Goodbye Huygens Asia!

hasb resign

I have resigned from Huygens Asia effective
immediately. It was an amicable departure and I will stay on for a full
handover to facilitate the transfer. It is a relief in a sense as I
have bipolar issues which stress me out. I am going to Sibu for my next
job, temporarily as a teacher (no, seriously) before going into another
private company I’ve lined up after I’m better (stabilized on the meds).

I had fun at Huygens Asia. I’m still friends with Alex. Goodbye, and all the best everyone!

Meet the new employees of Huygens Asia!

huygens new staff
L-R: Ted Fook, Dominic Liew, Bernice Cheng Shu Yee.

Three new people come in today to join the company. We had a
recruitment drive and this is the new wave that passed the interview
stage. It’s the start of the month and my new coworkers are the new
batch of people to be part of the Huygens Asia team.

huygens bernice

This is Bernice Cheng, our new Marketing Executive.

huygens bernice me

Naturally, this being, this is me with Bernice, the only female in this batch. ;)

RM 300 monthly salary increase!

huygens rm 300

I now pull in RM 2,500 with this permanent RM 300 monthly “transport
allowance” that I just got. It’s a token of appreciation for my work in
securing proposals before the annual KPI salary increase, which I hope
will push me into the RM 3k region. ;)

One can wish. Heh!

Oh, and I thought up the company new slogan too – Huygens means assurance. Simple, but I’m rather fond of it. It’s going into our new batch of business cards.

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