How much are you getting?

speak no evil

Remuneration issues tend to be rather sensitive and most people employ the “Speak no evil” approach to surveys on wages. “The wages of sin is death” and all that aside, I’m very curious about the market rate around KL and Klang Valley (including other states in Malaysia). How much are you getting? Please state your chronological age, gender and profession if you feel comfortable divulging that information.

I’m happy with what I’m getting right now, but it’s just like the itch you can’t scratch. I’m just interested in the market trends for different professions.

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(Curiosity also killed the cat, and I’m using way too many idioms in this post)

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126 thoughts on “How much are you getting?”

  1. In states people always put down they made more in last job so able to earn a bit more and do. As for workers asking each other how much you earn it illegal and could be fired. It private matter.
    Hope you’re happy in new job and home and best wishes.

  2. I’m 19, female, working as a part time waitress and earn about 80+ per week… ^^ so i think I’m pretty much happy bout my pay… Since I get free meals there too…

  3. Hmm…I think I have to quickly dodge the question about my own income.
    It’s above RM 1,000 and below RM 10,000. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’ll reply all the comments tomorrow. I’m at the Starbucks in 1U now, net access is rather limited and I have to be somewhere in 15 minutes. Cheers all!

  4. My last paycheck was in excess of RM 4.5k.
    My line? Telecommunications – technical.
    My age? 25 yo.
    Years of experience? 2.
    Its not what you do, its how damn good you are at it that counts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hey! Congrats on your new job. Hehe. I’m pretty sure it’s higher than your previous pay coz .. well, KL pay better than Lil Sibu ;p So , are you paying for the many plates of char kueh tiau after the race ? hehe! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway , I was just telling my friend yesterday that drug addicts do have another chance if they give themselves another chance. I’m proud of you my friend! ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Interesting post there. well my current salary is around 1.5k per month, currently staying in kota-kinabalu, sabah and working as an accounts clerk.

  7. HB, I lost my job here in the US
    the month of June. The company shut down, because of finnancial reasons. Just for comparison, I don’t mind giving you my exact numbers. I WOULD like to know what people make in your country. I have A B.S. degree. I am 48 years old, male, and I made $15.45 US per hour. I worked about 84 hours each two weeks on the night shift (5 pm to 5 am) three days one week, and 4 days the next week. Also, I paid about $90 per month for health insurance per person in my family. I was a supervisor in a plant that made cd’s and dvd’s. I know I sound ignorant, but what is the exchange rate for RM to US.? I am looking for work right now, but had saved enough to live on, Thank God, my home and cars (very old) are paid off. Right now, things are bit tight. But things could be a lot worse for me, HB.

  8. Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Profession: Programmer
    Experience In The Field: 1 Year
    Company: Sarawak Information Systems
    Salary: RM2000
    Is this good in Kuching?
    This company has a rather laid back working culture, not the goal getter kind.
    Aside from that, it offers an attractive benefits package for individuals with family.

  9. Tom, I sorry to readed of your loss job. My dad lost his after years in company. At his age it was hard to start over again. My mom try Ebay business just part time. Guess what it doing well. She work for fabric company buy fabrics at workers discount sell on Ebay.
    Now extras 2,000. a month part time dad into it too. He found new job but pay is less so online business is tax free help. Just see what in front of you and make it work. Mom was job that offer something. Profit 90% to 100% due price she charge to Ebay buyers.
    Sisters buy at garage sale sell on Craiglist is also doing well check it out. Take care Tom

  10. Hey Tom, I sorry of job loss too. I am doing Amazon.Com and is not bad at all. Tax free is way to go in this kind of side business today. I buy at thrift stores and garage sale, craiglist at good price and sell on Ebay, Amazon.Com. Computer make money for you. Bloggers helping other bloggers

  11. Tom, Look in front of you and see what will work for you. A guy from Hunan, China took what in front of him and made work. He know Hunan very well and job not enough money for family. He take tourists on walking tours and to restaurants and shops. Make good income part time too. Without investment also.

  12. That bad ideal for Malaysia too. Many tourists like privite tours and walking tour get to see more things around. Hook up restaurants and shops not bad it is no investment. Post in hotels ads. Many did it and well .

  13. Tom, I see many bloggers like to help U. Use your computer to make money I did too. I did on Ebay and and just on my free time made 300.00 in one week. I come home from work and check my email and it say I made a sale from Ebay or Craiglist is popular too but not sure you have it in your area. All busines are tax free and no lic. needed.

  14. I’m a software developer and I make around US $100K a year. I do consulting too, so this year I think $120K or so. I could make more, but, I have gotten lazy.
    – D

  15. Currently nothing, however in a month im going job hunting for something part time with an income of over $13/Hour aus.
    Why do you ask everybody yet not tell yourself?

