Tok Janggut Cafe review

tok janggut cafe

This is Tok Janggut Cafe in ChongLin Park. It serves a wide range of
murtabak containing esoteric fillings like camel in the mornings and
probably the best nasi briyani in town for lunch. I went there with the
new staff intake of Huygens Asia for lunch today.

tok janggut interior

Here’s what the main eating room looks like – the place is clean and
it has a reputation for good food. It opened quite recently, sometime
earlier this year.

tok janggut camel

Towards the back is the nasi briyani preparation place. The nasi
briyani unta (camel) is good. Nasi briyani is a type of savory rice,
it’s really good, infused with a plethora of spices. Tok Janggut serves
a wide range of nasi briyani – plain, chicken, fish, mutton and their
flagship camel variant.

tok janggut nasi

The afternoon lunch crowd usually goes for mixed rice or nasi
briyani. Murtabak and roti canai is only served during the mornings.

tok janggut aircon

There’s also an air-conditioned side room that’s very popular during
the afternoon due to the heat. I went there today with three of my
coworkers. Two new marketing department people came in this month and
we went out today to get to know each other better.

tongkat ali

I had Tongkat Ali for my drink. It’s coffee with tongkat ali for RM 1.90.

camel briyani

This is what I ordered – camel briyani. I love camel, the meat is
slightly tough, with just a hint of game and an interesting texture.

camel meat

Here’s a closer look at the camel meat. Sufian also had nasi briyani, but he went for chicken instead.

tok janggut fried rice

This is Tok Janggut’s fried rice that Elvinna ordered. She tried her best to finish it, commendable effort. ;)

camel curry rice

Here’s what Bernice ordered – Rice and Camel Curry. She gave me
nearly a quarter of her plate but I still managed to finish mine and
the additional load. Nearly, anyway. :p

bernice camel

This is another macro shot of the camel. Camel is good. Mmm…camel…

mohd el ber me
L-R: Mohd. Sufian, Elvinna, Bernice, Huai Bin (me).