Sunday breakfast: Japanese square persimmons and a smoked Virginia ham sandwich

japan square persimmons

Look at this! It’s square persimmons from Japan! I’ve seen square Japanese watermelons before (apparently, they’re easier to pack) and with their penchant of all things square, the humble persimmon has not been spared this treatment.

square persimmons

I bought two of this last night. It’s RM 25 for two – each square persimmon costs RM 12.50! I got it on promo though so it was 50% off. It felt just the right amount of squishy so I thought it’ll be alright. It’s not cheap though – one bite will cost you RM 6.

japanese persimmons

We had it for breakfast this morning after chilling it in the fridge – the square persimmons are really sweet and juicy! We both loved it! The skin is very thin and not tough at all so you can eat it if you want but the epitome of decadence is to just eat the flesh inside. A delicious start to the day!

virginia ham gouda cheese

I also made us sandwiches for breakfast. You will need:

  • Smoked Virginia ham
  • Crab pate
  • Arugula (rocket leaves)
  • Gouda cheese slices
  • Thick sliced bread
  • Eggs

scrambled egg

I made a sunny side up egg for myself and a “scrambled egg” over easy with milk, pepper and salt for my dear. She also wanted a open face sandwich while I opted for tradition as we had a really thick sliced milk loaf. I also omitted the crab pate and Gouda for hers but it’s essentially the same sandwich…just more work for me since we like our eggs different.

Kidding, dear! smirk

kewpie sandwich sauce

I fried the thick milk bread with butter for the additional crisp. Her version is a single slice with the over easy scrambled egg, one slice of smoked Virginia ham and rocket leaves, served up as is. She added some of that dreadful Kewpie sandwich sauce she likes on top.

I don’t use salt, pepper or any other condiments for mine coz I reckon the ham, crab pate and Gouda cheese has more than enough flavor! (and the fragrant butter to fry the bread too)

gouda cheese

I spread a bit of crab pate on one slice of the bread and added two (2) slices of Hormel smoked Virginia ham. It was on special – I asked for 150 grams and got 148 grams (6 thin slices) for RM 10.35. It’s less than RM 2 per slice! I fried the other side with butter and put the Gouda cheese on top so it’ll melt and slid my sunny side up egg and some arugula in.

I love sunny side up eggs coz the yolk just oozes out when you slice the sandwich!

virginia ham sandwich

Sunday breakfasts is something we both look forward to – we get groceries before and see if there’s anything new. The square Japanese persimmons gets two huge thumbs up from us! I’ll wake up early and make a sandwich (or sometimes it’ll be her who cooks). I have amassed quite a lot of sandwich recipes!

open face sandwich

It’s not crappy store-bought commercial bread with unusual ingredients for experimentation and a laugh either. I think my cooking has improved a lot and my sandwiches now are more, dare I say it, artisanal (even sounds anally-retentive from the last two syllables ;)). I should put up a Top 10 lists of the best sandwiches I’ve made, a new list with artisan bread and ingredients like prosciutto. smirk

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26 thoughts on “Sunday breakfast: Japanese square persimmons and a smoked Virginia ham sandwich”

  1. HB, with all those ingredients you could also made a Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame. I like making it during the weekends serve with a mocha latte at home.

    • Thanks for the great ideas Vickie! 🙂

      I’ll try and make them this weekend! It’ll be a good project!

      I have some good coffee my dear bought for me too, so it’ll go perfect with that.

  2. I’ll pass on the persimmons…but ham!!! Ooooo…that, I want! I wonder what the virgin…I mean, Virginia one tastes like, never tried that. LOL!!! Your scrambled egg looks like an omelette but I sure wouldn’t complain if I had somebody else cooking it for me. Wink! Wink! 😀

    • the real Virginia ham is salty, like licking a block of salt…….you’ll have to soak it in water for a long time before cooking it up. Even with soaking , it’s still salty for Asian taste bud…

      • Indeed! I’ve never seen it in Malaysia though! 🙂

        I’ve seen it in Melbourne, both imported (expensive) and made in Australia with local ingredients (also good and cheaper).

        Unfortunately, a lot of people e.g. Hormel put so much water inside their deli meat it’s totally unlike the original.

    • Yeah, like Ed mentioned, it’s very salty! 🙂

      However, these deli meat has been mixed with water (and god knows what else) so it’s just slices of deli meat, saltier than most ham, with a smoky taste that I like.

      Haha! It’s neither an omelet or a scrambled egg, she asked for the latter, I did the former and forgot so it turned out to be a hybrid.

  3. oh it’s something normal you cook today! LOL!

    i love scrambled egg for its fluffiness while sunny side up for its runny yolk! both also me likey 😀
    i love it when boyfie makes me brekkie too hehe

    • Haha! I cook a lot of normal things nowadays! 🙂

      I’m always a sunny side up kinda guy but I’ll eat all types of egg! My favorite is poached but it’s always too much of a hassle to do the sauce for Eggs Benedict so we just eat it with ramen.

