Choose: SWAT or Pirate

I am going to a costume event this weekend and I’m having problems with choosing my costume thanks to the indecisiveness of Nalexa, who’s horoscope is Cancer, known for their indecisiveness. :p

choose swat

Black Hawk Down (or Full Metal Jacket). I’ll be wearing an Ace of Spades on my helmet as well as a pack of Lucky Strikes so I’ll look the part. πŸ™‚

choose pirate

Pirates of the Caribbean. I’ll be carrying a bottle of rum to the event to make myself look the part.

Which one do you think looks better on me?

Vote! I need to decide tomorrow. Thanks to the good people at Absolut for being patient with me. I was there for nearly 2 hours. :S

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58 thoughts on “Choose: SWAT or Pirate”

  1. they both suck. come on a military uniform? all countries have those, if i saw you i would think you were a real soldier and than the captain sparrow costumes?? i see that costume way to much its been done to death. personally hb i very disappointed with these choices.
    if i were you i would just go as akira which means you just dress like you always do and if anyone ask just say im akira. for example if i saw you walking on the street i would think you were akira not hb.

  2. Dude, No pirate for you…need the high cheek bone, cunning look and a soul patch. You have been too well fed to be a pirate…however, you can be a pirate who just robbed Carnival Cruise line and spent the whole day in the buffet lounge.

  3. Oh, sorry to be pedantic – but since you’re doing copywriting, you may want to know that your use of “who’s” is incorrect (“who’s horoscope is Cancer”); it should be ‘whose’ πŸ™‚

  4. I’m down with a high fever today. πŸ™
    On antibiotics and not really feeling so good so I’m gonna get some rest.
    Reply all the comments when I feel better. Cheers!
    Anyway, I’m going as a pirate considering the overwhelming response here to that.

  5. well, you look ok in the pirate outfit…And I went to east carolina university… and the mascot of that (my) old school is a Pirate with a blade clenched between his teeth, but… if they knew about real pirates, they would change mascots. Sorry HB, I dont see it in you. You are a good guy ,who has taken your own time to help many, worldwide, via your website, but the true nature of a pirate is to be a vicious, selfserving, and uncaringing SOB ,kind of like a rabid dog, which I would shoot on site. Disney not withstanding. I bet you can be a right hard ass yourself, but not as bad as W. Tench, who was home ported out of my mom’s home town of Bristol, infamously knonw as blackbeard , and that is a good thing, HB. P.S. nobody has ever found that treasure, and I go there every year!!! Stories abound, and hope springs eternal. but the truth is, they were pretty rotten lot of guys. And that includes those that had letter of marqee from England France or Spain.

  6. Cheers for the comments everyone! I went as a pirate, partly coz I was lazy to drive to USJ to change the costume back to the SWAT costume. :S

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