43.9 Celsius

*sizzle* Help, I’m burning up. Melbourne hit a record high temperature
[theage.com.au] in 64 years – it was 43.9 degrees Celsius today. And
man, did I feel it. I went to the city today and I lost more water than
I could drink to replenish. People were going around shirtless and in
bikini tops, and the heat in the train carriages was simply oppressive. I felt like I was either going to melt or spontaneously combust.


Anyway, I managed to get a pair of shoes today. I don’t usually go
for Nike, but I was seduced by the air-conditioned comfort of their
store in Bourke Street. I ended up buying a pair that caught my eye –
Air Zoom Courtposite. It’s a pair of tennis shoes, I don’t play tennis,
but who cares, my previous pair was supposed to be for squash anyway. πŸ™‚


Look at this, I saw it while walking down Swanston Street. This was
pasted on the door of China Express, a takeaway Chinese food place. Heh.

Well, while seeking refuge in the air-conditioned comfort of a book
store, I also saw this new (?) calling card called Planet Telecom
Australia that is only 3.9 cents per minute to Malaysia. That’s a whole
lot cheaper than the closest one – Indo Card at 6.9 cents. There was a
large “No Connection” at the front, which one would assume to mean no
connection fees, this however is not true. They simply call the
connection fee a “service charge”, which they conveniently wrote in
fine print at the back.


No connection apparently means you could hardly hear shit while
calling. I had to say “hah?” more times than I cared to count when I
tried out the card just now. There were periods of silence where I
couldn’t hear anything at all and those happened more than a few times
throughout the phone call. Very, very distracting. The only redeeming
factor is that you can talk for 255 minutes if you call a land line in
Malaysia. This goes way down to 66 minutes if you call cell phones
though. I think using Indo Card will turn out to be more economical
because all the time spent going “eh?” and the subsequent repeating of
the previous sentence took up most of the phone conversation.



My small but trusty SunAir dual speed personal fan is losing the
battle against the 35 degree heat today. I was woken up in the morning
by the MRS staff who wanted to change the fire evacuation procedures
map at the back of every resident’s door. They blacked out some stuff
with a felt tip pen and stuck some new stickers and then were off. I
could not go back to sleep though, courtesy of the extreme heat that
was apparent even in the morning.

Anyway, I watched Amelie
[amelie-lefilm.com] today. I’ve seen it around the network but I didn’t
bother to watch it because I didn’t think I would enjoy it. I’m glad I
gave it a chance because it’s a very sweet and endearing movie. Very
nice indeed.

I’m very scattered today.

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