It drives me crazy!

Nano nano nana nano nano nana nano nano nana nano nano nana

Nano nano nana nano nano nana nano nano nana nano nano na

Nano nano

It drives me crazy

I really love

What it does to meeeee

Sweet, sour and salty

Nano nano

Na na na na nano nanoooooooooooooooooooooo

I have this jingle stuck in my head. It came from the commercials on TV when I was around 12.
It’s those sweets from Indonesia with funky flavors like Hot Pineapple. It’s a testament to viral
marketing that I can still remember the lyrics after 10 years.

A Skateboard and a toilet mop do the horizontal boogie

On my way back from Caulfield, I saw this guy riding a scooter. Not the motorbike kind of
scooter but one of those kick scooters. The kind that looks like the bastard son of a skateboard
and a toilet mop. Anyway, the thing is, this thing was motorized. I’ve never seen those things
before, and it seems to go pretty fast. The shuttle I’m on is moving at around 80km/h and I’ll say
that from my point of reference, the motorized scooter is doing around 20km/h. That guy was riding
on the highway! I wonder what will happen if someone riding a scooter gets involved in a collision
with another vehicle. Are the fuel tanks protected for that eventuality?

Update: I’ve found a manufacturer’s site for these things. Click here.

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