Mirror, mirror

That isn’t true!”, the broken man screamed defiantly, knowing full well that it was.

Miserable and inconsolable was the wretch in the looking glass; regarding him with despair, his forlorn eyes pleading for release.

Using the last of his strength, Samson broke the pillars and brought Philistine down upon himself.


The things that happen on the LRT

I originally wanted to post about young teenagers taking the LRT at like 6 am in the morning but I didn’t know if it was the school holidays and then I got sidetracked by this girl on the LRT just now. I wanted to take a photo of her but I was too busy trying to catch her eye.

sleeping teenager on train


cute shop assistant

…so take these two photos and superimpose them in your mind. Add more people to account for the rush hour and it’ll give you a pretty accurate picture. smirk

The girl on the LRT looks like the type that I would like, kinda like the photo of the girl above I took recently, which is sort of related (her name is Qinqin).

Anyway, she was walking sooooo fast once the train stopped that I swear she probably saw me intently looking at her. I finally caught up with her outside the Bukit Jalil station and said:

Hello, I’m Huai Bin, what are you doing?

look of disapproval

I KNOW RIGHT! Lamest pickup line ever.

She said:

I’m a student.


…and I said “Okay, have a nice day” and then I walked away.

You know why?

1. She’s a student, thus too young for me.
2. She didn’t look that hot up close.
3. It was raining and I couldn’t be fucked.

Choose your own adventure kinda thing, except this has no next post or ending coz I walked away. There’s nothing else to add coz it’s LIFE and you only get one chance.


Guess who?

weekend report

Guess what I’ve been doing while MIA for the past 48 hours? Sleep! Heh! Seriously, my plan this weekend is to have no plans. I’ve been sleeping more than 12 hours per day and I just woke up from abovementioned slumber with a migraine. Hmph…that’ll teach me to hibernate like that. 😉

I kinda like it though, I feel like I’ve paid back ALL my sleep debt incurred up to now. I can’t wait to get back to work (bit of a heresy here) but hey, if you’ve been doing your best impersonation of Sleeping Beauty for the entire weekend, you’ll be feeling the same way.

Anyway, I haven’t eaten anything since dinner last night so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go grab something to eat…and then sleep. 🙂

Love is ephemeral


I found this card haphazardly chucked in one of the boxes while unpacking last night. This was written last year when I came over to KL to do some groundwork before moving here for good. I put 7 gifts for her for the week that I was away for her to find, this is the first and only card I have left.

It struck me, how ephemeral love is. Fleeting, like the whisper of freshly cut grass in the cool wind…

Lest sixthseal.com becomes too grave, let’s segue to Eminem’s latest. 😉

When you walk through the door it was clear to me. You’re the one they adore, who they came to see. You’re a rock star, everybody wants you. Player, who can really blame you?

*clears throat*

Yes, that is my famous cakar ayam! It’s also why I prefer to type than write – banks have been known to reject my signature coz I can’t even replicate my own signature twice. I remember an exasperated clerk showing my signature to me under a UV light and telling me to sign it exactly like I did. I still couldn’t do it. LOL!

The appeal of bad girls


I stumbled upon this article in The Star today. Jess Teh, aged 30, and still looking mighty fine, is facing two drug charges. One is for methamphetamine consumption and the other is for the possession of 0.79 grams of cannabis. I’m puzzled. 0.79 grams is a minuscule amount for cannabis – it’s usually sold in amounts of 10 grams and above.

I digress. I like how the article described her as “always fashionable” and my favorite description of the delicious Jess is “She walked past pressmen in her usual unapproachable manner, with a scowl and in a black T-shirt with the words “Don’t ask why” printed on it.” (emphasis mine).

She’s got attitude, and the photo I nicked from The Star shows that she isn’t too hard on the eyes either. It got me wondering though, why do guys like “bad girls”? I know why women like “bad boys” and the dark triad of personalities theory but how does that hold for the XY chromosome persuasion?

I sat down long and hard thinking about this and all I could come up with is The Offspring song Want You Bad. 😉

I know your arms are open wide, but you’re a little on the straight side, I can’t lie
Your one vice is you’re too nice
Come around now can you see?
I want you all tattooed. I want you bad.
Complicated. X-rated.
I want you bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.

Seriously though, for me, I think it’s the appeal of familiarity and the thrill – Aries are notorious thrill seekers.

