The Empire Strikes Back

empire strikes back

Empire [] is one of my favorite hairstylist establishments in Kuching. The place has got it all – chicks, chicks, and more chicks. πŸ˜‰ I went to get a haircut there – the hairstylist I use is always the same, so I probably should dub her the official hairstylist. πŸ˜‰

empire strikes girl flash

She remembers me despite the time lapse since the previous time I was here – a full two years with Bernice – and she’s a really nice person. I like her.

empire strikes girl

This is another shot of the hairstylist without flash – I think the skin tone looks better in this one, though she was a little bit shy in this shot. This captures her real life persona better, I should post up a video since she looks much better in real life and videos can capture that elusive essence of spirit better than a static photo can.

empire strikes both

This would be the obligatory photo of us. She always has subjects to talk to me about while cutting my hair (which is the mark of a professional hairstylist, IMHO) and I think I’m infatuated with her. πŸ˜‰

P/S – Iskalla, if you have any doubts of the improvement in my drug use practices, just check out the previous link to Empire – I was practically a carcass then, heading at breakneck speed (no pun intended) towards the dark depths of heavy methamphetamine use.

World Cup 2006 winnings to date: RM 1,900

Japan vs. Croatia
Asian Handicap Odds: Croatia conceding one (1) goal
Bet: Japan (RM 300)
Result: 0-0 (draw)

This updates my winnings by RM 300. I think I’m on a winning streak – I had wanted to bet on Ghana on Saturday night but I was too sick to make the call so I lost out RM 300 (the amount I bet on smaller matches – I go up exponentially in the Group of 16, Semis, and Finals) on that one. I had also wanted to go for Korea (which would have won due to the goal concede by France) but I was too dope sick to think straight, so I just went for Japan. Thus, the (projected) RM 2,500 winnings have shrunk to RM 1,900 but then again, if I had bet, the butterfly effect just might have made the respective teams lose so I’m glad with the current winnings. I haven’t lost a single match (but did draw once during the England vs. Trinidad match) so I probably should put up my predictions, huh? πŸ˜‰

…only thing is, my predictions are based on punting on the Asian handicap betting system and not on the matches itself per se. Thus, I need to see the odds before I place my predictions.


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