      Breakfast is an important meal, I agree, best done together!

  4. Square persimmons! Looks interesting. I still have that square watermelon box my dad bought back from Japan…approximately 10 years ago! The box is still in fantastic condition and I used it to store my CDs…hahha. Don’t think we will ever have these in Melbourne, but will keep an eye out 😉

    My partner and I almost always go out for Sunday brunch…the cafe culture in Melbourne has us both suckered. But looking at your post…sometimes eating in for Sunday brunch could be yummy and less expensive, too! 😛

    Hey hey don’t knock on the Kewpie mayo…you know it’s fantastic stuff. 😛

    • Awesome! You actually have a square watermelon box! 🙂

      I could never afford to buy one, the one I saw at retail at an Asian grocery shop was something close to AUD 300! I would never pay that much for a watermelon (although I paid AUD 90 for a single durian once).

      I agree with you, the Sunday brunch scene in Melbourne is unrivalled by anything I’ve seen – not even in the UK, although some EU countries have good cafe culture too – Amsterdam (just coffee, not coffeeshops where they sell cannabis, both are good but for brunch, the former is bettter), Paris, and some German countries has excellent cafes too!

      However, nothing beats Melbourne for me! It just has its own unique vibe that makes it special!

      Waiters in Paris are rude, like all the guidebooks say, unless you can speak French – nothing like the service with a smile of Melbourne cafes.

  5. ooo, this blog entry would be a hit with many of my family members … they love persimmons, but i gotta confess, it’s not one of my faves. i think i haven’t had a persimmon in years, and i’d probably still be able to die contented if i never had one again, but the ones you bought look great. very juicy-looking and appetizingly vivid in color! 😀 that’s quite an interesting combination of sandwich stuffing choices, btw. i gotta say again, i like how you like to experiment. i wouldn’t have thought of putting crab pate and smoked ham together … sounds like it could be a hit! 😀

    • I love persimmons too! 🙂

      It’s just a personal thing, I like the taste of the fruit and the dried ones you get during CNY is pretty awesome too, although nothing beats fresh persimmon.

      These square ones from Japan are awesome – they not only look good, but taste great!

      Haha! I had a tub of crab pate that’s been sitting around for ages so I decided to use it and it was good.

    • I’ll love to have one over here! 🙂

      Thanks for the offer mate! When are you coming back to Malaysia?

      I think I’ll have a shopping list for you by then. I’ll Paypal you in advance. Haha!

    • Indeed! 🙂

      We ate the Japanese square persimmons first too!

      Gotta eat the fruit before the meal (most Asians do it the other way around, which causes fermentation and bloating), especially during breakfast.

  6. Love the sandwich you make for me, dear. I though the ham was a good buy and I really like it. think the best buy is still the persimmons..ahaha. <3

    • Yeah, the ham was a really good buy! 🙂

      It’s RM 55+ for a kg when it’s on special. That’s less than RM 2 for a regular deli slice of ham.

      50% off is definitely a good buy but the square persimmons aren’t cheap even after that. You bite one in half and it’s RM 6 gone already. Hahaha! <3

  7. What a delicious healthy Sunday breakfast! I noticed that you are clever in snapping photos to make me drool. The Japanese Persimmons are so expensive la!!! So mahal for one biji like eating GOLD!!!

    • Yeah, it’s really expensive! 🙂

      It’s not something you can eat everyday, that’s for sure. We easily ate 1 square persimmon each and it’s normal cost is RM 12.50. It’s not very big too so one good, nice bite would be half of that, RM 6.

      It’s still worth a try though – delicious stuff from Japan. It’s square too!

  8. Wow….nice breakfast!
    I love persimmon. Its pricey these days…But I dislike those hard hard type. The above texture is the perfect one. Juicy and not over crunchy 🙂

    • Thanks Melissa! 🙂

      Yeah, I hate the hard persimmons too! These square ones from Japan has a *really soft skin* – it’s thin and juicy! I really like how they grow their square persimmons.

      It’s not just nice to look at but nice to eat! It’s not crunchy at all – just juicy all the way!

  9. I know that this dish will be a hit with Papa Carrie (seeing that he loves ham and persimmons).

    Wait, there are persimmons from Japan? I’m only familiar with the ones from NZ and China.

    • Yeah, I wanted to wait for the ham to defrost a bit (my fridge settings are too high) so I decided we should eat the square persimmons first! 🙂

      It’s always good to have fruit before meals instead of the other way around like most Asian culture dictates.

      Yup, these are square persimmons from Japan! I think they like the shape coz it’s easy to stack in supermarkets and fridges (hear that the square watermelons fits perfectly into a regular Japanese fridge). It’s more expensive than NZ and China ones but really juicy and nice!


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