Mooncake Making Live Demonstration

live mooncake demonstration

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival again! I chanced upon a live demonstration of the making of a mooncake at Wisma Saberkas and watched the progress of a snow skin mooncake from inception to retail.

live mooncake formation

The snow skin mooncake moulds are kneaded from small rotund pieces of filler before being filled and formed into larger pieces of round balls.

live mooncake balls

The relatively uniform balls of snow skin mooncake is then powdered with an unknown but non-psychoactive substance and then transferred to a mould.

live mooncake mould

The mould is a wooden contraption where the balls of snow skin mooncake is pushed into, forming the unique auspicious characters on the top before being knocked out.

live mooncake contraption

It’s a relatively simple process and the molded mooncake is then transferred to receptacles suitable for retail purposes.

live mooncake retail

This is the finished product (Crystalline Twin Flavor) and it costs RM 11.50 per mooncake.

live mooncake bite

The mooncake is a yam snow skin mooncake with a carrot and lotus seed filling, a unique amalgamation of ingredients.


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