Sunday breakfast: Japanese square persimmons and a smoked Virginia ham sandwich

japan square persimmons

Look at this! It’s square persimmons from Japan! I’ve seen square Japanese watermelons before (apparently, they’re easier to pack) and with their penchant of all things square, the humble persimmon has not been spared this treatment.

square persimmons

I bought two of this last night. It’s RM 25 for two – each square persimmon costs RM 12.50! I got it on promo though so it was 50% off. It felt just the right amount of squishy so I thought it’ll be alright. It’s not cheap though – one bite will cost you RM 6.

japanese persimmons

We had it for breakfast this morning after chilling it in the fridge – the square persimmons are really sweet and juicy! We both loved it! The skin is very thin and not tough at all so you can eat it if you want but the epitome of decadence is to just eat the flesh inside. A delicious start to the day!

virginia ham gouda cheese

I also made us sandwiches for breakfast. You will need:

  • Smoked Virginia ham
  • Crab pate
  • Arugula (rocket leaves)
  • Gouda cheese slices
  • Thick sliced bread
  • Eggs

scrambled egg

I made a sunny side up egg for myself and a “scrambled egg” over easy with milk, pepper and salt for my dear. She also wanted a open face sandwich while I opted for tradition as we had a really thick sliced milk loaf. I also omitted the crab pate and Gouda for hers but it’s essentially the same sandwich…just more work for me since we like our eggs different.

Kidding, dear! smirk

kewpie sandwich sauce

I fried the thick milk bread with butter for the additional crisp. Her version is a single slice with the over easy scrambled egg, one slice of smoked Virginia ham and rocket leaves, served up as is. She added some of that dreadful Kewpie sandwich sauce she likes on top.

I don’t use salt, pepper or any other condiments for mine coz I reckon the ham, crab pate and Gouda cheese has more than enough flavor! (and the fragrant butter to fry the bread too)

gouda cheese

I spread a bit of crab pate on one slice of the bread and added two (2) slices of Hormel smoked Virginia ham. It was on special – I asked for 150 grams and got 148 grams (6 thin slices) for RM 10.35. It’s less than RM 2 per slice! I fried the other side with butter and put the Gouda cheese on top so it’ll melt and slid my sunny side up egg and some arugula in.

I love sunny side up eggs coz the yolk just oozes out when you slice the sandwich!

virginia ham sandwich

Sunday breakfasts is something we both look forward to – we get groceries before and see if there’s anything new. The square Japanese persimmons gets two huge thumbs up from us! I’ll wake up early and make a sandwich (or sometimes it’ll be her who cooks). I have amassed quite a lot of sandwich recipes!

open face sandwich

It’s not crappy store-bought commercial bread with unusual ingredients for experimentation and a laugh either. I think my cooking has improved a lot and my sandwiches now are more, dare I say it, artisanal (even sounds anally-retentive from the last two syllables ;)). I should put up a Top 10 lists of the best sandwiches I’ve made, a new list with artisan bread and ingredients like prosciutto. smirk

A shop which full of culture should be visited by the high class people


I headed to Jogoya (which translates to the title of this post – I kid you not) at Starhill for a buffet lunch just now. We had this 50% off coupon which allows us to eat at half price, not too bad considering Jogoya charges RM 78++ for their buffet lunch.

jogoya sashimi

I ate a lot of sashimi - I’m a big fan of anything raw, and Jogoya does not disappoint in their offerings. Other noteworthy dishes are the century egg with salted egg and their “sauna egg” which is a bit of a contradiction to the naming – it’s a cold poached egg.

jogoya drinks

Jogoya also has a decent portfolio of alcoholic beverages – there’s white/red wine, gimlet, “AK-47″ (no relation to the shooter), and other cocktails of their own device, some of which were quite tragic and some rather good. Don’t expect vintage years though, it’s a buffet, be happy with the table wine. ;)

jogoya queue

I was there primarily to eat as much raw oysters as I could. The oysters disappeared from the bed of shaved ice as soon as it was arranged there so the person preparing the oysters decided to serve it on a person-to-person basis, thus the long queue for the oysters.

