Crystal meth

Crystal methamphetamine!

Naturally, this is a veritas post.


Just look at those nice shards of methamphetamine! I aquired
some of this quality meth today, er…I mean last year. πŸ˜‰ It has all
been consumed so it doesn’t matter when I got it, because it’s not in
my possession now. Now that the disclaimer is done with, let me proceed
with the test results. I haven’t seen nice shards of crystal meth in a
long time, so this is a real treat indeed. =D



A single shard *pounds heart with fist* was placed on a surface and
a drop of Marquis reagent was added. The reaction was a fast one,
bubbling and fizzing to an orange color. Orange indicates an
amphetamine type substance.



Another shard *more pounding* was tested with two drops of Simons
reagent and two drops of buffer solution. The color change was very
fast to dark blue, it saturated the solution. Blue indicates a
secondary amine, so together with the Marquis result, it is safe to
assume that the shards of clear crystal is not sugar (or another inert
substance) but methamphetamine. πŸ™‚

If you didn’t get the heart pounding reference, it’s a feature of
slapstick comedies when something shocking (usually financially related
i.e. a wasteful act) is done at the disapproval of the person involved.
This is presumably an attempt to get the heart beating again after the
shocking deed resulted in a cardiac arrest. I have taken the shards to
the “taste test” (or rather insufflating test) and the conclusion is
that this is Damn Good Methamphetamine or D.G.M. for short.

I am prepared for the final exams…are you? πŸ˜‰

Ethical question:

Do you think it is “unfair” (cheating) to have a line of meth (or
another stimulant) before taking an exam? Please comment. Your input is

Personally, I don’t think so, because even though it affords extra
concentration, increased memory retrieval and (qualitatively) improves
thought processes, it’s no different from caffeine – which a lot of
people take before exams. What makes caffeine acceptable, but not
methamphetamine? The legal status? The availability? Different people
have different mental abilities too…are the smarter ones “cheating”?
Are exams really a fair and equal environment to evaluate understanding
of course material? Does being born with a gift (above average
intellectual ability) make things “okay” but not taking something to
increase performance? Is the perceived advantage given by certain
substances (in a non-competitive sporting event) wrong? How does this
fit in with drinking coffee, eating a meal and the other things people
do to improve performance in exams?

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