Ajisen Ramen @ 1Utama

ajisen ramen

Ajisen Ramen is a ramen eating establishment in 1U. Oh wait, I usually start off my food reviews like this, time for something different. Ajisen Ramen is a Japanese place that we finally decided upon after countless minutes of aimless walking around 1U. I was there with Zoe to get a dSLR and to catch a movie (we watched Ip Man – not Internet Protocol Man, Ip Man).

ajisen ramen interior

The interior of Ajisen Raman is a bit predictable and antiseptic…nothing you won’t find in the other 1k odd Japanese restaurants out there.

zoe vegetarian

Zoe is a vegetarian (by choice), which I keep on forgetting. She doesn’t really like meat, although I force fed her chicken in Nando’s. I cannot understand how someone can withstand the appeal of warm, succulent meat. Mmm…meat. Me carnivore. You vegan? I shall eat you!

tuna sakura

This is Tuna Sakura (RM 6.80), which looks a lot like a certain part of the female anatomy. We had one each and I challenged Zoe to the Wasabi Challenge (TM).



ajisen fish ramen

Zoe opted for the rather tame Fish Ramen (RM 12.80), which is one of the recommended dishes. She’s not a big fan of meat, as stated above. It tasted great though – I love fish as well.

ajisen volcano ramen

I went for the more masculine sounding Volcano Ramen (RM 19.80) which is not only a recommended dish but a 5-chilli rated dish. Very spicy. It comes with pieces of pork in a very savory soup. I like!

ajisen us

Ajisen Ramen is a great place to eat if you’re lost and craving for some ramen goodness. It’s located conveniently at some secluded corner of 1U which I can’t remember for the life of me…but that’s what the 1Utama directory is for right? πŸ˜‰

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