The Empire Strikes Back

empire strikes back

Empire [] is one of my favorite hairstylist establishments in Kuching. The place has got it all – chicks, chicks, and more chicks. πŸ˜‰ I went to get a haircut there – the hairstylist I use is always the same, so I probably should dub her the official hairstylist. πŸ˜‰

empire strikes girl flash

She remembers me despite the time lapse since the previous time I was here – a full two years with Bernice – and she’s a really nice person. I like her.

empire strikes girl

This is another shot of the hairstylist without flash – I think the skin tone looks better in this one, though she was a little bit shy in this shot. This captures her real life persona better, I should post up a video since she looks much better in real life and videos can capture that elusive essence of spirit better than a static photo can.

empire strikes both

This would be the obligatory photo of us. She always has subjects to talk to me about while cutting my hair (which is the mark of a professional hairstylist, IMHO) and I think I’m infatuated with her. πŸ˜‰

P/S – Iskalla, if you have any doubts of the improvement in my drug use practices, just check out the previous link to Empire – I was practically a carcass then, heading at breakneck speed (no pun intended) towards the dark depths of heavy methamphetamine use.

World Cup 2006 winnings to date: RM 1,900

Japan vs. Croatia
Asian Handicap Odds: Croatia conceding one (1) goal
Bet: Japan (RM 300)
Result: 0-0 (draw)

This updates my winnings by RM 300. I think I’m on a winning streak – I had wanted to bet on Ghana on Saturday night but I was too sick to make the call so I lost out RM 300 (the amount I bet on smaller matches – I go up exponentially in the Group of 16, Semis, and Finals) on that one. I had also wanted to go for Korea (which would have won due to the goal concede by France) but I was too dope sick to think straight, so I just went for Japan. Thus, the (projected) RM 2,500 winnings have shrunk to RM 1,900 but then again, if I had bet, the butterfly effect just might have made the respective teams lose so I’m glad with the current winnings. I haven’t lost a single match (but did draw once during the England vs. Trinidad match) so I probably should put up my predictions, huh? πŸ˜‰

…only thing is, my predictions are based on punting on the Asian handicap betting system and not on the matches itself per se. Thus, I need to see the odds before I place my predictions.


Bernice has left the building…

bernice bye

Bernice has decided to pursue a different career path and she will
be going to KL to work as a branch manager in a different field. She
has left Huygens Asia on her own accord and will be flying over to KL
to start on her new job soon. She told me about the offer – she’ll be
pulling in a paycheck that’s bigger than mine. :p

I have learned a lot from her about marketing and working life in
general…she’s intelligent and experienced – I still have a lot to
learn from her and I appreciate the invaluable business knowledge that
she has imparted to me. I lack a lot of smarts in that division. I
reckon you can learn from anyone if you keep an open mind and you’re
willing to learn.

All the best, Bernice! Take care and good luck…you will be missed. πŸ™‚

Tok Janggut Cafe review

tok janggut cafe

This is Tok Janggut Cafe in ChongLin Park. It serves a wide range of
murtabak containing esoteric fillings like camel in the mornings and
probably the best nasi briyani in town for lunch. I went there with the
new staff intake of Huygens Asia for lunch today.

tok janggut interior

Here’s what the main eating room looks like – the place is clean and
it has a reputation for good food. It opened quite recently, sometime
earlier this year.

tok janggut camel

Towards the back is the nasi briyani preparation place. The nasi
briyani unta (camel) is good. Nasi briyani is a type of savory rice,
it’s really good, infused with a plethora of spices. Tok Janggut serves
a wide range of nasi briyani – plain, chicken, fish, mutton and their
flagship camel variant.

tok janggut nasi

The afternoon lunch crowd usually goes for mixed rice or nasi
briyani. Murtabak and roti canai is only served during the mornings.

tok janggut aircon

There’s also an air-conditioned side room that’s very popular during
the afternoon due to the heat. I went there today with three of my
coworkers. Two new marketing department people came in this month and
we went out today to get to know each other better.

tongkat ali

I had Tongkat Ali for my drink. It’s coffee with tongkat ali for RM 1.90.

camel briyani

This is what I ordered – camel briyani. I love camel, the meat is
slightly tough, with just a hint of game and an interesting texture.

camel meat

Here’s a closer look at the camel meat. Sufian also had nasi briyani, but he went for chicken instead.

tok janggut fried rice

This is Tok Janggut’s fried rice that Elvinna ordered. She tried her best to finish it, commendable effort. πŸ˜‰

camel curry rice

Here’s what Bernice ordered – Rice and Camel Curry. She gave me
nearly a quarter of her plate but I still managed to finish mine and
the additional load. Nearly, anyway. :p

bernice camel

This is another macro shot of the camel. Camel is good. Mmm…camel…

mohd el ber me
L-R: Mohd. Sufian, Elvinna, Bernice, Huai Bin (me).

Life Cafe review

life cafe

Life Cafe is a little quaint place hidden along a narrow street. The
place exudes a charming old ambience, with its wooden chairs and
constructs, the sliding doors, and the intentional ancient decorations.

life interior

The interior is air conditioned, with minimal incandescent lighting.
There’s a narrow brick walled enclave to the side and normal sitting
arrangements on the other side. The place makes you feel like you’ve
stepped into some old-fashioned place out of time.

life tatami

There’s also a private dining area at the back, which is walled off
from the main area. This tatami style section is raised, with a short
table and mats, cushions and futons for sitting. Basically, you sit on
the floor and the table clearance doesn’t leave much room for your
legs, but it’s comfy.

life pie

The waitress recommended a range of pies that were freshly baked.
She assured us that it was good, and my coworker, who’s been here
before, agreed. We went for the chicken pie.

life chicken pie

It’s good, the pastry is crispy and the meat filling is just nice.

life coffee ice cream

I was recommended their Life Ice Cream Coffee. It’s coffee, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to replace the ice cubes.

life herb egg

I ordered a boiled herbal egg for starters. It’s served whole and un-cracked, in a saucer of soy sauce.

life herbal egg

The herbal egg tasted of herbs, and is colored green, even the yolk. It was alright to me.

life lamb rice

I went for the Life Mutton Spiced Rice for the main. The mutton is nice and tender, great dish.

life lamb noodles

My coworker had Life Mutton Spiced Noodles. It tasted about the same
but the noodles are infused with something I can’t put my finger on.
It’s good.

life croc soup

Life Cafe also has an unusual specialty – Crocodile meat soup with
red dates and ginseng. It’s RM 12 for a bowl, which we shared, and the
soup is boiled to perfection, with the ginseng flavor shining through

life croc meat

The crocodile meat was good too. The boiling process made it tender
and it tasted strange, but nice. Kuching has a crocodile farm which
rears crocodiles and sells the meat to various food establishments here
and I believe it’s exported as well.

Life Cafe is a good place to have a quiet lunch – grab the tatami
style seats at the back if they’re not taken. It’s the best spot in the
place. πŸ™‚

Hair in pizza = free pizza from Pizza Hut

pizza bernice

One of my coworkers went to Pizza Hut for lunch and found a hair in
her pizza. Pizza Hut gave her a free Thai Seafood Sensation pizza to
go, which she kindly gave to me. I haven’t had pizza in a while, tastes

pizza bernice me

This is a photo of my coworker, Bernice Cheng, with me. I know you guys probably just want to see her alone, so here you go:

pizza bernice closeup

Nice smile, eh? πŸ˜‰

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