I’m sending you an SMS

sms art

This is art! I realized how messy my desktop was and I
thought…some multicolored candies will add a bit of cheer to that!
Thus, I intentionally scattered a handful of sunflower kernels across
it. I flung it like Picasso (or whoever started abstract art) splashes
paint buckets across his paintings. The mess…it became…art! Thanks
to SMS!

Yes, I stayed in front of the PC the whole weekend – starting Friday
night, no sleep, no food, and just less than a liter of water consumed.
That’s why it looks like that. Yes! I like to drink Livita with two
straws (can drink faster)! And yes, I like sending SMS!!!

Actually, wait…it’s one of my least favorite things to do. But I’m
sending you an SMS anyway! I’m sending you an SMS, I’m sending you an

My friends asked me to go deep sea fishing on Saturday but I said I can’t. They asked, “Why not?”


send u sms

And they said, alright. Then some other friends wanted me to go
clubbing and I told them, “CAN’T IT WAIT???? I’M SENDING YOU AN
SMS!!!!” and they said “But you never even reply SMS why the sudden

I said, I’m sending you an SMS, let’s not talk on the cell phone,
can’t get through this way. Oh, and you don’t want to see me in this
state anyway. Why? Because my friend is fried. I mean my brain
is fried, and all I want to do is send you an SMS. I am so thirsty now.
I’m going to boil some water. I’ll send more SMS after that.

What did I do sitting on my ass in front of the computer this whole
weekend? I was typing the rest of Black Kingdom, the next one will be
up tomorrow night. After I send you an SMS.

sms filth

Please send me an SMS too, and tell me to clean up all that mess before I crash tonight.

I’m sending you an SMS. I’m sending you an S-S-SMS.

I should go to sleep.

Fuck the bugs crawling all over my skin man…I feel them but
there’s nothing there when I look. I’m used to it though, I don’t mind.
Does anyone really freak out and start cutting themselves with razors
to get them out? Sounds like an urban legend to me. I mean, you know
it’s not real and this always happens so why do people freak out to
that extent? Personally, I just send the invisible insects an SMS and
tell them to stop doing that.

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