jogoya oysters

I think I ate about 8 or so oysters. They weren’t as huge as I’ll expect (definitely no palm-sized oysters to be found) but it was surprisingly fresh and I slurped the poor mollusc straight of the shell without any Tabasco sauce or lime.

jogoya oysters eat


jogoya desserts

Other things you shouldn’t miss are the Haagen-Dazs ice cream, desserts, and mini sweet fragrant Thai coconut.

jogoya cockroach

We had the most unfortunate experience of encountering a nymph of the Blattaria order of insects while eating. It must have been attracted by the vanilla scented Haagen-Dazs ice cream on the spoon.

jogoya meaning

Well, like I said earlier, Jogoya means “A shop which full of culture should be visited by the high class people“. ;) I don’t consider myself “high class people” but it sure expanded by waistline by approximately 5 inches during the 2 hours we were there. Thus, if having a potbelly is a sign of prosperity…well, I guess…

jogoya waistline

Another interesting (but unverified) anecdote, there was a sign by the oysters which states that consuming milk (and dairy products) with raw oysters may cause food poisoning. I have yet to Google this, can anyone corroborate this statement?

Ajisen Ramen @ 1Utama

ajisen ramen

Ajisen Ramen is a ramen eating establishment in 1U. Oh wait, I usually start off my food reviews like this, time for something different. Ajisen Ramen is a Japanese place that we finally decided upon after countless minutes of aimless walking around 1U. I was there with Zoe to get a dSLR and to catch a movie (we watched Ip Man – not Internet Protocol Man, Ip Man).

ajisen ramen interior

The interior of Ajisen Raman is a bit predictable and antiseptic…nothing you won’t find in the other 1k odd Japanese restaurants out there.

zoe vegetarian

Zoe is a vegetarian (by choice), which I keep on forgetting. She doesn’t really like meat, although I force fed her chicken in Nando’s. I cannot understand how someone can withstand the appeal of warm, succulent meat. Mmm…meat. Me carnivore. You vegan? I shall eat you!

tuna sakura

This is Tuna Sakura (RM 6.80), which looks a lot like a certain part of the female anatomy. We had one each and I challenged Zoe to the Wasabi Challenge (TM).



ajisen fish ramen

Zoe opted for the rather tame Fish Ramen (RM 12.80), which is one of the recommended dishes. She’s not a big fan of meat, as stated above. It tasted great though – I love fish as well.

ajisen volcano ramen

I went for the more masculine sounding Volcano Ramen (RM 19.80) which is not only a recommended dish but a 5-chilli rated dish. Very spicy. It comes with pieces of pork in a very savory soup. I like!

ajisen us

Ajisen Ramen is a great place to eat if you’re lost and craving for some ramen goodness. It’s located conveniently at some secluded corner of 1U which I can’t remember for the life of me…but that’s what the 1Utama directory is for right? ;)

Haz Cafe and Restaurant

haz cafe

Haz Cafe and Restaurant is an eating establishment with a lot of weird angled aquariums inside. I initially thought it was a seafood restaurant but upon further investigation it turned out to be a shabu-shabu restaurant. These places have been popping up like mushrooms over here ever since the success of Mitsu Shabu Shabu.

haz aquarium

The interior of Haz Cafe is dominated by 90 degree angled aquariums which I found rather odd. It does work well as a demarcation fitting though – the seating arrangements are clearly delineated by the design. I went there with Clare and Cheryl for dinner since Cheryl was in town.

haz interior

Haz Cafe has the standard fittings you’ll expect at a shabu shabu joint – there are receptacles for the pot of boiling broth and individual heating elements. The departure from orthodox shabu-shabu comes from the community BBQ grill in the middle. The place serves food that can either be dipped in broth or grilled with butter.

haz intro dish

There is a platter full of the standard trimmings for adding gustatory perception (a pretentious word meaning taste and texture) to the broth – vegetables, rice vermicelli, nori (seaweed), tofu, mushrooms and an egg.

haz beef mixture

This is the mixed beef platter – it contains various cuts of beef from tenderloin to sirloin. The variety just makes me tingle in my loins. =D

haz beef marbled

We also had another side order of a more marbled slice of beef. I can’t remember which part of the cow this came from.

haz pork

Oink Oink. This is the pork platter. Mmm…pork. ;)

haz grill

The meat can also be grilled on the central BBQ grill but the place is meant for shabu-shabu style eating.

