CSE2030 Postmortem

CSE2030 @ Caulfield Racecourse Ground Level

Right. This happened two days ago (Tuesday) but I was so busy with
all the stuff that I couldn’t find the time to post until today. My
apologies for the lack of posts lately, I’m heading back to Malaysia
soon…it’s quite sad really. That is, if I had time to be sad, and I
don’t. 🙂 I have to run out again to get all other things settled
before I fly back. Oh, about the exam, I think I did pretty well. Most
of the questions were based on the past year exams, but unfortunately I
didn’t have enough time to complete it. There was a 5 mark question
that I didn’t have time to finish at the end. Oh well, other than that,
everything went smoothly.

Expected Grade: Distinction

I couldn’t get the exposure settings right, but the window wall looks out into the racecourse. 🙂

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