Mild Seven PitParty 2004

mermaid music cafe

Our entourage of about 15 people attended this event – the Mild
Seven Pit Party 2004 at Mermaid Music Cafe, which is organized to
broadcast the Renault F1 team finals live. The event is invitation
only; the tickets were obtained through one of my friends who works
with JT Tobacco (which has Mild Seven, Salem and Winston amongst other
brands under its banner).

door check

The Mild Seven Brand Ambassadors (an euphemism for
customer/public relations) were out in full force – mostly local girls.
We had a tag around our wrists upon entry. I was told that they get RM
200 for 4 hours – not bad pay at all…heck, it’s more than my hourly
salary. πŸ™‚ One of them is a friend of a friend and she told us that
they have quotas to fill – we helped her out, I bought two limited
edition Mild Seven Renault F1 Team promotional packs.

mild seven limited edition

It costs RM 10 each – cheaper than the retail price of RM 5.40 per
pack, plus you get a free drinks coupon with each purchase. It’s a pity
I’m a Marlboro smoker, but it was good to get these for my collection
anyway. Anyway, we got a free drink redemption coupon (valid for beer
only, not distilled liquor) upon entry…however, there was a little
loophole that gave us free flow liquor. πŸ˜‰

mild seven pit party pic

Basically…there were a couple of BA’s (Brand Ambassadors) going
around, asking if we have got a drinks coupon, when they saw a can of
this limited edition pack on our table. The correct answer is “No”. πŸ˜‰
I got four drink coupons for each can, instead of one – that gives me
eight drinks (not including the jugs of beer that my friend shouted),
plus JT Tobacco gave each table a free jug of beer, so I was less than
sober by the end of the night, considering I pound my beers instead of
sipping them.

Here’s a couple of shots of the BA’s before I continue my post, just to keep the interest of the male population out there:

brand ambassador friend
I forgot her name, she’s a friend of a friend.

mild seven ba first
I didn’t get the name of this one either…

mild seven ba smile oy
I took six (!) photos with this one, and she was smiling, but never did
manage to capture it on the shot, and I gave up after six tries…

mild seven ba friend full
This is the same one from photo #1.

Anyway, there were also two simulation F1 cars for entertainment:

f1 sim cars

I went for a spin on one of them…didn’t keep my attention for long
though, and if my performance on that track is anything to judge my
sobriety by, I’m glad I wasn’t the designated driver tonight. πŸ˜‰

sim machines

Here’s a first person perspective of the simulator:

fps sim

There were other contests as well, but the night was a blur to be honest…the two that I remember was:

mild seven limbo
Limbo contest – two jugs of beer on the house for everyone who gets through, one jar paid to the house for failed attempts.

contest vrrroomm
The contest where they got people to emulate the F1 engine sound.

There was also (terrible) food supplied for the patrons. I could barely choke down my plate.

pit party food

Here are more shots of the Mild Seven Brand Ambassadors:

mild seven ba friend
It’s hard to track who is who after a while…

mild seven ba smile smile
It’s very bizarre, I took about 10 (some were shots of her with my
friends), but never could capture her smiling on the photo, even though
she did IRL.

…and here’s a video from the night:

Download: Mild Seven PitParty 2004, Kuching []

mild seven f1

The person with the impaired auditory function that was singing in a
generally unacceptably loud volume (not that anyone cared, since most
of the patrons were not sober) would be me, I’m afraid. My apologies. :p

This is a partial group shot of our entourage:

pit party partial group
I’m the only XY chromosome in the photo, so I don’t need to point out which one is me. I’m wearing the Mild Seven polo T-shirt.

me ah girl
This is a shot of me and Ah Girl, we came together.

It was a fun night, I haven’t had an ethanol fuelled debauchery (the
tame kind) night out in quite a while, and I thoroughly enjoyed this
one. It’s a pity it was a Sunday night instead of a Saturday night.

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