Coca Restaurant


The first thing that springs to mind when Coca is mentioned is a particular plant cultivated in certain parts of South America. However, that is not the Coca that will be reviewed in this post. πŸ˜‰ This Coca is the steamboat franchise. My first experience with Coca is in Kuching, which Andrea, the Marketing Manager who invited us, said was under different management.

coca 1u

I went with Yiling to the outlet at 1Utama. There are two outlets in Klang Valley – one in 1U and the other in Subang Parade. I recommend going to the second one – Andrea gave us the lowdown on the difference. The latter is larger, with live aquariums and fresh seafood from said aquarium. I hear the ambiance is better too.


However, I found the ambiance at Coca Restaurant, 1U to be quite pleasant too. The interior is dominated by hues of red (a color which can either cause arguments or create passion, depending on who you listen to), which is also the corporate color of the franchise. Andrea gave us a warm welcome when we stepped in and ushered us to our reserved table.


Coca is having a promotion on their steamboat set menus. It starts from RM 98++ for 2 people and includes:

Deep Fried Fish Paste

Tiger Prawns (200 grams)
Jelly Fish
Stuffed Squid
Chicken Ball
Chicken Fillet
Fish Glue
Coca Foo Chock
House Special Dumpling
Chinese Cabbage
Morning Glory
Green Noodles


Yiling had the new Roselle Flowers d’ Juice (RM 12.90), which actually has the edible flowers garnishing the tall receptacle, as well as a slice of lemon. She opted to substitute the water with soda water, which made it effervescent and very thirst quenching. I love the pitchfork to stir the drink – it’s very novel, the other end is a small spoon. A spork of sorts! =D

I ordered a jug of beer, which Yiling doubted I could finish. She should know better coz she’s seen the way I drink in Ipoh. I offered to pay for the beer, but Andrea would have none of it – cheers for the great hospitality! πŸ™‚

I’m sure I don’t need to put photos of the jug of beer up – you know what it looks like anyway, unless you’re living in Afghanistan or something…in which case you wouldn’t have net access anyway. πŸ˜‰


Coca Restaurant also has a buffet promotion where you can have unlimited appetizers from the buffet line. We checked out the appetizers on offer and it’s very well presented, hor d’oeuvres style with a lot of them on spoons and such. Check out the succulent prawns in the foreground! I like the miniature Coca steamboat in the middle too – it’s little touches like these that shows attention to detail. They are also going healthy – substituting yogurt for coconut milk in a lot of their cooking.


Anyway, back to our Coca Experience (TM) we were served Tiger Prawns stuffed with fish and prawns for the appetizer. The crustacean is a bit tough with a fearsome carapace but a tiny fork is more than adequate to get at the succulent flesh inside. The fish and prawn mixture works very well, creating a fusion of flavors that is greater than the sum of its parts.


The second appetizer we were served is the Pandan Chicken. It’s tender chicken wrapped in pandan leaves and the cooking process retains all the juicy and moist goodness of the chicken. It’s almost melt-in-your-mouth!


The steamboat was ready after that and the best thing about Coca Restaurant is the excellent service. The waiters help you with everything – doing it the Proper Way (TM) – first using the broth to loosen the ingredients before carefully putting it into the steamboat. This is a very nice touch, and different from other steamboat establishments.


We went for the mixed steamboat – one side is Tom Yam soup and the other side is chicken broth. I like the Tom Yam soup better as I have a love of all things spicy, but I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the chicken broth too. It’s very flavorful with hints of real chicken essence, unlike the watered down Oliver Twist soup-without-bread version that some other establishments serve.

tom yam

This is the Tom Yam soup version.


I just love this photo of Yiling. She looks so cute! πŸ™‚


This is the chicken broth version.


Memorable dishes in the RM 98++ set meal are the spinach noodles, jellyfish, and the house specialty dumplings. I’m not a big fan of tofu so I can’t comment on that.


Andrea was kind enough to furnish us with a plethora of desserts – the most remarkable being the Fresh Mango Pulut with Durian (RM
23.80). It’s absolutely sinf
ul. It’s fresh mangos sliced into manageable pieces, served with glutinous rice drowned in coconut milk and a side of durian puree. The durian puree is to die for! It has a creamy texture with heavy notes of the King of Fruits and an orgasmic aftertaste. I even ate the durian puree straight from the cup; it’s just that good.

coca us

It should be noted that a lot of the items here (e.g. some appetizers) and desserts are not included in the RM 98++ steamboat promotion for two. Those items came courtesy of Andrea. Thanks a great dining experience! πŸ™‚


P/S – The best thing about Coca Restaurant is their secret dipping sauce. It’s so closely guarded, the sauce is imported in from Thailand and no one knows the exact ingredients. Secret recipe. I like.