It seems that the art of eating shabu-shabu is lost on most people so I have taken the liberty of showing how it’s supposed to done:

haz 1

Step 1: Take piece of the sliver of meat/fish/crustacean.

haz 2

Step 2: Dip it with your chopsticks into the pot of boiling broth and start swishing it around.

haz 3

Step 3: Take it out again and consume. I know mine looks raw, but I like raw! :)

haz 4

Step 4: Dump the remainder of your rice into the broth after the meal and consume the broth + rice mixture.

haz soup

You can also pour the broth into the rice if there’s not a lot left, but this is a departure from Tradition (TM).

haz cheryl

This is Cheryl Lim – an auditor who gets to travel around to places like Langkawi but works till late in the night, which takes much of the fun out of business travel.

Thanks for getting me the duty free cigarettes, Cheryl! :)

Sushi Tie @ Wisma Sanyan review

sushi tie 2

Sushi Tie has opened another new outlet in Wisma Sanyan, Sibu. This sushi juggernaut has established itself as the only Japanese food outlet here that actually manages to thrive and expand from it’s original location to a major mall and having a third outlet in the construction stage.

sushi tie 2 waiter

This outlet maintains the much of the warm and friendly ambiance of the first Sushi Tie but the impact is somewhat lost in such a huge area. The place always looks empty due to the sheer amount of floor space available there.

sushi tie 2 int

The seating arrangements has been upgraded with numerous Japanese style sitting pit (don’t know what the proper term for this is) and there are several new items on the menu as well. I went there with my latest conquest, I mean, my dining companion to check out the menu during lunch. ;)

gindara set

I ordered the new Gindara Set (RM 15.90) for lunch. It came with the standard trimmings – miso soup, the tofu thing, rice and slices of watermelon.


Gindara means silver cod fish in Japanese and it’s a whole fish deep fried in tempura batter and served whole.

chicken katsu don

My dining (lunching?) companion opted for the Chicken Katsu Don (RM 11.50).

salmon salad sandwich

There are other new items on the menu for appetizers. This is the Salmon Salad Sandwich (RM 4.90). We both agreed that it was rather bland (we actually said it sucked but that’s not proper terminology for a food review). ;)

salmon burger

The other one is the Salmon Burger (RM 4.90). This is an interesting fusion of Japanese and Western influences.

salmon burger inside

It contains a piece of deep fried salmon sandwiched between two layers of vinegar rice with a piece of lettuce with mayonnaise inside and a swirl of 1k island sauce on top. It’s actually pretty good. :)

me cf

Hola from your resident food critics!

Shiki Japanese Restaurant


I went to Shiki Japanese Restaurant with Kim and Mark straight after I arrived in Miri. Kim came and picked me up and we got there at around 8 pm. I lost all the photos from that night due to The Balcony Incident. This photo was obviously taken the next day since it’s daylight in the picture. ;) I wanted to reshoot the interior too but Shiki was closed when I got there the next day. The rest of the photos are from Kim. Thanks Kim! :)

shiki chi don

I had Shiki Chi Don (RM 32.80) which has an assortment of raw seafood like salmon, squid, tuna and octopus nicely arranged on a bed of fragrant rice with pineapples. It tasted good and the presentation was excellent but I couldn’t finish the rice due to a late lunch during the road trip from Sibu to Miri.

shiki shochu

Shiki has Sapporo and Asahi beer but they ran out of both so I went for the Jinro Plum shochu (RM 42.80) which the proprietor recommended. It’s imported from Japan and it tasted nice for a premium shochu.

shiki me kim

It was great to meet up with Kim. It was actually a bit of a last
minute thing since I only left a comment with my cell phone number on
her blog the day before I went to Miri. She texted me when I was in Tatau (somewhere between Sibu and Miri) and I called her back and made a dinner date with her at 8 pm. I also got in touch with Darren and the four of us went for drinks at
Island Club after dinner at Shiki. It was great to finally put a face
behind the blogger(s). :)

shiki group

This is a group photo of us at Shiki – Mark kindly picked up the bill, which came up to RM 138.46 for the three of us. Cheers!

