With friends like these, who needs enemies?


I mean seriously, who sticks Nokia stickers all over my face when I’m busy texting on my HTC Touch 3G? Charlz, that’s who. :p

I have like ze best coworkers in the world. Charlz and Teng Loo came over to my place to rendezvous for a video I’m doing, which is…not quite legal. I have scouted and identified the area, bought the Goods (TM) and even prepared RM 1,500 in bribes just in case:

coworkers bribes

There were CCTVs all around and I ran through the Plan of Action with them before I drove to the place. I can’t reveal what the video is about yet, but I’m sure it breaks a few laws. The area is a high end gated community with CCTVs running and the nearest police station is just a minute away so we did everything in a single take.

Teng Loo had the initative to drive around and pick us both up, which I didn’t factor into the Plan of Action. Nice! Since we didn’t get caught and I had RM 1.5k with me, we decided to go for dinner:

coworkers dinner

Before I wax lyrical and shit, we shall end this post on a more neutral note. You guys rock. Thanks! =D

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