Car clamping policy in 1Utama

car no clamp

I have always wondered about car clamping in 1Utama. There was once I pushed my luck and blocked practically half an access road for eight (!) hours and the car was still there, sans scratches or clamps. I don’t usually do it though, it was an experiment of sorts.

Okay, it wasn’t, I was just irritated at not being able to find a parking space. :p

I had to do it again today coz I was running really late for dinner with Yiling and SOMEONE (not Yiling) gave me wrong directions, resulting in a massive 20 minutes wasted on the road from the congestion and a massive U turn.

yiling notes

I was at Coca Restaurant courtesy of Andrea and I kinda gave Yiling a hard time coz she was late for our last eating expedition at Bondi Beach. I felt really bad coz I was late for 30 minutes this time!

I guess people who knows me realize that I have a thing about time. Okay, I’m very particular about time which is the reason I go to the office at 8 am even though work starts at 9 am. Unfortunately, I was late today coz I had to drop off someone (the very same person who gave me the wrong directions to 1U).

I don’t like people making me wait (coz it shows that you don’t respect my time) and in turn, I don’t like making people wait.

I tend to be early and I was – arrived 6:55 pm for a 7:15 pm appointment on the WRONG side of 1U and had to make a huge U turn to get to the parking bays. It was 7:09 pm (yeah, you can tell I’m a bit obsessed with time :p) when I drove down to basement parking so I just parked at the nearest entrance and made sure I had RM 50 for the unclamping if it happens.

It took a good 15 minutes to find Coca and I had to rendezvous in front of Jusco with Yiling to actually find the place. Oh well, at least I was in time for the reservation but Yiling had been there since 6:55 pm and I felt really bad since I was the one who told her (repetitively) not to be late. I’m really sorry Yiling!

The worst thing was, she was really cool about it, which made me feel bad about last time. I guess I have a few things to learn from this soon-to-be mass murderer. πŸ˜‰

coca pre us

Anyway, dinner at Coca Restaurant was great, will post up the full review first thing tomorrow morning. πŸ™‚

I need sleep, I know coz I’m being verbose and writing random stuff and shit. :p

BTW, Cheryl, we were actually still having dinner inside Coca Restaurant when you came over to collect the voucher just now. πŸ™‚

Ajisen Ramen @ 1Utama

ajisen ramen

Ajisen Ramen is a ramen eating establishment in 1U. Oh wait, I usually start off my food reviews like this, time for something different. Ajisen Ramen is a Japanese place that we finally decided upon after countless minutes of aimless walking around 1U. I was there with Zoe to get a dSLR and to catch a movie (we watched Ip Man – not Internet Protocol Man, Ip Man).

ajisen ramen interior

The interior of Ajisen Raman is a bit predictable and antiseptic…nothing you won’t find in the other 1k odd Japanese restaurants out there.

zoe vegetarian

Zoe is a vegetarian (by choice), which I keep on forgetting. She doesn’t really like meat, although I force fed her chicken in Nando’s. I cannot understand how someone can withstand the appeal of warm, succulent meat. Mmm…meat. Me carnivore. You vegan? I shall eat you!

tuna sakura

This is Tuna Sakura (RM 6.80), which looks a lot like a certain part of the female anatomy. We had one each and I challenged Zoe to the Wasabi Challenge (TM).



ajisen fish ramen

Zoe opted for the rather tame Fish Ramen (RM 12.80), which is one of the recommended dishes. She’s not a big fan of meat, as stated above. It tasted great though – I love fish as well.

ajisen volcano ramen

I went for the more masculine sounding Volcano Ramen (RM 19.80) which is not only a recommended dish but a 5-chilli rated dish. Very spicy. It comes with pieces of pork in a very savory soup. I like!

ajisen us

Ajisen Ramen is a great place to eat if you’re lost and craving for some ramen goodness. It’s located conveniently at some secluded corner of 1U which I can’t remember for the life of me…but that’s what the 1Utama directory is for right? πŸ˜‰