What about you? Do you get attracted to bad boys/girls?

Choose: SWAT or Pirate

I am going to a costume event this weekend and I’m having problems with choosing my costume thanks to the indecisiveness of Nalexa, who’s horoscope is Cancer, known for their indecisiveness. :p

choose swat

Black Hawk Down (or Full Metal Jacket). I’ll be wearing an Ace of Spades on my helmet as well as a pack of Lucky Strikes so I’ll look the part. 🙂

choose pirate

Pirates of the Caribbean. I’ll be carrying a bottle of rum to the event to make myself look the part.

Which one do you think looks better on me?

Vote! I need to decide tomorrow. Thanks to the good people at Absolut for being patient with me. I was there for nearly 2 hours. :S

Snooze kills

snooze kills

Snooze is evil. It must be punished. I planned to wake up at 4 am this morning to do my MDG 2 post and a very long Valentine’s Day Mist writeup but I pressed the snooze function and the next thing I know it’s 6:30 am. (!)


Snooze is a disease. Don’t take the risk. Change your lifestyle to avoid snooze. Contact your doctor for more information.

Car clamping policy in 1Utama

car no clamp

I have always wondered about car clamping in 1Utama. There was once I pushed my luck and blocked practically half an access road for eight (!) hours and the car was still there, sans scratches or clamps. I don’t usually do it though, it was an experiment of sorts.

Okay, it wasn’t, I was just irritated at not being able to find a parking space. :p

I had to do it again today coz I was running really late for dinner with Yiling and SOMEONE (not Yiling) gave me wrong directions, resulting in a massive 20 minutes wasted on the road from the congestion and a massive U turn.

yiling notes

I was at Coca Restaurant courtesy of Andrea and I kinda gave Yiling a hard time coz she was late for our last eating expedition at Bondi Beach. I felt really bad coz I was late for 30 minutes this time!

I guess people who knows me realize that I have a thing about time. Okay, I’m very particular about time which is the reason I go to the office at 8 am even though work starts at 9 am. Unfortunately, I was late today coz I had to drop off someone (the very same person who gave me the wrong directions to 1U).

I don’t like people making me wait (coz it shows that you don’t respect my time) and in turn, I don’t like making people wait.

I tend to be early and I was – arrived 6:55 pm for a 7:15 pm appointment on the WRONG side of 1U and had to make a huge U turn to get to the parking bays. It was 7:09 pm (yeah, you can tell I’m a bit obsessed with time :p) when I drove down to basement parking so I just parked at the nearest entrance and made sure I had RM 50 for the unclamping if it happens.

It took a good 15 minutes to find Coca and I had to rendezvous in front of Jusco with Yiling to actually find the place. Oh well, at least I was in time for the reservation but Yiling had been there since 6:55 pm and I felt really bad since I was the one who told her (repetitively) not to be late. I’m really sorry Yiling!

The worst thing was, she was really cool about it, which made me feel bad about last time. I guess I have a few things to learn from this soon-to-be mass murderer. 😉

coca pre us

Anyway, dinner at Coca Restaurant was great, will post up the full review first thing tomorrow morning. 🙂

I need sleep, I know coz I’m being verbose and writing random stuff and shit. :p

BTW, Cheryl, we were actually still having dinner inside Coca Restaurant when you came over to collect the voucher just now. 🙂

With friends like these, who needs enemies?


I mean seriously, who sticks Nokia stickers all over my face when I’m busy texting on my HTC Touch 3G? Charlz, that’s who. :p

I have like ze best coworkers in the world. Charlz and Teng Loo came over to my place to rendezvous for a video I’m doing, which is…not quite legal. I have scouted and identified the area, bought the Goods (TM) and even prepared RM 1,500 in bribes just in case:

coworkers bribes

There were CCTVs all around and I ran through the Plan of Action with them before I drove to the place. I can’t reveal what the video is about yet, but I’m sure it breaks a few laws. The area is a high end gated community with CCTVs running and the nearest police station is just a minute away so we did everything in a single take.

Teng Loo had the initative to drive around and pick us both up, which I didn’t factor into the Plan of Action. Nice! Since we didn’t get caught and I had RM 1.5k with me, we decided to go for dinner:

coworkers dinner

Before I wax lyrical and shit, we shall end this post on a more neutral note. You guys rock. Thanks! =D

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