Smoking meth without a glass pipe

or alternative routes of administration, ghetto style. πŸ˜‰

Yes, this is a stupid and pointless post but I’m in the mood for stupid and pointless posts.

I wanted to give my mucous membranes a break, and methamphetamine hydrochloride is pretty versatile, so:

#1 Meth on a cigarette


Method: Rolled a Marlboro around a foil of meth.

Yeah, I can feel the buzz when I smoked this cigarette, but it seems
wasteful to me. It can’t compare to smoking with a glass pipe though.
To my understanding, methamphetamine needs a low heat source to be
activated for inhalation purposes, so a fair bit is getting burnt and
you can’t drag on a cigarette all the time (at least I’ll be impressed
if you can). πŸ™‚ It’s nice for a change, smoking while tweaking is very
fun and compulsive. I don’t know why this phenomenon exists, and it
seems to be true only for existing smokers. I’ve heard that it’s
because nicotine also triggers dopamine release, so the “reward
smoking” urge is so strong while tweaking. Personally, I can’t stop
chain smoking while tweaking, and my “nicotine tolerance” is vastly
increased for some reason. I usually can’t smoke more than 5 cigarettes
in a row, but while on meth, I can smoke as many as I want, it all
feels as good as the first one and there’s no characteristic dizziness
or nausea that comes with high doses of nicotine. This is true for MDMA
as well, very strange trend that’s not all that good for your lungs.

#2 “Chasing the meth” =D


Method: Pinch of meth on a foil, heat applied below and vapors inhaled

the smoke burnt my eyes, it was black and quite voluminous so I
couldn’t get it all. The smoke “tasted” VERY unpleasant. There was a
distinct “sweet” (and not in a good way!) taste to the smoke and I have
this disturbing feeling that I just inhaled something really quite
carcinogenic! It made my (only!) straw smell like burnt plastic too. πŸ™
As you can see, I’m using a truncated normal plastic straw now. I lost
all the Cones placeholder straws
[], which are the perfect size and length for
insufflation. I miss those things, normal straws “retain” powder and
more effort is required to get the substance into an optimal position
for maximum absorbency. Not going to be repeating this, I don’t know
what’s being used to cut the meth, and I don’t want to be inhaling just
anything. *cough* My lungs hurt. It did give me a bit of a rush though,
but it’s too “chargy”, lots of teeth clenching and I couldn’t sit
properly on my chair (I had to squat). =D

P/S – This is a really old post that I found. The events described in the post are long past and I no longer have anything illegal in my possession!
Seriously, I’m not just saying this to “cover my ass”, I really don’t
have anything, or I would be partaking right now instead of going to
sleep. :p No, I’m not paranoid!

I like meth. I like meth a lot. No, seriously. You don’t know how
much I like it. I love it so much I make posts like this. I love it so
much my teeth are falling to bits. πŸ™‚

One meal in three days. One sleep cycle in three days. Sustainable. Perfect.

What a meth I’ve gotten myself into. πŸ˜‰

Disclaimer: This is not a serious post, I do not possess anything illegal. Meth? I don’t know what you’re talking about officer…

Seriously though, it’s all been consumed.

You’ve all caught me in one of my less-than-lucid moments. Sorry. πŸ™‚

The nonsense I write while tweaking…

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