Waffle World, 1U

waffle world

Waffle World is a colorful dessert house specializing in (you guessed it) waffles. The bright, happy shades used in this franchise coupled with their merry “Cheer Up! Waffle World is here!” tagline attracted us to this establishment (as well as their new WW Tower – the tallest dessert ever built).

waffle world montage

The place is located just off a busy shopping mall through way, so if you have reservations about eating at a place like this, well, you’re too pretentious to be reading anyway. πŸ˜‰

strawberry goes bananas

I’m not going to write about my girlfriend’s drink since she always orders the usual orange or pineapple juice. Mine is the more adventurous Strawberry Goes Bananas (RM 8) which is a fruit smoothie blended with fresh strawberries and bananas. The two tastes surprisingly well together, with the more subdued banana covering up the acidic aspects of the strawberry.

waffle world walnut

This is the Banana Walnut Waffle (RM 7.90). The presentation is great, with bananas lined in an oblique fashion (I’ve been told to use more common words, but 15 years of reading SK has influenced my writing somewhat, so perhaps angular would be a better word here?). It’s sprinkled with crushed walnuts, a heap of ice cream, and generous squeezes from a Hershey’s syrup bottle. The taste? Spectacular.

waffle world pizza

I opted for a savory waffle, since I kinda knew I was gonna have to eat half of the Banana Walnut Waffle (it’s the reason I’ve been getting so fat lately, my other half can’t finish her portions). I had the Tropical Pizza (RM 8.90), which is a pizza served on top of waffles (as the name of the establishment suggests) and it tasted pretty good. It’s sliced sausages and pineapples topped with melted cheese but at about the size of a modern cell phone, it’s not going to fill anyone up.

waffle world us

The obligatory couple shot.

waffle world tower

This is the WW Tower (RM 7.50) – a new creation from the labs of Waffle World Inc. It is hyped with the hyperbolic statement “AT LAST. The TOWER is BUILT” and is supposed to be the tallest dessert ever created at 280 mm. The WW Tower is a concoction of three scoops of ice cream, chocolate, caramel, blueberry sauces, almond slices, strawberry bits, and sponge cake, topped with two “towering” wafers.

waffle world me

It is every bit as tall as they say (I measured)…though I seriously doubt it’s the tallest desert in the world. It is definitely going to give you a sugar rush though.

I’m told the shade of purple in the dessert matches my G2000 cardigan too.

Wong Kok Char Chang Teng Hong Kong Restaurant

mongkok teahouse

Wong Kok Char Chang Teng (Mongkok Teahouse) Hong Kong Restaurant is yet another HK food franchise in KL. It seems that ever since Kim Gary took off, HK style quick service restaurants has been sprouting up like mushrooms in KL. This particular establishment comes with the tantalizing tag line “Taste to Feel Hong Kong”. Hmm…

mongkok teahouse montage

Wong Kok Hong Kong Restaurant is nestled in a quiet alcove in 1 Utama and features a warm ambiance with a heavy emphasis on diffused spot lighting. I did not attempt to count the incandescent spot light fixtures both embedded into the walls and in stand alone lantern style versions but I can assure you that there are quite a lot of them.

kwok chun on

This restaurant is apparently endorsed by a Mr. Kwok Chun On – a pretty boy chef with a forced smile and a unenthusiastic thumbs up. It comes with a lot of Chinese characters on the side, which I can’t read, but I gather he’s the establishment’s ambassador for a reason.

mongkok teahouse drinks

Doris had the Salted Lemon Sourplum Juice (RM 6.80) while I had the Chocolate ice-cream milk shake (RM 7.50). Salt with sour bases makes it sweet so her drink is quite pleasantly saccharine. The latter is coated with chocolate and crushed peanuts on the side of the glass, much like a frozen margarita is lined with salt.

mongkok shanghai rice

This is the Shanghai sauce roasted pork with mixed vegetables and rice (RM 9.50) which Doris ordered. It looks a little bit on the plain side, but it tastes good.

hong kong bak chang

I had the interestingly named Hong Kong waxed meat rice wrapped with lotus leaves (RM 9.50). Doris reads Chinese and told me this is a bak chang of sorts. I love the way it came out though – it’s like a tall, slim pyramid that’s almost phallic in nature.

