Shoplot hotels

zoom inn hotel

These things are popping up like mushrooms. I’m currently in Johor and staying at Zoom Inn Boutique Hotel in Danga Bay for a night. I got it online for about RM 90+ and realized that the walk-in rate is only RM 78. There are three shoplot hotels within the area (not including Tune Hotel) and from looking at all (the room wasn’t available until 3 pm) this seems to provide the best price-comfort consideration.

game over room

Ill omens and portents. (!!!) Game Over all over the room. I’m not sure I want to see that whenever I open my eyes. smirk However, it is pretty creative, each room is has its unique theme and decoration…and the repeating game over is tethered to a quasi picture frame of someone playing a console game. Very artsy fartsy.

sliding either or door

Either-Or sliding door for toilet and shower.

lcd tv shoplot

The large LCD TV right at the foot of your bed is awesome though – it has all the premium channels but I only watch Discovery Channel or National Geographic variants/spinoffs. I’ll be happy with those channels.


  • Cheap
  • Pretty comfortable for a night
  • Good selection of cable channels
  • Friendly and apologetic staff
  • Creative rooms


  • Weak to non-existent WiFi
  • Room is dark
  • No writing desk

bloodstains duvet

It also has stains on the duvet that looks suspiciously like blood. I can only imagine what the previous occupants were doing but since their hairs are still sticking to the pillows, a multitude of entirely unwanted vivid scenarios come into mind.

I’m still waiting for housekeeping to change the sheets.

Speaking of creative, MilkADeal is having an awesome deal for novelty 8 GB USB drives in a variety of designs.

usb drive
RM43 instead of RM68 OR RM54 instead of RM89 for Limited Edition 8GB USB Drive + Free Delivery within Peninsular Malaysia from USB Boy. Only 200 vouchers available! [Up to 39% OFF]

I collect USB drives, though not to this extent, but it’ll be perfect for Secret Santa gifts. πŸ™‚

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24 thoughts on “Shoplot hotels”

    • It’s usually cheaper, especially if you get last minute deals but sometimes they do mess up and it becomes more expensive. πŸ™‚

  1. yeeeew. i somehow find these kinda hotels are unsafe. like you can almost hear what the next door was doing judging from the sound. wtf.

    but the one you stayed looks okay.

    • Yeah, it was pretty good. I can stay almost anywhere. I’ve even slept at train stations and airports before. Nothing to it. Going around on a shoestring. πŸ™‚

  2. Eyewwwww!!! I would stay in such hotels anytime…but they must be clean and there are no illicit activities going on. Cheaper…and most of the time, it’s just some place to go back, bathe and sleep. No point spending a fortune on the hotel.

  3. What u doing in JB? i m from JB too… but the rates compare to the location, its really value for money alreadi.

    Dangabay is a nice spot to go SG or town area.

    • I was in JB for just a night. Yeah JB seems like a good place to live eh?

      Danga Bay – it’s a really cheap hotel for the place, only downside is your phone tends to roam to Singapore. πŸ™‚

    • I didn’t have time coz I only had one night before I had to come back to KL. I will definitely check out JPO next time. It sounds great. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, cleanliness is good…though I’ve slept in far worse conditions while traveling the entire continent of Australia when I was in uni and backpacking Europe. πŸ™‚

      Couch surfing and sleeping at train stations to really get the backpacker experience was fun too.


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