First paycheck in second job

rm 1820

This is the obligatory and somewhat masturbatory post to commemorate
my first paycheck in my second job – RM 1,820. πŸ™‚ I’m a System Engineer
and I do mostly stuff related to networking (no, I’m not a network
admin) and programming. Basically, what I do is related to distributed
network systems, I can’t say much more than that really, it would
reveal which company I’m working for since there are not many players
in this line of work.

I get to play around with all sorts of lovely electronics and
basically develop solutions for enterprise level clients (which the CTO
reviews before deployment), though the company is pushing into the
lucrative small business and other associated markets. My apologies for
being vague, I really can’t say what industry I’m in since there’s not
many companies doing this and I want to preserve my anonymity in

Anyway, about my salary, I get RM 2,000 per month (base salary) – RM
180 goes to EPF (KWSP) so that’s RM 1,820 take home. My employer
contributes RM 240 using the 9/12 EPF formula so that’s RM 420
automatic savings per month. I love EPF, didn’t have it in my first
job. I work a six day week (half day on Saturday) but that just means
there’s one less day to waste money. That also means I make full use of
Saturday nights to Party Hearty (TM). =D

Oh wait, I can’t TM that, it was already in Simpsons. “Sorry dudes, party hearty equals tardy.” πŸ˜‰

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