Sushi Tie

sushi tie

Sushi Tie is another Japanese food establishment in Sibu. My
girlfriend’s brother works there and we decided to head over for dinner

sushi tie interior

Sushi Tie is another outlet which embraces the “open kitchen”
concept. The interior is slightly larger that Akira Sushi, but most of
it comprises of sushi bar style seating with only a couple of booths.

sushi tie open kitchen

There isn’t a revolving sushi bar in here…instead, the space is
taken up by chefs preparing your order and you can actually see them go
about it while you wait with your green tea. The view is rather
obstructed from our end – it’s better at the seating booths, but all
those were taken and I didn’t want to impose on their dining experience
by squeezing in and taking a shot. :)

sushi tie green tea

We were served green tea while we waited for our orders to arrive.
It was the conventional hot water with green tea sachet type instead of
the proper brewed ones. Not that I could differentiate between the two.
*cough* It’s just something I noticed.

sushi tie chirashi don

I had the Chirashi Don which goes for RM 10.50. It has various
slices of sushi like salmon, tuna, prawn, basically the cold raw cuts
on top of rice. It came with a wonderful side dish which I can’t put my
finger on, but it was good.

sushi tie unagi don

My girlfriend had the Unagi Don. That’s eel on top of rice. It
wasn’t her first choice, she wanted chicken terikayi, but I wanted to
broaden her dining horizons so I kinda ordered for her. :p This one was
very good, the eel came out all oily (in a good way) and tasty.

sushi tie miso

The food was all served with a steaming bowl of miso soup.

sushi tie hokkigai

This is hokkigai sushi. That’s raw whelk. It was surprisingly fresh
and tasty. The offerings of Sushi Tai far surpass Akira Sushi in terms
of fresh produce.

sushi tie maguro sashimi

We shared some maguro sashimi as well. Or rather, I ate most of it,
since my gf doesn’t like these things. It’s good, and cheap, at RM 3.90.

sushi tie slimy

Now this is the obligatory “slimy dish” – chuka itako/hotate/kurage
(baby octopus, scallop wing, jelly fish). I managed to get my gf to eat
one of it, despite her protests.

The bill came out to around RM 40 (without alcohol, they don’t serve
sake or Japanese beer here). I like Sushi Tie, the ambience is much
better compared to Akira Sushi and the preparations seems to be less
“mass produced” and is generally fresher and thus more pleasing to the
palate. I highly recommend the Chirashi Don and Unagi Don, they were
perfect, surprisingly so for Sibu. I give this establishment a big
thumbs up. Plus, you just gotta love this sign:

sushi tie sign

Akira Sushi

akira sushi

Akira Sushi is a newly opened sushi bar at the 4th Floor of Wisma
Sanyan, Sibu. It’s the first one to feature the revolving sushi bar
style dining experience here. I have been meaning to check out this
place so I went there for dinner with my girlfriend.

akira sushi interior

The eating establishment isn’t very large in terms of size, but
that’s not surprising since space at Wisma Sanyan is rather limited and
seems to be allocated and constructed wholesale for retail outlets. The
place was near seating capacity when we were there.

akira sushi bar

We only had sushi – the offerings from the sushi bar, so I cannot
comment on their other cooked menu items. The menu even has the
obligatory numbering system so that even the most intellectually
challenged amongst us can place an order.

akira menu

There is also another sushi specific menu plastered on the wall,
lest people unfamiliar with this style of dining get the price confused.