  16. Gluck..i notice u said you are in the telecommunications line..What is it that you do actually and are you an engineer?How do you get into that line of work?

  17. Gluck..i notice u said you are in the telecommunications line..What is it that you do actually and are you an engineer?How do you get into that line of work?

  18. I am a copywriter for an Internet marketing company, and I make a basic of RM3.5k per month.
    My company also has a profit sharing model among employees, so on a good month that would double my salary, whereas on a a bad month it would just add an extra RM1k or so.
    If you take the middle road, I suppose you could say I make about RM5,000+ per month on average.
    Age: 24
    Years of experience: 4

  19. Hi dude
    Last jobs: Architect/Project Manager and later, Management Consulting.
    Experience: 10 years.
    The former pays: AUD$78K per annum plus superannuation. Crappy.
    The latter pays: Not so sure about the annual salary as I worked on a by-project basis. But if I did the numbers in a full-time scenario, it’ll be well over AUD$150K per annum.
    My advice: Get over RM10K in KL or you’re gonna be poor by the end of each month.
    Good to see you’re movin’ on up!

  20. Darren: It’s above 1k and below 10k. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Vickie: Yeah, paychecks are private here too. I was just interested to hear a range. ๐Ÿ™‚
    DiEsE: 1.8k in Penang is good or bad? I don’t know about Penang’s cost of living.
    Robb: Haha! Yeah, I’m not revealing mine too. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    xin: Yeah, thanks for the figure, xin. ๐Ÿ™‚
    slumbeRAJAL: Not too bad. Yeah, it’s private, I don’t reveal mine as well. Heh. Thanks, buddy.
    LEO: Yes. More in the About Me page.
    Jeff: It’s a soft toy. ๐Ÿ™‚
    A pussy, I mean, plushie.
    Jerry Sim: It’s above 1k and below 10k.
    Esmeralda: Hmm…that’s not too bad for a part time job. Plus tips and food thrown in, it’s a pretty good deal.
    gluck: Nice. That line of work does pay well, I’ve been in a similar (though not exact) industry as well.
    Horizon: Eh, that’s quite erratic pay. What do you do?
    chefmel: Thanks! Yeah, of course it is, or else I won’t be able to move and live in KL. KL standards of living is substantially higher so you also need a higher pay.
    I have another offer for you, will email you in the afternoon.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence, mel, much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚
    partibmn: Yeah, that’s not bad for accounts clerk in a commercial environment.
    benjy8769: I’m still in Sibu. It’s my last week here and then I’m flying over to KL. ๐Ÿ™‚
    tom: Thanks for the information, it’s quite interesting. The exchange rate fluctuates but I usually calculate it as:
    USD 1 = RM 3.2
    You’re getting about RM 50 per hour, which is what most middle class people earn in a SINGLE DAY.
    I’m sorry to hear about the retrenchment, I hope things get better for you soon. All the best tom, and you have my thoughts with you.
    yoko123: You work in SAINS? I know a few people in SAINS reads my blog. It shouldn’t have been that detailed. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    One of my ex-gf’s brother works in SAINS (Kuching) and earns about that much as well. He’s your age too.
    I don’t think it’s that good in Kuching coz I was getting RM 3,300 in Kuching as a System Engineer. Long hours though, and we work Saturdays.
    You can do better in private firms, me thinks.
    All the best, my friend.
    Anonymous: Hmm…you doing databases/Oracle or SAP? It’s quite high pay for a 24 year old with 2 years of working experience.
    icecycle66: You’re earning more than 18k over here after currency conversion. Very nice.
    Sally: Yeah, you actually get pretty good pay doing that over here. Lots of older Caucasian tourists.
    David: That’s amazing pay for our standards. You’re making RM 32,000 per month!
    TOM: I hope you find something soon. I used to work as at a restaurant in Australia, getting minimum wage (AUD 7) per hour.
    Paul: Very nice salary package. Cheers mate!
    Mike: Interesting! Profit sharing model, that’s a very good incentive program. Now you’ve made me curious about what company you’re working in. Divulge through email?
    I’m in the same industry as yours. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Computer science background but moved into advertising / events / business accounts management and copywriting due to interest in this media.
    Ray: Amazing! It’s good to hear from you. Always nice to get a variety of readers of different professions and careers.
    Implosion: AUD78k is not too bad, depending on which part of Australia you live in of course. You should be getting higher with that amount of experience though.
    My salary is nowhere near 10k. I’ll just save on the basics and splurge on weekends, mostly on weekend trips to de-stress.
    Thanks buddy!

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