God's Absent

gods absent

God’s Absent is a counter culture (headshop?) located in Siam Square in Bangkok. The shop sells a lot of cool stuff and comes with the tagline “Nothing’s worst than being ordinary“. It’s a rare find and I got a razor choker and a pen that looks like a syringe in there.

gods absent shop

MDC and me nearly missed our flight (she was so freaking out though technically she had already missed hers) but it was worth it. The proprietor is a nice lady (unconfirmed – going to Bangkok makes me confuses gender sometimes with all the ladyboys ;)) and there’s a lot of interesting stuff in there. The packaging of God’s Absent is a gothic coffin shaped paper bag. Very nice.

sorting head

My apologies for not updating much…sorting out my head.

(but still drug free)


TOMY Flip Flap Sunset Orange

flipflap tomy

TOMY has a range of Flip Flap novelty items on display when I was in Sibu. There are arrangements of Flip Flap toys of all shapes and colors powered by a high intensity light above the display. There are designs that serenely shake their heads, some that nods their head slowly and pots with leaves that flutter.

flipflap sunset orange

This is TOMY Flip Flap Sunset Orange which retails for RM 39.90 and comes designated with the internal number of No.07. Sunset Orange is a design with a bright red round pot topped with brown colored “peat” and bright green twin leaves. It’s the nicest one out of the bunch. I got it for my gf.

flipflap text

The text at the bottom of the (sealed) transparent box goes “Flip Flap is a cute flower bud which moves by light. Please grow your Flip Flap in your mind and bloom your own special flower”. TOMY is a Japanese manufacturer so excuse the Engrish.

flipflap switch

There is an ON/OFF red switch at the bottom of the device (which is not meant to be opened). It is all in Japanese, but you don’t need to be a linguistics expert to understand a simple binary toggle. πŸ˜‰


Download: Flip Flap by TOMY video [sixthseal.com]

Flip Flap is advertised as a “Solar Battery”, “Batteryless” and “No Water” plant. It runs on solar power and the intensity of the flapping is dependant on the brightness and heat detected by the solar panel on top of the plant.

I positioned the camera flash directly on top of the solar panel in the TOMY Flip Flap plant and it flapped like there was no tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

The video shows it under normal florescent conditions (was at a KFC outlet at that time).


Chinese tea with metal ball and hook

metal sphere tea

This is the most interesting method of serving Chinese tea that I’ve
seen to date – it comes in a metal ball attached to a length of chain
ending with a hook. I saw someone drinking from this extraordinary
contraption and asked what it was. It’s apparently Chinese tea and it
comes inside the metal contraption in a warm cup of steeping water and
a side cup of ice cubes to cool down the drink.

metal sphere tea start

The metal sphere which encapsulates the Chinese tea leaves is left
to steep inside the warm water. The metal sphere has holes lining the
upper and lower “hemisphere” to allow the warm water to circulate
inside and steep the tea leaves before flowing out as tea. The metal
contraption avoids the tea leaves from getting into your drink by
effectively trapping them inside the sphere while allowing the liquid
to freely flow through the steeping tea leaves.

metal sphere tea hook

The metal chain attached to the hook is meant to hold the sphere
containing the tea leaves in place, a task assisted by the metal hook
which is fastened to the rim. This metal contraption allows the user
(er…am I allowed to use the term “user”? :p) to control the steeping
process of the tea by facilitating the flexibility of brewing stronger
or weaker tea. This level of control over one’s tea may not be
unpreceded – but it certainly is unusual in a coffee shop.

metal sphere tea chain

The metal sphere is lifted from the tea using the attached chain
(careful of the metal hook – it has a tendency to pierce unwary
fingers) when the steeping has reached a consistency and color of your
desire from the loose tea leaves restrained inside the spherical

metal sphere tea drink

The volume of water displaced by the metal ball containing the loose
tea leaves and the associated chain and hook leaves about 1/4 of the
cup empty after it’s been taken out. The small cup of ice can then be
spooned into the Chinese tea for it to quickly cool down before it’s
consumed. The metal sphere can be inserted again at this point, but it
would merely be aesthetic since the temperature of the water makes it
unfeasible for further steeping to continue.

It’s an informal mini tea ceremony, available at your friendly neighborhood coffee shop. πŸ™‚

DHL Jigsaw Puzzle

dhl jigsaw puzzle

This is a DHL Jigsaw Puzzle that came in the mail today. It’s a
freebie from them, though I can’t imagine what purpose it would serve.

dhl puzzle finished

There are just four pieces of the bright yellow jigsaw puzzle, and
when assembled, it reads “Love hearing from you again, again and again”.

dhl puzzle mousepad

It also makes for a good mouse pad. That’s bullshit btw, it doesn’t
work well as a mouse pad at all – this is just a filler post. πŸ˜‰

I’m sending you an SMS

sms art

This is art! I realized how messy my desktop was and I
thought…some multicolored candies will add a bit of cheer to that!
Thus, I intentionally scattered a handful of sunflower kernels across
it. I flung it like Picasso (or whoever started abstract art) splashes
paint buckets across his paintings. The mess…it became…art! Thanks
to SMS!

Yes, I stayed in front of the PC the whole weekend – starting Friday
night, no sleep, no food, and just less than a liter of water consumed.
That’s why it looks like that. Yes! I like to drink Livita with two
straws (can drink faster)! And yes, I like sending SMS!!!

Actually, wait…it’s one of my least favorite things to do. But I’m
sending you an SMS anyway! I’m sending you an SMS, I’m sending you an

My friends asked me to go deep sea fishing on Saturday but I said I can’t. They asked, “Why not?”


send u sms

And they said, alright. Then some other friends wanted me to go
clubbing and I told them, “CAN’T IT WAIT???? I’M SENDING YOU AN
SMS!!!!” and they said “But you never even reply SMS why the sudden

I said, I’m sending you an SMS, let’s not talk on the cell phone,
can’t get through this way. Oh, and you don’t want to see me in this
state anyway. Why? Because my friend is fried. I mean my brain
is fried, and all I want to do is send you an SMS. I am so thirsty now.
I’m going to boil some water. I’ll send more SMS after that.

What did I do sitting on my ass in front of the computer this whole
weekend? I was typing the rest of Black Kingdom, the next one will be
up tomorrow night. After I send you an SMS.

sms filth

Please send me an SMS too, and tell me to clean up all that mess before I crash tonight.

I’m sending you an SMS. I’m sending you an S-S-SMS.

I should go to sleep.

Fuck the bugs crawling all over my skin man…I feel them but
there’s nothing there when I look. I’m used to it though, I don’t mind.
Does anyone really freak out and start cutting themselves with razors
to get them out? Sounds like an urban legend to me. I mean, you know
it’s not real and this always happens so why do people freak out to
that extent? Personally, I just send the invisible insects an SMS and
tell them to stop doing that.

Old men in coffeeshop

old men talking

I was having breakfast early this morning at an old style Chinese
coffee shop in Padungan when I noticed the next table had a group of
senior citizens reminiscing about the Kuching of yesteryear. My
coworkers told me that they’re regulars in this coffee shop, and it’s
interesting to watch them just sit there every morning, read the
papers, talk (in fluent English) about how Kuching was in the past and
drink their hot coffees. There is a certain sort of charm in this
scene. I like this photo.

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