akira sushi menu

There are a wide range of beverages on offer, including sake, but it’s priced on the high side, so I settled for Asahi instead.

akira asahi
Beer and sushi…mmm…made my stomach feel funny. ;)

Here’s what we ate:

akira crab
This is my favourite one…I haven’t seen it in other places, perhaps
it’s this establishment’s signature dish, er…sushi. This sushi has
two deep fried whole real crabs as the topping. My gf would have nothing to do with it though.

akira squid
I love this one as well…it’s squid, I think. My gf would have nothing
to do with this as well either, coz it’s “slimy”. I like slimy stuff.

akira tuna
She ate the more conventional sushi offerings like tuna…

akira unagi
Unagi topped concoction. She chose it and I had one. It’s good. Smoked eel.

akira octopus
This one is octopus, one of my favourites.

akira prawn
Here’s a prawn sushi.

akira ginger
Picked ginger pieces are available from the revolving bar. I was
pleased to see this. I’m used to eating one after each different sushi
to “wash out” the taste of the previous one and have a clean palate for
the next one. Pretentious terms, I know, I know, but seriously, that’s
what it’s good for. ;)

akira revolving sushi
Here’s another photo of the revolving sushi bar…

akira girl opposite
and a photo of a girl I accidentally took opposite us. She looks like a happy diner.

akira cashier
Our meal came to RM 35, and that isn’t expensive at all.

My only gripe is that some of the items on offer seem stale and the
sushi chef did not “cycle” out the stale ones, nor did he add new items
to the sushi bar fast enough. Otherwise, it’s a great place to go if
you’re after a sushi bar dining experience, cramped as it may be. :)

Genki genki sushi sushi

Greetings Earthlings! These are the photos from Genki Sushi
yesterday, read them and weep! Yes, that doesn’t make no sense, but
neither does anything else in life. :) Anyway, a prelude before the
pictures, I took unpaid leave (again) today to wash my laundry since it
won’t dry if I take leave tomorrow and people who knows me in real life
can attest that my wardrobe is rather limited, to say the least. ;) I
don’t buy clothes, it’s not how I choose to use my expenditure. But,
sushi! That’s what we’re talking about now. Here are the photos from
Genki Sushi:


Some sushi with chicken on drop and which I dropped promptly the
moment I picked it up. We also got something like this, but didn’t take
a photo.


Some deep fried parcel like things.


Something that looks like moshi and it’s sweet.


Salmon sushi, we think, there is one with a different shade of red.


Genki Satay. Or something. Tastes like chicken. Lost the receipt so I dunno wat it’s actually called. Very aerodynamic.


Green tea that can be refilled with a tap labelled “Hot” on the table. Nifty. Quick I have to be fast.


Obscene radioactive sauce with liberal wasabi (not made by me). My
friend went “Johnson & Johnson No more tears” went and ate one
slathered with this. Indeed, no more tears. Myself, first try made me
cry. Fared better on the second endeavor. Desensitized after that. :)


Tempura. Done!

Anyway, I shall throw down the gauntlet and ask if I can finish my
work at my company before 12 pm and then go to (client’s place) to
finish my work there and then leave to ensure that I can make it to the
airport on time. I don’t know, personally, I think that’s pushing it
quite a bit and it reflects badly on me, since I’m basically a new
employee on my first job, and the IT industry is not exactly booming
now due to outsourcing to countries with citizens who will accept lower
pay for similar results like India and China.

However, if I’m ever going to taper off my pharmacopoeia I’m going
to have to STOP worrying about everything and chant “Que sera sera”.
Come on now, do it with me!

Que sera sera
Whatever will be will be
The future’s not ours to see
What will be, will be!


Let’s go to Melbourne! They have this e-visa thing going on now. Now
where did I put my reference number? Nevermind, let’s go to Melbourne

sushi sushi


I was craving for some sushi last night so I went down to Chadstone today to get some at sushi sushi. I wanted to feel the texture of salmon roe sushi, can’t beat that millions-of-eggs-breaking-on-your-tongue feeling.

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