adult version of The Incredibles.

Rating: 5/5

Choose: SWAT or Pirate

I am going to a costume event this weekend and I’m having problems with choosing my costume thanks to the indecisiveness of Nalexa, who’s horoscope is Cancer, known for their indecisiveness. :p

choose swat

Black Hawk Down (or Full Metal Jacket). I’ll be wearing an Ace of Spades on my helmet as well as a pack of Lucky Strikes so I’ll look the part. πŸ™‚

choose pirate

Pirates of the Caribbean. I’ll be carrying a bottle of rum to the event to make myself look the part.

Which one do you think looks better on me?

Vote! I need to decide tomorrow. Thanks to the good people at Absolut for being patient with me. I was there for nearly 2 hours. :S

RM 32 nasi kandar

rm 32

My girlfriend is always getting fleeced by the nasi kandar people. I have a very strong suspicion they don’t like her very much. πŸ˜‰ She got charged RM 32 for this:

rm 32 nasi kandar

Nasi briyani (a type of flavored rice)
Ayam goreng (fried chicken – drumstick)
Sotong goreng (fried squid)
Daging lembu rendang (beef rendang)
Telur (hard boiled egg)
Sayur (vegetables)

I order the same stuff (with kuah campur – mixed gravy) and I get it for RM 13.50 – RM 15 depending on who’s serving the stuff. There this guy who’s fascinated by my surface bar piercings and tends to charges me less.

The pricing of nasi kandar here is so arbitrary sometimes…

Ferrero Rocher – World Record Attempt

ferrero rocher

I have been thinking about beating the current record for Most Ferrero Rocher chocolates eaten in one minute which stands at a meager five (5) chocolates consumed. I have gone through the details and to quality, you have to unwrap, eat, and swallow the chocolates within one minute. This is my attempt:

I was too ambitious and ended up biting off more than I could chew (haha) but it’s quite possible to beat this record and get my name in the Guinness World Records book with a bit of practice. This was done in the afternoon while making mooncakes (post up tomorrow). I’ve been a bit busy lately making mooncakes, being the best buddy (which is different from best man – it’s a HK custom that has found its way here) for a friend’s wedding, attending said friend’s wedding, and the Mid Autumn Festival lined up tomorrow.

Here are some selected posts from HDS:

Telekom Malaysia – very efficient one!

Project Bachelor Breakfast – Bacon omelet with Edam cheese

Cheers all! Update again tomorrow.

Mooncake Making Live Demonstration

live mooncake demonstration

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival again! I chanced upon a live demonstration of the making of a mooncake at Wisma Saberkas and watched the progress of a snow skin mooncake from inception to retail.

live mooncake formation

The snow skin mooncake moulds are kneaded from small rotund pieces of filler before being filled and formed into larger pieces of round balls.

live mooncake balls

The relatively uniform balls of snow skin mooncake is then powdered with an unknown but non-psychoactive substance and then transferred to a mould.

live mooncake mould

The mould is a wooden contraption where the balls of snow skin mooncake is pushed into, forming the unique auspicious characters on the top before being knocked out.

live mooncake contraption

It’s a relatively simple process and the molded mooncake is then transferred to receptacles suitable for retail purposes.

live mooncake retail

This is the finished product (Crystalline Twin Flavor) and it costs RM 11.50 per mooncake.

live mooncake bite

The mooncake is a yam snow skin mooncake with a carrot and lotus seed filling, a unique amalgamation of ingredients.


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