Skol Super Beer 9% alcohol

skol super beer pack

Skol Super Beer is a new product line from Skol that lays claim to “The only 9% alcohol super strong beer”. The statement is not inaccurate – it is the King of Lagers (in a fiefdom of mostly 5% alcohol standard beers). Certain fortified beers like Carlsberg’s Special Brew attempt to challenge the sovereignty of Skol Super Beer, weighing in at a respectable 8.8% – close, but no cigar.

skol super beer

The extra 0.2% alcohol in Skol Super Beer crowns it as the current king of all beers (measured by ethanol content). It is by far the highest alcohol content lager among all the other brands over here. I picked up a 3-pack at Jusco for just RM 12.80 (the special introductory price), which works out to about RM 4.20 per can. Skol is of Brazilian origin and considered a less premium brand than Carlsberg Special Brew, but it’s cheaper by a few dollars and has the potential to capture the middle income, non-discerning ethanol consumer market.

The interesting trend with beer nowadays is the introduction of the 3-pack. The six-pack beer packaging is a very established tradition, and to go against that convention would be considered heretical by beer aficionados. However, I have noticed several advantages to the 3-pack retail mechanism – it’s at the right price point for the consumption habits of the majority of casual drinkers.

Skol Super Beer – A very strong lager of the highest quality.

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19 thoughts on “Skol Super Beer 9% alcohol”

  1. Da-yumh! Is this a advertorial? No comparison with the other same priced Anchor Strong oso.
    Anchor Strong FTW. Skol Super = epic fail. Kthxbye!

  2. Darren: It is very the best, this 9% alcohol beer. Can’t get any better except for Sam Adam’s triple bock. πŸ™‚
    Michale (Mike): Yeah, I’ve been putting on a lot of weight these few days. I always put on weight when I come to KL for some reason.
    anoncoward: I wish! I have to fork out my own money. I write about it coz it’s one of the subjects I’m interested in. Come to think of it, I should be getting paid for this.
    I shall approach the alcohol companies. πŸ™‚
    Skol Super, FTW. The 0.2% matters.

  3. Skol is not from Brazil, but from Europe.
    Its claim to fame is that it is the most popular beer in Brazil (thats not saying much though, considering most Brazilians prefer the much more excellent cachaca, a sugarcane-based rum).
    I can see why. If I had cachaca readily available I’d never touch a drop of beer again.

  4. 9%, i think strongest u get in aus is about 6.9% hmm il have to research that.
    When i was in France i found some beer “Amsterdam Maximator” which was 11.6%. strongest ive found yet.

  5. gluck: Thanks for the correction. Cheers!
    Cachaca eh? Would love to try that out.
    TOM: You can get Sam Adam’s beers in some bottle shops in Australia. It weighs in at 26% alcohol for the Utopia range that was released in 2003. I’ve seen it but it was not for sale (decorative item) due to the limited edition nature. I imagine the price for that must be astronomical.

  6. hahah… Amsterdam Maximator is available here in Msia. At least in Pg…. There’s 2 of Amsterdam. One is Amsterdam Navigator, which is at 8.8 and Maximator at 11.6. I’ve drinken both, and both in 500ml long cans.. The Maximator really gets you drunk after 2 cans. As is really REALLY drunk! But the taste is comparable to battery water. Tastes like crap but gets you high as hell! hahah!

  7. SK: I know! I’ve drank Atlas (12%), Polar Bear (10%) as well as others. It does taste like battery water, no worse, acid. Jesus Christ. It does the job though, as you mentioned. Yeah, 2 500 ml cans gets me there as well. πŸ™‚

  8. I actually prefer Sam Adam’s Double Bock (8.8% ABV) to the Triple Bock, but anyways check out the Great Lakes Brewing Co. they have the Blackout Stout. which is 9% ABV and also Goose Island makes one called Pere Jacques weighing in at 8% ABV and VERY taisty. Then you have Delirium Tremens (8.5% ABV), Delirium Nocturnum (9% ABV), and Delirium Christmas weighing in at 10% (OMG I get tanked just tasting this stuff) All of which are OUTSTANDING. If you can get it try the “La Guillotine” at 9.3% ABV you won’t be disappointed. I can go on but I gotta run.
    P.S. living in Japan at the moment the highest I can get my hands on is Kirin Strong Seven weighing in at… yep you guessed it 7% if you know of any other japanese brand with a higher content please let me know.

  9. Casper: Excellant choice. I love the name Delirium Tremens – nice reference for a high proof beer. Kirin Strong, I’ve never had that before.
    joseph dinardo: Hmm…I don’t know where you can find it in California.

  10. iv drank skol super since i was 13 im now 25 and have a 5 page criminal record 4 been a dick head while drunk.still love the stuf but no more than 4 or 5 cans cos u will wake up in a police station..

  11. Alcohol Rehab Counselor: Okay! πŸ™‚
    emskie: Erm…I don’t have a 5 page criminal record but I do have one. Not related to Skol though. Maybe you just need to chill a bit when drunk. Not get into fights and all that. πŸ™‚

  12. lol in england for a connoisseur of high % alc lagers a 4 pack of:

    special brew 9% 500ml
    skol super 9% (used to be 9.2% in the 90s) 500ml
    tennents super 9% 500ml
    tesco imported strong lager 7.9% (nice one for the work week days) 440ml

    Gold Label used to do some tiny cans of beer @ 11% in the 90s but they have reduced them now to 8% very expensive too

    Super Brew 9.6% (not sure if they still sell them – i moved to country side but they use to do them london)

    Crest Super 10% (awful strong barley flavoured beer)

    advisory: if you haven’t drank any of these beers then don’t , i can’t drink lower alc beers now they just bloat my belly and make me feel queezey with 0 kick! πŸ˜›

  13. I am a Buisnes man In South Sudan especialy Dealing in Importing Strong Beer with Alcoho greater than 9%, now i am realy interested to import your Brand in this wide market of Sudanof South with manthly capacity of 12 X20 Feet Cantainers please respond soon to approch you for further discution.
    Kind Regards,

  14. umm. brew dog sink the bismark (42%) brew dog tokio (18%) stone ris (12%) bootleggers knuckle sandwich (10%) firestone parabola (10%) lagunitas hop stoopid (10%) 9% isn’t a notably strong beer.

  15. i love the taste and the warm glow feeling it gives me, but at only five pounds i get the full what of eighteen uk units.
    if i was going through withdrawal symptons then four cans for only a fiva will get rid of it in a matter of minutes and soon i am out to get more


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