graceshu sends postcards! ;)

Scanned image of the postcard – front.

I just got another postcard from graceshu
[] today. πŸ™‚ This was sent from Penang. She’s actually
back but post tends to have a greater latency than people travelling.
Anyway, I just got back from work – last one to leave, it’s quite
creepy actually to turn off all the lights. Heh. Anyway, I’ll post
again later and reply all the comments. I won’t be sleeping tonight coz
I have to go early tomorrow to sort out this last bit of ASP code. I
have to go to work on Saturday too. Oh well…

Scanned image of the postcard – back.

Dopaminergics = Sleep is for the weak!
Gabaminergics = Hey, it’s 5:30 pm already! πŸ™‚

Hmm…is there such a word as “gabaminergic”?

A stack of postcards from graceshu


I got a stack of postcards from Grace
[] today. πŸ™‚ It was all bundled up when I got home and
consisted of a total of 5 postcards rubber banded together. The first
four are McDonald’s postcards, each one having a single letter – FOR,
WHAT, ITS, WORTH. They actually double as a coupon for a free something
with a purchase. The back of the postcards actually fit side by side to
make a large banner with “i’m lovin’ it”!


Don’t worry about it if this all sounds puzzling. “McDonald’s
vouchers” and “i’m lovin’ it” is an insider thing between us. Something
like our private joke, except only the first one is funny and the
second one isn’t. :p Anyway, the 5th postcard is mailed from Cameron
Highlands during her camp:

Front of the postcard.

It reads:

Camerons was freaking cold
as it rained all day & night.
Had some freezing & sleepless
nights during the camp. Other
than that, all was fine. They
had pretty good strawberry farms & shortcakes
there too! As usual, ate a lot.
Will write again when am in Ipoh!
Take care!


Back of the postcard.

Thanks Grace! πŸ™‚ She’s the greatest, taking time out to mail postcards.

On another note, I have been notified by The People From Above
(otherwise known as TPFA) that updating my weblog during work hours is
unacceptable, even during lunch hour, and while I’m known for being
subversive, I shall accede to this. I can understand how management can
interprete this as a loss of productivity so I will not be updating the
site, replying the comments or even visiting my own blog(s) during
office hours.

However, I will update daily as usual, when I get back from work.
The first person who accuses me of giving in to The Man gets a hefty
kick to the balls (or to the general region for females). πŸ˜‰

Postcard from graceshu!

Front of the postcard.

I just got this in the mail. Grace
[] is currently having a road trip and she’s in Penang
right now if I’m not mistaken. It’s great to get a postcard from her.
πŸ™‚ Have fun on your trip Grace and hope that everything goes well for
you! Take care!

Back of the postcard.

This is what the writing on the back says:

This is where I’ll be visiting

There’s this Malay palace
built entirely without a
single paku there.

It will be interesting. You take care &
have fun yourself. Bye!

Addresses and names has been obscured with mosaic for privacy.

The Standoff


I want new shoes and a new skirt for the party tomorrow.
You know we can’t afford that dear…
I hate being in this family! Why don’t even you dress up when we go out? You’re such an embarrassment mom!

A woman walks past without listening and the man slouches in his
chair, oblivious of the standoff just a meter away from him…nodding
out in opiate bliss.

Inspired by graceshu [].
Picture taken at the back alleys of Channel Road, Sibu.
This is a work of fiction based on a photograph I took about a week ago.

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