How much are you getting?

speak no evil

Remuneration issues tend to be rather sensitive and most people employ the “Speak no evil” approach to surveys on wages. “The wages of sin is death” and all that aside, I’m very curious about the market rate around KL and Klang Valley (including other states in Malaysia). How much are you getting? Please state your chronological age, gender and profession if you feel comfortable divulging that information.

I’m happy with what I’m getting right now, but it’s just like the itch you can’t scratch. I’m just interested in the market trends for different professions.

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(Curiosity also killed the cat, and I’m using way too many idioms in this post)

First paycheck in second job

rm 1820

This is the obligatory and somewhat masturbatory post to commemorate
my first paycheck in my second job – RM 1,820. πŸ™‚ I’m a System Engineer
and I do mostly stuff related to networking (no, I’m not a network
admin) and programming. Basically, what I do is related to distributed
network systems, I can’t say much more than that really, it would
reveal which company I’m working for since there are not many players
in this line of work.

I get to play around with all sorts of lovely electronics and
basically develop solutions for enterprise level clients (which the CTO
reviews before deployment), though the company is pushing into the
lucrative small business and other associated markets. My apologies for
being vague, I really can’t say what industry I’m in since there’s not
many companies doing this and I want to preserve my anonymity in

Anyway, about my salary, I get RM 2,000 per month (base salary) – RM
180 goes to EPF (KWSP) so that’s RM 1,820 take home. My employer
contributes RM 240 using the 9/12 EPF formula so that’s RM 420
automatic savings per month. I love EPF, didn’t have it in my first
job. I work a six day week (half day on Saturday) but that just means
there’s one less day to waste money. That also means I make full use of
Saturday nights to Party Hearty (TM). =D

Oh wait, I can’t TM that, it was already in Simpsons. “Sorry dudes, party hearty equals tardy.” πŸ˜‰

1.5k – My second paycheck!


I received my second paycheck today, much earlier than usual due to
the Deepavali holidays. I get RM 1,500 per month, the RM 1,790.32 from
last month was pro-rated from the month before. BTW, while we’re on
this topic, I’ll like to take this opportunity to say that I hate Mayling [] and I hate Wena [] even more. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, XM Malaysia is having our annual Deepavali get together
tonight at 7 pm (which is about an hour from now). It’s at The Taj at
Crown Princess and Zenith Media would also be joining us. There will be
free beer so I may or may not update later tonight, but photos would be
up either tonite or tomorrow. πŸ™‚

My first ever paycheck – RM 1,790.32


I was eating my lunch yesterday when Janet, Chang and Wang came over
and told me the paychecks were ready and so down we went to the 12th
floor to get them. Pictured above is my first every paycheck, for RM
1,790.32. =D

Mutiara Hotel

That’s not what I earn per month though, my monthly salary is only
RM 1,500 (yes, please feel sorry for me). The amount was pro-rated from
last month. I went into XM Malaysia at the end of August. Anyway, I
figured my first paycheck is cause for a mini celebration so I went to
Hotel Mutiara.


I was wondering why a lot of my coworkers were going off at 5 pm and
coming back with Mutiara Hotel bags until I was told about the 50% off
all cakes at Tiffins.

Tiffins @ Mutiara


Anyway, after getting the cakes, I bought a celebratory cigar at
this place in Hotel Mutiara (forgot the name). It was a walk in humidor
and I was tempted by the Cohiba cigars on display but unfortunately
could not afford one so I settled for a Montecristo Tubos (review
later, probably at


I also got a bottle of sparkling wine (“California Champagne” – only
wines from Champagne, France can be called champagne) from the wine
shop at Isetan, KLCC. It’s Cook’s California Sparkling Wine, selected
for its price tag. :p Oh ya, Isetan has a sale so if you want to go
it’s open from 10 am to 10 pm tonight.

Cook’s California Sparkling Wine

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