Waffle World, 1U

waffle world

Waffle World is a colorful dessert house specializing in (you guessed it) waffles. The bright, happy shades used in this franchise coupled with their merry “Cheer Up! Waffle World is here!” tagline attracted us to this establishment (as well as their new WW Tower – the tallest dessert ever built).

waffle world montage

The place is located just off a busy shopping mall through way, so if you have reservations about eating at a place like this, well, you’re too pretentious to be reading sixthseal.com anyway. πŸ˜‰

strawberry goes bananas

I’m not going to write about my girlfriend’s drink since she always orders the usual orange or pineapple juice. Mine is the more adventurous Strawberry Goes Bananas (RM 8) which is a fruit smoothie blended with fresh strawberries and bananas. The two tastes surprisingly well together, with the more subdued banana covering up the acidic aspects of the strawberry.

waffle world walnut

This is the Banana Walnut Waffle (RM 7.90). The presentation is great, with bananas lined in an oblique fashion (I’ve been told to use more common words, but 15 years of reading SK has influenced my writing somewhat, so perhaps angular would be a better word here?). It’s sprinkled with crushed walnuts, a heap of ice cream, and generous squeezes from a Hershey’s syrup bottle. The taste? Spectacular.

waffle world pizza

I opted for a savory waffle, since I kinda knew I was gonna have to eat half of the Banana Walnut Waffle (it’s the reason I’ve been getting so fat lately, my other half can’t finish her portions). I had the Tropical Pizza (RM 8.90), which is a pizza served on top of waffles (as the name of the establishment suggests) and it tasted pretty good. It’s sliced sausages and pineapples topped with melted cheese but at about the size of a modern cell phone, it’s not going to fill anyone up.

waffle world us

The obligatory couple shot.

waffle world tower

This is the WW Tower (RM 7.50) – a new creation from the labs of Waffle World Inc. It is hyped with the hyperbolic statement “AT LAST. The TOWER is BUILT” and is supposed to be the tallest dessert ever created at 280 mm. The WW Tower is a concoction of three scoops of ice cream, chocolate, caramel, blueberry sauces, almond slices, strawberry bits, and sponge cake, topped with two “towering” wafers.

waffle world me

It is every bit as tall as they say (I measured)…though I seriously doubt it’s the tallest desert in the world. It is definitely going to give you a sugar rush though.

I’m told the shade of purple in the dessert matches my G2000 cardigan too.

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25 thoughts on “Waffle World, 1U”

  1. i like this shop, i usually go for the waffles there. their chicken chop is not too bad too.
    *how did u get the staff to take pic of both of u all the time?

  2. woohoo! I am out of china and I can read sixth seal again! dude, I just saw those flesh staples… That is some nasty ass shit man. I am all for body modification but why dont you make your ear lobe massive or even pierce your nut sack. These things look like silver warts on your arm. not to mention they look seriously home made. i’m not hating here bro, just my opinion. rock on.

  3. HB, I thought you lost weight from these photos though. πŸ˜›
    I used to received all those errotic ads in my letter box back in Japan, and they like to use “ichigobanana” to name their shops. LOL I am not a fan of banana blend with other fruits, prefer to eat banana just like that. πŸ˜‰

  4. HB, Did you know waffles been popular in U.S. with southern fried chicken with honey? It started in 1950 or so in New York city and caught on all over all the way to California. Jackie Chan movie Rush Hour had Japanese women tourists ask him “Do you know where Rosco Chicken and Waffle?”
    Many diner or restaurants serve waffles with fried chicken due to requests from customers. Rosco Chicken and Waffles was packed in LA so came back and had it in Oakland it was not bad at all.

  5. I love waffles! My first waffle was at A&W. But this shop has quite a lot of nice food, that is if you like sweet desserts like me. The photos make me drool – I’m talking about the food : )

  6. Well, Vickie told me of trip to LA and Rosco Chicken and Waffle is always packed. There coffeeshop in Daly City at Southgate serve chicken waffle maple syrup or honey and hot sauce.

