Pill report: White Maple Leaf w/ grey specks (Melbourne – June 03)


The front of the pill has an imprint of a Canadian maple leaf.
The front is flat, there is no sign of a dome.
The back of the pill is beveled and there is no score.
The White Maple Leaf is slightly thicker than the White HQ pills, even when the latter’s dome is taken into account.
This seems to be a local pill as well, and it is rumored that both of these pills are made by the same manufacturers.




Slow to dark purple and retained that color. The reaction was faster than the White HQ, it probably took 7 seconds.

Conclusion: MDxA



The sample turned blue almost immediately. Nice.

Conclusion: MDMA

Other stuff:

I’m sorry about the candyflipping trip report that remains
unwritten. I’ve been really busy yesterday and today, and I don’t think
I’ll write that one until tomorrow at least. I had such a glowing
experience on it that I want to write a proper trip report instead of a
half assed one. It was a great combination, very synergistic and
euphoric and I’ll post it when I’m sober. I won’t forget the details as
I’ve written them down. Yeah, I still managed to write notes when I’m
walking around town. πŸ™‚ I just had some mushrooms + MDMA too, but that
didn’t turn out very well. Heh. Will write about it when I’m back in
Malaysia. Anyway, I’ve gotta go out now. Check back again in a couple
of days and the candy flip and hippy flip trip reports would be up, and
also a salvia report with 5X extract and a butane torch that I got from
a friend [Edit: Request for anonymity]. Have a wonderful day everyone! πŸ™‚

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