The things that happen on the LRT

I originally wanted to post about young teenagers taking the LRT at like 6 am in the morning but I didn’t know if it was the school holidays and then I got sidetracked by this girl on the LRT just now. I wanted to take a photo of her but I was too busy trying to catch her eye.

sleeping teenager on train


cute shop assistant

…so take these two photos and superimpose them in your mind. Add more people to account for the rush hour and it’ll give you a pretty accurate picture. smirk

The girl on the LRT looks like the type that I would like, kinda like the photo of the girl above I took recently, which is sort of related (her name is Qinqin).

Anyway, she was walking sooooo fast once the train stopped that I swear she probably saw me intently looking at her. I finally caught up with her outside the Bukit Jalil station and said:

Hello, I’m Huai Bin, what are you doing?

look of disapproval

I KNOW RIGHT! Lamest pickup line ever.

She said:

I’m a student.


…and I said “Okay, have a nice day” and then I walked away.

You know why?

1. She’s a student, thus too young for me.
2. She didn’t look that hot up close.
3. It was raining and I couldn’t be fucked.

Choose your own adventure kinda thing, except this has no next post or ending coz I walked away. There’s nothing else to add coz it’s LIFE and you only get one chance.


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22 thoughts on “The things that happen on the LRT”

  1. haha.. i wouldn’t dare to just start up a conversation with a stranger, particularly with a girl I don’t even know 😛 but I guess it’s interesting to see the reaction out of that haha..

    • Well, it’s quite interesting, doing that. Most people will talk to you, unless it’s in a dark alley at night. 🙂

      I have gotten numbers from bank tellers before, but I never did call so I stopped asking for numbers unless I *really* intend to call. 😀

    • Haha! No, that was a really bad pickup line.

      I was really tired coz I woke up super early this morning…in JB…and now I’m back in KL. I didn’t think of what to say coz I was catching up to her. That was my stop too – parked my car overnight there. 🙂

      Totally wrecked the pickup line bit, but hey at least it got a response and got her to stop her headlong rush to God knows where. 😉

      I was kinda interested in tumpang-ing her umbrella too. Got totally soaked walking to my car. 😡

    • HAHAHA

      It was actually at 5:45 pm when I did that. It happened just now.

      The photo of the 6 am teenager was taken the day before…took the LRT to take the bus to JB yesterday morning, came back the same way this evening. 😀

    • Haha! Seriously bro!

      It’s a very valid reason. The rain was so bad just now the *pavement* was getting flooded. There was water in my shoes. Damn uncomfortable position to be hitting on girls. 😉

  2. i always do that last time, well before i got married that is.. lol! 🙂 always have this thinking “you’re never going to meet her again anyway, so why not try to get to know her” making 1 more friend in life is always better than none 🙂

  3. Pedobear??? Lolitas??

    Again, oh nooo brooo! Don’t do it! Nooo!!!

    Seriously which one is worse? Being a pedobear or the evil pharmacist???

    Bet that girl saw this and gosh, how her reply gonna be! Ha, Ha better believe in best of monogamy bro!!

  4. You know why?

    4. She got rich sugarpapa so stop dreamin about it
    5. Only rich sugarpapa can afford her
    6. Read ‘Initial D’ when that boy racer finally found out her gf is indeed kept by rich sugarpapa UGHHH!!!


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