hong kong bak chang open

It unwraps to reveal glutenous rice marinated in soy sauce with little treasures of pork, mushrooms and other ingredients inside the rice. It’s served with Taiwan sausages and a complete shiitake mushroom on the side. It tasted pretty good, and it’s novel.

mongkok french toast

We also ordered French Toast (RM 4.20) – it would be heresy to not check out the quality of the French Toast in a HK eating establishment. HK style French Toast has peanut butter inside and is deep fried with batter before a slab of artery clogging butter is put on top. I found Kim Gary’s French Toast to be much better than the Mongkok Teahouse version.

mongkok simmering

Mongkok Teahouse also has a premium menu – this is the Seafood and Vegetable in Paper Pot (RM 21.80) which we ordered from that menu. It seems to be one of their signature dishes from the prominent placement on it’s premium menu and comes simmering to your table courtesy of a small boiler beneath the pot.

mongkok premium

The Seafood and Vegetable in Paper Pot is filled with prawns, fish, seaweed, rice vermicelli and other Chinese herbs and vegetables. It tasted rather bland and we both felt it wasn’t worth the premium price tag.

mongkok teahouse us

I am so juvenile sometimes…

mongkok teahouse end

Wong Kok Char Chang Teng Hong Kong Restaurant is one of the less popular HK style eatery chains out there but it’s worth checking out the phallic Hong Kong waxed meat rice wrapped with lotus leaves.

…if only just to take a photo of it. πŸ˜‰

Good Evening Bangkok!

good evening bangkok restaurant

Good Evening Bangkok is a Thai eating establishment located at the Rainforest section of 1 Utama. I couldn’t help but feel that the restaurant’s name is derived from Good Morning, Vietnam – the Robin Williams movie about being a DJ in the Vietnam War, the only solace for US troops mobilized to probably the only war they lost. πŸ˜‰

good evening bangkok montage

Good Evening Bangkok has a nice ambiance with Siamese artifacts adorning the entire interior. The seating arrangements are covered with an unfortunate shade of pink chair liners, but other than that, the lighting and fixtures were all very warm and inviting. We weren’t really hungry so we just shared a starter, a main dish and dessert.

good evening bangkok drinks

Doris had the fresh watermelon juice (RM 7.50) while I went for the Evan & Tate Salisbury Chardonnay (RM 16). My original choice was for the Singha beer (RM 18) for maximum authenticity but unfortunately Good Evening Bangkok ran out of the Thailand brewed beer.

good evening combo

This is their signature appetizer – the Good Evening Combo (RM 16.90), which is a taster dish of sorts. It contains fish cake, money bag, prawn wonton and mango salad. I love the mango salad, it reminded me of the som tam (papaya salad) I had back in Bangkok a couple of years ago. The other dishes didn’t really make an impression on me.

thai rice noodles

Phad Thai Goong Sod (Stir-fried Thai rice noodle with fresh prawn) was recommended by the waitress for the main dish. It’s one of their new menu items, priced at RM 14.90. I absolutely love this dish! Notice the dried chili powder and ground peanuts on the side. It creates an amazing fusion of flavor and texture when mixed into the rice noodles. It’s very, very spicy too, which always gets bonus points from me.

mango sticky rice

Khow Neow Ma Moung (Mango with sticky rice) is probably one of the most recognizable and popular Thai desserts. It’s priced at RM 11.90 at Good Evening Bangkok and comes with half a whole mango sliced into nice, easy to handle cubes, sauce on the side and sticky glutinous rice sprinkled with sesame seeds.

good evening bangkok us

It somehow didn’t taste too authentic but that’s all right coz I just went there for the WiFi. πŸ˜‰

good evening bangkok

Good Evening Bangkok is a relaxing place to eat breakfast or lunch. The presentation is good and the service is excellent but most of the dishes have been found wanting. The appetizer and dessert we ordered isn’t anything to write home about, but the main dish is absolutely fabulous! It’s definitely worth checking out.

