Photo Friday – Identity


Photo Friday – Identity []

Identity. Schools in Malaysia require uniforms. There is a strict
dress code which is enforced by prefects standing at the main gate. The
uniform is usually a blue pinafore with a white collared shirt for
females, while males wear a white collared shirt with green pants. The
footwear is limited to white shoes and socks and everyone has a visible
ID card attached their shirts, displaying the name, date of birth,
class, a photo and several other personal details. Personal effects
which break the homogeneous appearance are frowned upon. I had to wear
a bandage every day to cover up the tattoo on my wrist to comply with
school regulations during my time there. This photo was taken yesterday
afternoon at Methodist High School, Sibu (Sarawak) – my alma mater. I
was in 5S1 (Class of ’98) and I decided to do a photo shoot of the
whole school yesterday. The picture above was taken with permission
from the teacher of the class.

Methodist High School @ Country Cafe

L-R: Johnny, Huai Bin (me), Daniel

L-R: Christopher, Huai Bin (me), Michelle

I went out for dinner today with Daniel, Johnny, Michelle, and
Christopher just now. I haven’t seen some of them for 5 years! They’re
all my ex high school classmates and we all happened to be in Sibu at
this time. We had dinner at Country Cafe – I had the Teppanyaki Chicken
dish and a Mai Tai. Here’s some shots from the night, it was great to
catch up with all of them. πŸ™‚

Mai Tai. Mmm…

Teppanyaki Chicken

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