  7. Dude man, I love waffles so much I make it at home with waffle iron. Yes also southern fried chicken.
    Everybody know of Rosco Chicken and Waffle in LA and New York city.

  8. I visited this place 2 years ago with my mom. Funny thing was it tasted really bad and the presentation was terribble – of which contradicts to what you reviewed. They must have change the management! Hehe. Oh yeah, been meaning to tell you that i think you look good in this cardigan! πŸ˜›

  9. I notice on table sign saying lamb chop. Do they serve other food there? Been reading blog and like to try fried chicken and waffle if they have fried chicken on menu. Seen the movie and remember that part of tourists asking Jackie Chan.

  10. HB, Hope you not a wasteful person. Reason I ask is many people got jobs and money so become picky. I work in restaurant and see so many people leave behide so much food which we dump away in garbage. I see poor people looking in trash for food make me sad. Appreciate everythings in life since family never rich and could not go out to enjoy dining.

  11. hi tina, totally agree wit u. i make sure my bf polished everyting off my plate if i cant finished it. i dont want to be pretentious either never been to d states but i ve tried d chix n biscuit in spore..only ting by time my bf ordered dey run out of biscuits(actually dats d only one i wanted to try..lame)

  12. Haha… I love your obligatory couple shot. It just made the whole dessert indulgence so sweet. Anyways, the WW tower really matches your cardigan! I think you’ve almost tasted the whole of 1 Utama? Lol…

  13. hi tina,i totally agree wit u. i make sure my bf polished everyting off if i cant finished mine. btw i’m not pretentious either i havent been to d states but i ve tried the chix n biscuits in spore but by the time my bf made our order dey run out of biscuits..(actually dats d reason why i wanted to try in d first place…lame)

  14. Wow!! Sixth seal backonline. Sorry not sure how long the sites been back up but I used to read your blog all the time. I live in the US and started reading when I was in the Navy out at sea and I was looking for a image of a bigmac on google search and it brought me to your site. Hope you stay well and keep your blog going. Ever want anything from the US let me know.

  15. Strawbery and banana is a great taste combination. When I was trying to lose weight, I ate sugar free strawberry/banana jello all the time (10 calories per 1 cup seving and taste great. Or frozen strwberry banana bars (60 calories each. Plus your writting style is just fine. Don’t change it.

  16. xin: Chicken chop. Didn’t try that but will check it out.
    I just asked the waitress to take our photo. I always do that in restaurants. They are usually more than happy to oblige.
    victor: Yeah, same shade of purple. πŸ˜‰
    Yatz: I have serious doubts about that claim too…
    Kelvin: Waffle World, the place of happy people. πŸ™‚
    vincent: Yeah, but I still don’t think it’s the tallest in the world.
    Avi: Hello bro, great to hear from you again! Yeah, I was kinda like the guinea pig for the flesh stapling. I wanted it done to be different but I may have to take it out (permenantly) for work. It depends on how things go and how people react to it. Tongue piercing is going out though coz it makes me slur my words.
    fish fish: Nah, I still weigh the same. 70 kg.
    Hmm…you like your bananas as it is eh? πŸ˜‰
    Vickie: Yeah, I remember somewhere that they call it biscuits instead? Fried chicken and biscuits.
    foongpc: I don’t like A&W waffles but this place is nice.
    …and why don’t I make you drool? πŸ™
    Kidding, kidding.
    Amy: Waffles and biscuits are the same thing in the states, right?
    Michale: I’m not that big of a fan of waffles although I DID own a waffle iron (and a sandwich maker) at one point.
    chefmel: Thanks for the compliment Mel! πŸ™‚
    I guess they changed the management coz the presentation looks great now. Friendly staff too, forgot to mention that, quite a cheerful bunch. Good vibes.
    Okay, my turn at the counter now. Reply the rest of the comments tomorrow.

  17. Waffle is waffle in states. This been a rage for many years waffle with fried chicken in morning, noon and night. Travel everywhere and been to Roscoe in LA man, packed and waited for 1 hour to be seated but chicken and waffle was awesome.


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