Jarrod & Rawlins, 1U

jr restaurant

Jarrod & Rawlins
is the self-dubbed “Purveyors of fine food & wine” and I decided to check out the place by virtue of a single sign:

jr fresh bacon

Jarrod & Rawlins serves pork and is a restaurant, deli, cafΓ© and bar all rolled into one. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not an English establishment, but a homegrown operation with the first outlet in Desa Sri Hartamas.

jr promo

I went to the one in 1U with my girlfriend to sample their renowned Sizzling Mix Platter. I have to admit that the tantalizingly placed RM 50 for 5 bottles of Heineken promotion at the entrance was another factor in our chosen destination for lunch.

jr montage

Jarrod & Rawlins
is physically partitioned into two dining experiences – there is seating at the front with a cafΓ©/deli environment and another section to the back called simply “The Pub”, with a more relaxed ambiance. There is a delicatessen serving a wide range of cold cuts and cheeses as well as a pastry counter with offerings of the flaky and puffy variety.

jr beer

I ended up drinking most of the Heineken since Doris opted to go for the orange juice instead so I estimate that’s about 1.7 kg of appetite ruining liquid down the hatch during lunch. I should have gone for the imported beers instead and have a more reasonable amount instead of bloating myself with all that amber fluid.

jr steak sandwich

Steak Sandwich (RM 28)
This is the steak sandwich that I ordered with everything on. They have optional onions and butter for the more health conscious ones amongst us, a fraternity that I’ve never been part of. πŸ˜‰

jr steak sandwich macro

You can also choose how you like your steak – I had it medium rare, which most establishments mess up, but Jarrod & Rawlins knows what medium rare is. I can’t say that I enjoyed the steak sandwich though, it’s a little plain and on the bland side, not adjectives you use to describe good food.

jr sizzling mix platter

Sizzling Mix Platter (RM 38)
Mixed platter of caramelized ribs, dynamite chili, chorizo, pork belly and streaky bacon served with fries, corn on the cob, asparagus, semi sun dried tomatoes and black pepper or onion gravy in a proper sauce dish on the side.

This is the signature dish of Jarrod & Rawlins and it did not disappoint. There is a wide range of pork offerings and it came sizzling hot. It literally sizzles for about a minute or so due to the hot platter it was served on.

jr sizzling montage

The Sizzling Mix Platter came in a generous portion that took an almost gargantuan effort on our part to finish. I love the spicy pork sausage in this dish – it’s not just mildly spicy, it’s Head for the Hills (to milk the cows) hot. Highly recommended!

jr us

Jarrod & Rawlins is a great place for a hearty lunch. I recommend the Sizzling Mix Platter if you’re feeling particularly famished and there are other menu items to cater for the more health conscious ones amongst us.

jr sign

The bill came up to a total of RM 147.20. It’s not cheap but you could probably shave the bill to a little under RM 100 if you don’t order alcohol.

Lunch date with Cheesie


I was due to fly back to Sibu last night and since I had some time to kill (and also coz I wanted to meet Ringo ;)) I managed to get in touch with her and meet up with the big cheese at O’Briens in 1U.

obriens cheesie

This is the delicious dairy product herself, in her stealth mode disguise. She has the exact same cell phone as mine.

obriens interior

O’Briens is known for it’s gourmet coffee and handcut sandwiches…

obriens counter

…and their tagline “See your food made fresh in front of you”, kinda like an open kitchen thing, except it’s an open counter of sorts.

obriens salmon

Cheesie went for the healthy option, with the Smoked Salmon on Shambo (RM 13.50) under their Low Fat Lifestyle menu, interestingly dubbed “Guilt Free Food” with everything having under 3 grams of fat.

obriens peach

This is the Peach Blush (RM 10) that she ordered. My first impression was that she seems to wear a lot of bling. This girl has color coordination – most of the articles she wore has gold trimmings!

obriens toastie

I went for the (much) less healthier option of the O’Briens Crambo Club Hot Toastie (RM 16.50). The sandwiches at O’Briens are all served with crisps, which is a nice touch. I love putting Pringles in sandwiches, it makes the texture with white bread (untoasted) very interesting. Crispy!

obriens coffee

I also had the large Cappuccino (RM 8.50) which comes with a shamrock froth finish. I have seen Guinness doing that for draft stout in some bars, it must be an Irish thing. πŸ˜‰

obriens us

Cheesie has a very bubbly personality and I felt very comfortable talking to her. We also had a lengthy intellectual discourse on methods of improving Cheesie’s Wardrobe. Heh! It was great meeting up with you Ringo! Jesus, now I sound like a fanboy. I have also noticed that I will be needing Botox on my forehead very, very soon. πŸ˜‰

…and no, this is not an advertorial nor was any payment (monetary or otherwise) arranged for me to do this Cheesie post. =D

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